Ash and Harry Ketchum's Pokémon Journey.

Summary- Harry since he had first been placed with the Dursley's had lived a miserable life with no chance of happiness. Something that Magic herself will not stand for any longer; especially once she finds out the plans a certain headmaster has for her chosen. Plans that Magic has no designs herself to allow to happen. To stop this from happening Magic decides to send her choice child to a new world altogether. One where he would finally be loved and have a chance at a destiny Magic wants for him. Not to mention it gives magic a chance to give some gifts to her favorite child. Now what changes will Harry bring to the world he's now part of and how will Ash's journey change now that he has a brother that's coming along for the ride. Not to mention what happens when the wizarding world finds out just what happened to the boy, they called their savior and the fact they have no chance of getting him back, unless magic herself allows it; something that is highly unlikely to happen.

Disclaimer- I do not own Harry Potter or Pokémon nor do I make any type of profit off of them.

Chapter nine

Currently Ash, Harry and Misty where in front of both Nurse Joy as well as Officer Jenny. All of them being glared, and unable to leave to room they were in until what had happened earlier was all figured out.

Because as it turned out, when Harry had called Misty a thief it had set her off and set her off in a big way; more than locking her out of their room had anyway. Which led to her screaming loudly enough to attract Nurse Joy's attention.

Or at least caught her attention even more than it had already been. As it seemed that the nurse in question, had already been heading up to where their rooms had been located in considering the commotion Misty had been doing earlier when Harry had shut her out of their room.

A nurse, who upon hearing what was being said had called in Officer Jenny to deal with what was going on. Now the three of them where in front of said officer trying to explain just what had happened.

With Misty trying her best to shout over the two screaming about how dare they call her a thief when the Pokemon were hers. Only for Harry to use the Pokeballs that were still on his bed to call them back showing they were truly his.

Only for Misty to call him a thief in return. Seeing this Officer Jenny asked Harry for the two Pokeballs for the time being until answers could be gotten. Something that Harry did with extreme reluctance as he knew that he did have justice on his side. That and the fact the pokemon in question were registered to him, and the fact he knew he could call the Professor to prove this if he needed to.

Though he did hate having to hand over his pokemon and felt like he was handing over a piece of himself as he did so. Something the officer seemed to notice as she gave Harry a sympathetic look before give a slightly colder look towards Misty. Who seemed to be expecting the pokemon to handed over to her immediately, if the now smug look on her face meant anything. Only for that smug look to drop when Officer Jenny began to speak.

"I do not like what I've heard so far, and I really haven't heard all that much to begin with. So, I want to hear what happened from all three of you what happened before I will decide what do to from there."

Hearing this, Misty's eyes seemed to light up she jumped up, so she was standing right in front of Officer Jenny, doing her best to block out both Harry and Ash, as she began to speak in almost sugar sweet tone; obviously trying to sound as innocent as possible as she did so.

"I'll tell you what happened Officer Jenny, though I might be the only one here who tells you the truth. Something I feel you should know." As she said this, she shot a poisonous look toward both Harry and Ash, before she continued. Her eyes going slightly wide and watery as she did so.

"You see, this all started a couple of days ago. I was in the forest trying to help my pokemon get stronger, and to capture stronger pokemon while I was at it. Like any good trainer would do. I had even managed to find a Gyarados and was doing so well battling it I almost had it." Here Misty seemed to get an angry defeated look on her face, visibly glared at Ash, before turning back to continue what she was saying.

"But then out of nowhere, I hear someone call for their Pokemon to attack the Pokemon I was battling. Obviously trying to capture it after I had spent so much effort into weakening it. But it didn't work, it only gave the Gyarados the time it needed to escape."

Here Misty shook her head, as if she was disappointed. Earning a slight though muffled growl from Harry, and for Ash's Loki to angry glare at the woman in question. Something Misty didn't seem to even notice as she keep spilling her so-called woes to Jenny.

"I was about to turn at tell the person who had attacked the pokemon I had been successfully battling off; like it was my right. But then to my horror I noticed the bike I had spent literally years working on, had been destroyed by the attack from the other trainer's Pokémon. That the Pokémon's attack in question had been so badly aimed that it had mainly hit my bike than where it had been shot at."

Here Misty continued on with her acting had clenched her fist and tilted her head down as if she was deeply hurt. Her voice almost sounding like it was about to break down in tears as she began speaking again.

"I was so upset, and when I had tried to confront the two about it, to my horror they tried to escape. I had to threaten to bring up the league about what they had done to get them to agree with anything. And even then, they treated me like I was trash."

Again, there was a pause as Misty paused and gave a vicious glare at Harry. As if mentally telling him she was getting revenge for everything he had done. Before giving off a clearly fake sounding sob and continued on.

"They tried to leave me in the forest multiple times, they insulted me repeatedly, even looked down on the fact that I was female...basically calling me a- a oh I don't even want to say it, but a whore!"

This got a twitch from Harry as Misty tried to make it sound like both him and Ash were sexist. Like their mother would ever let that be true; she'd happily tear them a new one if that was even remotely true. Harry as he thought this and shuttered slightly to his mother reaction if that had been true missed some of what Misty had been saying and tuned back in time just to hear her say.

"They took my supplies and money and then when we finally got here, where I was told they would eb paying me back…. I- well I found them kicking me out of the room we had. Then when I finally got back in, if only so I could get my supplies that the had taken before they pushed me out. I found they had taken everything but the clothes in my bag and put it into their own. Claiming it was all theirs."

Yet another pause, as Misty continued to have fake tears slowly fall down her face. Before she bit her lip acting as if she was weary about what she was going to say next. While all the while Harry had put a hand over Ash's mouth to stop the outburst, he knew his brother wanted to make with all the lying Misty had been doing.

Knowing that by not saying anything and keeping calm that he was letting Misty dig herself a nice deep hole she'd have trouble getting out of later. Though even he had to bit near clear through his tongue with what she had to say next; just as he had when he had insinuated that he was disrespectful to woman in general. No, he just gave respect when it was earned or given in turn.

"After I had gotten over the shock of what they had done with my supplies, I noticed they had their pokemon out. Pokémon, I hadn't seen the entire time I had been with them, and pokemon that looked to be terrified. My heart went out to them and knew what I'd have to do. It was only the right thing to do."

Here Misty held her fist up and got a look that Harry was thought was supposed to be of upright more or justice, but only seemed to make her look rather arrogant thought again he did nearly have to bite through his lip when he heard just why she had such a look on her face.

"I offered the two an exchange. I would forget the money they owed me for the bike if they gave me the two terrified pokemon. They agree and I was about to leave and go give the pokemon the help they clearly needed when the crueler of the two brothers suddenly snapped out and did something to make the door in front of me slam shut before screaming out that I was a thief. Clearly trying to discredit me while keeping the poor pokemon I was trying to help tied to him like some kind of weapon." Here Both Harry and Ash gritting their teeth to stop themselves from saying anything watched as Misty made it looked like she was ashamed of herself before she finished up with her story.

"I admit that I reacted rashly, and probably played into that boy's cruel plan. But I had snapped I knew I needed to get the Pokemon help, and I was already so stressed about what had happened that I am ashamed to admit I lashed out. Which was why nurse Joy called you here Officer Jenny but now you can do right, I can give those two pokemon the love and care they need, and you can stop those two from hurting any other pokemon!"

Here Misty looked up with water eyes at the officer as if pleading her to do just that. Before throwing a spiteful look at the two brothers when she thought Officer Jenny wasn't paying attention to her anymore.

Sadly, for her Jenny had still been paying attention to her and knew that there was a lot more to the story and gestured for Harry to start his side of the story. Causing Harry, to grimace slightly before straightening up and beginning. Trying his best to keep everything short and simple as he could, while still giving the details he knew were needed.

"She was right when she said it started a couple of days ago, but that is pretty much is the only thing that is truthful about her story." Here Harry was cut of as Misty screamed out.

"Who are you calling a liar you-" Only for Misty herself to be cut of as Officer Jenny gave her a cold look before saying.

"You will remain silent. They were during your story no matter how much you seemed to insult them, and you will be the same for theirs. I Will figure out what do only after I've heard both sides." This got Harry to give a slight nod before continuing with what he had been saying.

"Ash, that is my brother's name, and I had been training in the forest for a while when we heard a scream coming not far from where we had been training. We had quickly rushed over to where the scream was coming from and saw Misty there on the ground no pokemon out and about the be attacked by a rampaging Gyarados."

At this was said Harry could visibly see Misty forcing herself not to say anything as she clenched both her fist and started gritting her teeth. Though he didn't care how she was reacting he simple keep on telling the officer what had actually happened. Not playing emotions, not acting out just staying in one place tone staying nearly the same.

"Seeing this I went and grabbed Misty before pulling her out of the way while Ash told his Pikachu to attack the Gyarados to scare it away. It worked. "

Here Harry took a deep breath to calm himself down further before continuing on his tone going just a bit colder as he did so. Still angry about how Misty had reacted to them rescuing her, along with the fact what she was trying to do now for that matter.

"After we rescued her, we were going to simply leave after doing what we had felt was the right thing. The thing our mother who had raised us right would have wanted us to do. Only for Misty to try an attack Ash. I stopped her from doing so. Just to find out she was trying to attack by brother because her bike had gotten hit in the attack that had saved her life. She demanded we pay her back for the bike. Ash agreed he would since it was his pokemon who had destroyed it in the first place. I thought she was ungrateful but still brought up the league contract that would help with that. She refused to contract." Again, there was a slight pause as Harry took a deep breath. Determined to get this all over as quick as possible.

"She demanded that she stayed with us to in her words ensure we pay her back. The entire time she was with us she acted entitled demanding and like she was better than us. Like we owed her. I did not like it. It only got worse when we got here. As after Ash and I went and reloaded on supplies to help with our training later on she tried to make a scene in the Pokecenter, to make both me and my brother look bad about the bike we owed her." Here throat starting to get a bit sore Harry could help but give a slight smirk out how well that turned out for her, before continuing.

"It didn't work. But it was around that time Ash and I got in contract with both our mother as well as professor Oak. We were able to get the beginning of what could be considered a contract ironed out. So, we could pay Misty back for her bike. That is when we went to the room I had paid for, for my brother and me. Only to find Misty there with all her supplies over my bed. I did not like this and told her that while we may owe her for a Bike, we did not owe her everything she felt she was intitled to; which seemed to include our room. I picked up her things tossed them outside and then proceeded to guild her out of the room while she tried to repeatedly hit me." Again, there was a slight paused as Ash's chimed in.

"She seemed to really like trying to hit either me or Harry. Not that Harry let her, he either dodged out of the way of the hits or stopped her by grabbing the arm she was trying to hit us with." Hearing this Harry nodes as well before finishing up.

"Once I got her out, I shut the door. Not letting Misty back in. Then me and my brother let all our Pokémon out so they could both stretch as well as get some grooming done. That is when Misty managed to pick the lock on door, I had locked earlier, open and came storming in. She saw my pokemon and decided she liked them. She grabbed them and tried to leave saying they would be enough for her Bike. I didn't agree and called her a thief." But by this Misty seemed to have enough of what Harry had been saying as she tried to storm over to him while screaming.

"You're Lying. You agree to trade those pokemon for the bike you owed me!" Harry was having no part of that as he snapped back.

"Why in the world would I trade two rare pokemon I care deeply about for your bike?!" Only for a smug Misty to reply back; acting as if she had already won.

"Because it was a top-of-the-line bike that you'd never be able to afford to pay back anyway!" Harry hearing this gave a smirk of his own, one that caused the one Misty was wearing to drop and turn into a rather shocked horrified look when she heard what Harry had to say next.

"If that were the case, you'd have a certificate or serial number to prove it. Just give us those and well know who's telling the truth." It seemed this last bit seemed to really catch Jenny's attention as she turned towards Misty and demand.

"He's right, if that bike was as experience as you seem to claim, then there would be a certificate given along with a serial number. Show us either on of those or give us the name it was purchased under." Only for Misty to mutter she didn't remember and didn't have what the officer wanted. Getting a raised eyebrow from Jenny one that only got higher when Harry added on.

"Also, why would I be the one to trade my Pokemon when it was Ash who agreed to pay you back in the first place? For that matter if I was going to trade my Pokemon, which would never happen, I would make sure to do it under a contract with the official league just to make sure it was all done correct." The so you couldn't lie about it and say it never happened being unspoken but heard clearly by everyone in the area; causing Misty to go red in the face, and only get redder as Harry continued on.

"For that matter I already have Professor Oak trying to help form a contract to help pay back for your bike, even if it was because you refuse to make an official one. Most likely so you can hold the bike over by brother's head to get whatever you want from him; always rising the price or value of the bike whenever he comes close to paying it off." Jenny hearing this and seeing how Misty was reacting got an icy look on her face in a tone that matched began to speak to Misty.

"Why didn't you make a contract with them in the first place? As a Gym Leader you should know yourself how official those contracts are; not to mention how iron tight. Why wouldn't you want one, it would ensure you got paid back for you bike?" Harry hearing what Officer Jenny had said, let slip something that he didn't mean to as he asked Ash.

"She's a Gym leader? Then why couldn't she deal with the Gyarados attacking her? She didn't even have her Pokemon out to help for crying out loud?"

Misty seemed to have heard this as she let loose a scream and tried to launch herself at Harry to attack him. Only for Harry to quickly sidestep her and caused her to go crashing into the nearby wall.

Once she had gotten up Misty spun around and was going to launch herself at him again. But the clearing of a throat caused them all to turn back to Officer Jenny who didn't look the least bit amused. Seeing this Misty pointed at Harry before screeching out.

"I want to press charges for assault!" Harry hearing this raised an eyebrow before replying back.

"How can you charge me for assault when you attacked me first? Did you mean you wanted me to charge you with assault? Because you do know every time you attacked me, I only reacted in defending myself, right?"

Misty hearing this went so red Harry was surprised to not see steam coming out of her head, and she looked downright murderous as she glared at Harry. Before snarling out.

"How about when you slammed the door on me with your freak powers!" Harry hearing this froze for a bit and it was Ash who reacted to this not Harry.

"That was only after you tried to steal his pokemon for something I had done when trying to safe YOUR life. And they're not freak powers they are Psychic powers you-" However it seemed by this point Jenny had had enough as she marched in between the three and in a tone that screamed listen or else told the three.

"I have heard enough, hand me you Pokedex's I'll get all my answers from them."

Hearing this, all three of them were quick to obey and then watched as Jenny seemed to check over several things on said Pokedexes. Once she did this, Officer Jenny quickly handed over the Pokeball she had been handed earlier back to Harry before saying.

"I don't know what happened here, but we are going to make the contract that young man was talking about. Misty if you did have the top-of-the-line bike like you stated you did then you should have a certificate and serial code stating you did. Or if not that you name should be on an official list of owners of the bike in question. If it isn't then we shall simply call you family gym and find out from what kind of bike it was." Here Jenny was interrupted as Misty shout out

"What!" only to be silenced by a glare from the officer in front of her as said officer finished what she had been saying.

"Then using that information we will work out a contract for the two Gentlemen to pay you back. THAT IS IT. Those Pokemon belong to their trainer and no others. Nurse Joy assures me they haven't been hurt in anyway like has been claimed." Here Officer Jenny seemed to turn her attention purely to Misty before continuing on.

"And in all honestly, I feel they shouldn't owe you all that much at all, considering if what they said is true, which seems much more likely given everything that had been said since, you very well could have died. But considering they are willing to pay you back, despite how ungrateful you come off as by doing this, the contract will be set in place. You will stay away from those two unless they want otherwise. They will send you payments at a monthly rate until the bike they owe you is paid off. After that everything is done with." However, Misty didn't seem to catch the final note in Jenny's voice because she blurted out, hands on hip and look as if she was ready to start an argument.

"Why does he get to keep the Pokemon, they should be mine!" After this was said, Jenny gave Misty a near emotionless look, that someone how seemed to be very more terrifying than her earlier icy look before she answered the teen in question.

"Because the Pokemon are his, and you are very luckily I am not charging you with theft because as far as I can tell there was no trade involved. Now I am going to go speak to your gym and get everything else settled with."

That said, officer Jenny went over to the PC to make the call to Misty Gym where one of her sisters answered. And while at first this sister, Daisy, didn't seem to be serious once she found out what was going on, and the consequences of what could happen, she got a lot more serious. And unfortunately for Misty a lot more truthful than she had ever been. As Daisy let Officer Jenny know that the bike Misty was talking about was one of their older ones. One Misty had repaired herself. It was still an expensive bike, but it was no where near the price Misty was trying to make it off to be.

Something that earned Misty an icy look from both Harry as well as Officer Jenny. But nothing was said as the official contract was written out while be witnessed by both Officer Jenny as well as Nurse Joy to make if official. Though after everything was written down and agreed to Misty snatched her copy of the contract before storming off. Hissing to both Harry and Ash that this wasn't over yet as she did so.

This earned a sigh from officer Jenny who had heard what Misty had said despite the fact that Misty had tired to make it so only the two brothers had heard her. And after she heard this, as well as remembering the poisonous glare Misty had thrown at the two brothers Officer Jenny told the two trainers in front of her.

"If she keeps bothering you two, please report it. And please don't forget to give her, her monthly payments as I can see Misty being someone who would kick a fuss of a single missed payment even if your ahead." This said officer Jenny, as well as nurse joy, left the two brothers. Both of which were feeling rather exhausted but glad it was all now over with; or at least for the time being it was.

Though as they settled in for the night Harry began making plans so that they could get the monthly payments that they now needed to do, done and over with. Mostly going with what Professor Oak had been going to do and planning on setting aside some of both his and Ash's money.

As for one there was no way that Harry would make his brother pay for all of that on his own, and for two when it was both of them paying for the bike together, they would get it done just that much quicker. And there for get rid of Misty, her contract, and anything else she may try to hold over their head just that much quickly.

To be sure of this Harry, if the way things went the way he wanted them to, had ensured that both he and his brother wouldn't be paying the bare minimum each monthly payment but double that at the very least; making it so the contract would be completely twice as fast as it would have been otherwise.

Though there was one thing Harry was really thankful for with this contract, and he was sure Ash felt the same, there was no Misty with it. Now all they had to focus on was the upcoming Gym battle they were going to have, and possible the training they were going to have their Pokemon go through in the next couple days as a warmup for said gym battle. After all the last couple of days had been rather horrible so maybe some good training and time spent with their Pokemon would make it better.

AN_ POKEMON INFO (after training and at end of chapter)

Ash's vulpix(Majestic)is level 18

Ash's Pikachu(Loki) is level 40

Ash's Egg-hatched- Growlith- fierce- (not actually captured yet) level 5

Ash's magikarp – (typhoon) is level 18

Ash's Fearow (wild wing)- is level 25

Ash's Caterepie/Metapd/Butterfree- Level 20

Ash's Beedrill-stinger- level 15 (with professor Oak)

Ash's Pidgeotto- Sora-Level 16 (with Professor Oak)

Ash's Mankey- Champ- level 17

Ash's Shellder-level 10 (with Professor Oak)

Harry's Horsea, (Mystery)is level 26

Harry's Ponyta (Black Diamond) is level 42 (Shiny)

Harry's Feeba- (Treasure) is level 22 (shiny)

Harry's egg -hatched Eevee (Little wonder) (Shiny) Level 5

Scyther (Samurai)is level 19 (Shiny)

Egg (found abandon having been saved by Harry from the stream)