Harry's new life Ash's new Pokémon

Summary-What if Harry was given a new chance. But this chance, this new life, is a lot different from the life he had before; especially since he isn't even human in this one. This time Harry is something called a Pokémon. Or to be more precise a dratini and even then, he isn't a normal one. What happens when Harry, as a dratini, is found by Ash, in the very beginning of Ash's journey? What would happen to the two of them and how much of their story will change because of this fact? Especially considering the fact that Harry still has and knows how to use the magic from his past life?

Disclaimer- I do not own Harry Potter or Pokemon, nor do I make any money off of either one of them.

Chapter one

Harry stared brokenly at the Veil before him. Trying his best to ignore the bitter voice in the back of his head that was screaming at him that he should have realized something like this was going to happen to him.

That with his luck, and the way his life had been so far, something like this was bound to happen sooner or later; with it most likely being sooner than anything else. That it always was going to turn out like this, and he should already know that by heart by now. After all, when had something good happen to him, and actually stayed good? When had his happiness ever really lasted for more than just in short burst?

It had started off small, almost meaningless to some people. Like actually being able to go to school and learn all that he wanted; best yet get away from the monsters that called themselves his only family. Something he hadn't even been sure he would have been allowed to do, even when he had been that young.

Honestly, it had all sounded like a dream come true to his younger self. And a dream it turned out to be as Harry found himself friendless, bullied by nearly everyone in the school due to his cousin. Worst yet, unable to learn what he wanted because he wasn't allowed to do better in the school this his cousin was doing.

Which made Harry go through the school at a barley passing level; or face the consequences of doing otherwise. Consequences that often led to Harry being beaten until he blackout; something that happened a lot more often then in would ever admit. Sometimes for reasons Harry couldn't even figure out just why he was being punished for in the first place.

Going to the wizarding world, finding out about magic, and getting away from his so-called family had all been good; had all made him feel like he was on top of the world for a brief moment. Only to be sent back crashing to earth as soon as he had found out that there was a mad man, as well as said mad man's follows, out for his blood; quite literally at that.

Finding out he had a godfather, someone who actually cared for him for just being him and not because he was the so-called boy who lived, had been another good thing that had happened to him. Something which had only happened after, a series of bad thing on top of it. Like nearly dying and being poisoned; not to mention ostracized for an ability he had no say in getting in the first place.

Again, only for that moment of happiness to be crushed by the fact that his godfather was on the run, could hardly spend any time with him and then had been killed by his deranged cousin; all before they could have a real chance to be family. Like Harry so longed to have, as he honestly didn't consider his Aunt, his Uncle or his cousin family and knew they felt the same way about him.

Now, on top of those and numerous other instants similar to them, this was happening; really hadn't he had learned anything from all his previous experiences. Obviously not, was the negative though that was going through Harry's head as he watched everything happening with a dead look in his eyes as he did so. Along with the thought that now that he thought about it, he should have really known not to let his guard down; at least not until the other shoe had dropped.

Now Harry usually tried to see the light side of things, which was the main reason he had been able to stay relatively sane through everything that had happened to him, but at the moment he couldn't do that. Nor could he help the fact that his thoughts had taken the dark turn they had. And that reason was rather simple.

Harry had just, literally just, defeated the Dark Lord Voldemort, and he was happy about this. Mainly because, with Voldemort dead, he was finally free of the war, and all the weight said war had put on his shoulders; nor did he have to worry about said dark lord killing those he cared about any longer.

Which meant that he could finally start having the life he wanted. A life that included being with the person he loved without having to worry about someone out to kill them for what he considered a sort of fluke when he was a baby. That he could at long last have a family of his own with, sometime in the future, actual children of his own with them; something that had been a dream of his for a long time.

Well that is Harry had been happy about this, and dreaming about the life he could now have, for all of five minutes. Because after spending that small amount of time dreaming about what could be realized it was just way to quiet, and that no one around him seemed to be celebrating Voldemort's defeat; like he had thought they would be doing.

This caused Harry a great deal of confusion as well as fear. Thinking that perhaps he had been wrong and that the Dark Lord wasn't really dead like he believed. Which if that was the case Harry knew he had just made himself look as insane as the papers where saying he was.

Fearing this, Harry spun around to face where the Dark Lord was; praying that he wasn't too late as he did so. Only for his confusion to grow when he realized, Yes, that was Voldemort sprawled out dead on the ground and no he wasn't standing behind him ready to curse him like Harry had thought.

Biting his lip slightly in confusion and wondering just what was going on, Harry began to turn back around. Ready to ask the people around him just what was wrong. To ask all of them why they weren't happy about finally being free from the mad man that called himself Voldemort and his followers. Only to come face to face with the bright red of a powerful stunner with no way, or chance, to dodge it.

Groaning Harry slowly began to wake up wondering just why his head was hurting so much, and why did he suddenly feel so weak; weaker than he really could ever recall feeling before.

That is when what had happened before he had been knocked out came rushing back to him causing Harry to jump up ready to defend himself from an attack. Even if at the same time he already knew that it was probably too late to do that.

Still, even knowing this, Harry was ready to defend himself against the taunts he knew were going to come from whatever death eater had managed to catch him. Even if as he felt like if he did manage to stand up, he would only collapse back down to the ground given how weak he currently was feeling.

What Harry wasn't ready for, was what he saw the moment he attempted to did this. Because the moment Harry leaped up ready to defend himself, as well as hopefully escape so he could go back to his family and see what was wrong. He immediately wished that he hadn't and could only shake his head in horror as he looked around himself; falling back to his knees in both horror and exhaustion as he did so.

Harry was in what he knew to be the Ministry holding cell, the ones that were used for those that were awaiting trials, and the ones that had wards around them to block the prisoner from his magic; which explained to Harry just why he felt as weak as he did. What it didn't explain was why Harry was there in the first place, and where everyone else was for that matter. As Harry couldn't think of any reason why he was imprisoned where he was; as they had already gotten the Dark Lord out of control of the ministry much earlier.

As if summoned by his thoughts of where everyone was, as well as his confusion about his situation in the first place, Harry heard a nearby door opening. This caused Harry to look up, from the weaken position he had fallen in, to see just who was coming in. Hoping that it was someone who could explain what was going on and let him out of this cell; both would have been best.

When he saw just who was coming in, all his friends as well as the headmaster, Harry felt his hope rise; surely, they would free him from this prison they were his family after all. Only for said hope, as well as any other positive feeling that he was feeling, to come crushing down when the headmaster started speaking to him. The people behind him nodding along with everything he was saying as he did so. Acting like the sheep the Slytherins had always accused them of being.

"Potter, I see you're awake. It is about time."

Harry hearing the tone this was said in, as well as the look in the headmaster's eyes, knew instantly that nothing good was going to come out of what was currently going on. That in fact, instead something horrible was about to happen; most likely to him.

Still, this didn't stop Harry from nervously licking his lips and asking the question that had been bothering him since he found out just where he was. Knowing this answer, rather it be negative or positive, would be the thing that let him know just how bad things were going to get.

"Professor. What's going on? Why am I here?"

These questions seemed to annoy both Dumbledore, as well as his supposed friends, because it was Hermione, and didn't that feel like a punch in the gut to Harry who had all but adopted her into his family as a sister, who stepped forward and snapped out at Harry; her tone screaming that she thought he was an idiot. A tone that Harry hadn't had directed at him in years; somehow making it sound worse because of this.

"Potter, are you seriously that slow. You're here because you are about to go on trial for being a murder. However, Azkaban is too good a place for dark scum like you in my opinion."

Harry, his confusion growing and being joined by terror couldn't help but blurt out; not wanting to believe his growing suspicions. Despite the voice in the back of his head all but screaming he should have known; in a I told you so like tone.

"Trail!? Murderer? DARK! But, but I never killed anyone…besides the dark lord is that is what are you talking about? I had to kill him; he didn't leave me no other choice but to do so. Hell, you didn't leave me any other choice!"

This earned Harry a snort from Ron, and for Hermione to turn her nose up at him while giving him the most disgusted look she could muster. But it was perhaps the headmaster reaction that was worse. For it was him who answered Harry's questions his blue eyes twinkling merrily as he did so.

"But my Boy, that's exactly who you're going on trial for killing. Tom Riddle, the last of the noble and ancient house of Slytherin; one of the founders of Hogwarts itself. After all killing is never the answer and as I just said Tom was a wizard from a rather powerful line; however dark it may have been. Why if the Ministry doesn't crack down on you then what's to say some other person could get away with killing someone by claiming that person was a dark lord of sorts. Certainly not something they can afford to have happening." Here the Headmaster folded his hands together had gave Harry a disappointed look before continuing; ignoring the look of utter betray and disbelief on Harry's face as he did so.

"Which is why I have to say what happening now, is happening for the greater good. And if you had any good left in you, you would just accept that as it is Potter. After all, everything I have done and sacrificed has been for the greater good. This small sacrifice from you shouldn't be asking for too much now should it."

It was then with a sense of cold dread that Harry realized, and finally accepted, what he had been trying to desperately ignore the whole time. That all of this had been planned out from the beginning, in one way or another. He had never really been anything but a disposable tool for the people in front of him; for those he had called friends or even family.

This knowledge, and the fact that he had missed all of it when he knew there had been so many hints all but screaming these facts at him, seemed so mocking Harry something fierce. Or at least it was now that he looked back everything he had been trying to ignore.

Harry seeing this, and feeling it deep within gut, knew that was never going to be able to have a life of peace. Mainly because that wasn't in the headmaster's plan for him. Hell, it seemed that the Headmaster in question planned a lot more misery for him, than the peace Harry had so been hoping for now that the war was over.

Instead Harry was going to be put through, what he would bet everything he owned on, was going to be a mockery of trail. He knew this and everyone else in the room knew it just as well as he did.

Just as he knew that after said mockery of a trail, he would be tossed aside to rot in Azkaban prison. Where Harry was willing to bet that there would quickly be some 'unfortunate' accident would befall him leaving everything he had to those on the other side of his cell.

Or so they believed, as what they didn't know, and Harry honestly had to love was the clause the Potter family wills all had. One that would prevent them from getting everything they wanted from him; even if at the same time it most likely wouldn't be enough to stop whatever death they had planned for him.

Still it did give him a bitter sort of comfort knowing this last bit; as at least they wouldn't get what they wanted from him in the end. At the same time, as he realized this Harry couldn't help but think.

'Malfoy had been right that day on the train… too bad I realized this too late.'

Harry while he was thinking this, didn't notice the deepening of the scowl on his 'visitors' face as they realized that they were now being ignored. Nor did he take any notice of the fact that Dumbledore, not liking the fact that he was being ignored, had taken out his wand and was pointing it directly at him.

That is, Harry didn't notice until the stunner that came from the headmaster's wand hit him straight dead in his chest and caused him to go back into the cursed unconsciousness that had first started this whole thing.

When he next woke up, cursing slighting for his lack of, as Moody would say, Constance vengeance as he did so, Harry found himself chained down into an awfully familiar chair in a very familiar court room. A familiarity that he wanted no part of and actually felt bile raise in his throat as he recognized them.

Seeing all of this, Harry felt the earlier terror he had been feeling easily double what it had been and try to overwhelm him. Only for Harry to use his iron control, which had been hard earned during the war, to push it down and stare coldly at all of the assembled people that were present for his so-called trail.

He was determined not to let them, the traitors and wanna be deatheaters that made up the majority of his trail, see how much they were hurting him. No matter what he wasn't going to let any of them see how they had broken him; in a way Voldemort himself couldn't brag about. After all, all Harry had left at the moment was his dignity and he was damn sure he wasn't going to let them take that from him; like they had taken everything else from him.

Harry kept that look, with the same stubborn nature that had been what kept him alive after everything he had been through throughout the entire trial. Not letting a single emotion, he was feeling show up on his icy face during the whole thing. Which much to his disgust, was just aa mocking as he had believed it was going to be since the beginning; perhaps even more so then he had thought possible.

But it was because of this trial, no matter how messed up it had been, that lead Harry to where he currently was. Because of that shame of a trial and the verdict that had been handed do to him. Which as that Harry was simply too dangerous, and too good at escaping things, to allow him to stay in Azkaban Prison; like Harry had originally believed he was going to be. Instead they had decided, in a way to add salt to the wounds Harry was feeling, to sentence him to go through the Veil; the same veil that had taken his Godfather from him.

Upon hearing this judgement, it had taken every ounce of self-control that Harry had not to blow up at the smirking Headmaster; at least at first it did. But now that he thought of it, and now that the Veil was right in front of him, Harry honestly couldn't think of a better way to go; a better way to finally be free of the predigest of the wizarding world.

After all, he had nothing here and there was a chance he would be able to meet his family on the other side, right? So, it would be better for him, Right? It wasn't like he was really losing anything by going through the veil right; at least not something that wasn't already taken from him that is.

Not only that, it wasn't like that the others would be gaining anything from him after his death eater; not with the clause his family line has? Nor with the fact that unlike what everyone else seemed to think Harry had been able to write a will including said clause in it as well. Something that back then he had thought wasn't needed but now felt a good deal of satisfaction in knowing it was in place.

Keep those thoughts in mind and trying his best to ignore all the doubts he had, Harry march towards the Veil head held high. Then before walking into said veil Harry turned around so he was facing 'oh so brave' wizards that had decided to make sure he got his' just' punishment.

Then seeing he had all of their attention, Harry calmly flipped them all the bird before falling backwards into the veil, sending a large blast of magic at them all as he did so. What just because he was going through the veil without a fight didn't mean he wasn't doing something to make those backstabbers pay for what they were doing. Besides they had all just broken a life debt, and magic would demand some sort of justice; that blast of magic would let it really start.