Harry's new life Ash's new Pokémon

Summary-What if Harry was given a new chance. But this chance, this new life, is a lot different from the life he had before; especially since he isn't even human in this one. This time Harry is something called a Pokémon. Or to be more precise a dratini and even then, he isn't a normal one. What happens when Harry, as a dratini, is found by Ash, in the very beginning of Ash's journey? What would happen to the two of them and how much of their story will change because of this fact? Especially considering the fact that Harry still has and knows how to use the magic from his past life?

Disclaimer: I do not own or make any profit off of Pokémon or Harry Potter; no matter how much I wish I did.

A.N- Okay I still want to vote to see if Harry gets his human form. Like I said last chapter I am going to have Harry meditate, close to when he is about to evolve. That is when he sees two or three forms in his mind depending on if he gets a human form or not.

Chapter three

Harry had been on his own and out of the cave he had first arrived in for a little over six months now. Over that time Harry had been doing nothing but training and exploring the world around him. Not really meeting many others, be it Pokemon or worse trainers while he was out.

Something Harry got the feeling that besides those that attacked him, rare that those turned out to be, and all of whom Harry used to better the skills he had. Most of them seemed to avoid him. Making him feel just a bit lonely and wondering if he was cursed to be different, to be excluded where ever he ended up, be it him at Dursley's, him in the wizarding world, and as it was starting to turn out, him as a Pokemon as well.

At the same time even as he was thinking this Harry was trying his best to ignore this feeling, pushing it back, and pushing himself to both learn more about this world. To get stronger and to some how blend his magic that had followed him into what he as now. All and all he was honestly trying to make a life for himself not that he had a chance to it, and despite the thoughts that were plaguing him, he did find himself enjoying it.

In the end, Harry was actually rather surprised by just how much he had managed to cover and discover during that time. Though that maybe because since he left that cave those six months ago Harry had done nothing but train, explore, battle, and sleep; pushing himself to his limit everyday as he did so. As he honestly had nothing else to really do; something that for some reason hit Harry as rather depressing for reason he couldn't quite explain.

However, because of this Harry had managed to find out quite a lot; more so then he had every thought he would have been able to. Some of which he found out from listening to others around him and some he found out through the plan hard work he had put into it. Literally bring himself to nearly collapsing from how hard he was pushing himself to do so at several different times. But in the end Harry honestly felt that it was all worth it; more than worth it if it could help him get the life he wanted.

What he had managed to learn from listening to the world around him, mainly came from what he heard from others and a thing he was pretty sure was called a Pokedex; which despite how hard he tried he had yet to manage to get his hands on. And this wasn't pure information on him but more on what he was, at least the basics of what he was; and Harry knew he was anything but basic.

What he found out was that he was currently a dragon-type of Pokémon called a Dratini. Which now he was pretty well covered on, or at least the information he knew was on the average Dratini; which even though Harry knew he wasn't knew he could use it none the less. After all some of it was true about him; he couldn't be that different from them by that much could he?

Still what he found out was that he was actually a really rare Pokémon that was rarely found, especially considering where he currently was. Which was in a place Kanto, close to a town called Pallet town; or at least now that was where he was.

Exactly where he had started from Harry wasn't completely sure; and it didn't really matter seeing as he didn't recall seeing any other Dratini there either. But what he was sure of was the fact that normal Dratini where normally blue and white, where the average height of five foot eleven and not much more then that; not to mention they didn't have his lightning bold mark that he had on his stomach.

Which considering the fact that he had gown about a foot since he had first left the cave made Harry a little more than thirteen feet long and that he was still growing told Harry something; with his height alone.

Along with the fact that he was something called a Shiny, which was an oddly color Pokémon. Not only that but he was even odder color seeing as normal shiny Drantini were pink; something Harry was glade he wasn't.

But at the same time remembered what his thoughts had been when he had first arrived and couldn't help but shutter slightly; wondering if he had jinxed himself back then. As after all Harry had found out that his form did do something called an evolution and that form could also be pink. Something that made him all the weary about evolving in the first place, just because Harry knew he did have that kind of luck.

Not only had Harry learned information like this, he had also learned multiple different things through his hard work, sweat, tears and blood as well. All of it being different attacks both the ones that normal Dratini knew as well as different attacks with the magic that had followed him from his old world.

All in the name of both being able to at least attempt to fit in here, while at the same time remembering where he came from to begin with. Besides, it wasn't in Harry to not use the magic he had, more so then ever if he was going to be attack. Even if it meant it was going to be that much harder for him to fit.

Because he sure as hell going to use all the skills and powers, he had to make sure he did his best. Be it either by old tricks he had already knew or the knew ones he had worked his tail off to learn; either way Harry would never be one to lay down and take an attack if he could help it.

The attacks he had managed to learn, though not master at least not yet, that he was able to learn as a Dratini were: twister. Which was on of Harry's favorite attack and one of the attack Harry was sure he could add his magic to make it more powerful if given the chance.

Another one was slam, this was one of the first attack Harry had learned to do it was like a tackle, but Harry used his whole body into it instead of mostly his head. Which when considering the size and strength said body had was a really deadly combination. A combination that Harry had used on more then one occasion to win a fight he had been in.

Another one that he had just recently managed to get down was the dragon rage, and it wasn't an attack he like using often, no matter how helpful it may have been. As he felt that the lack of control it had and the amount of energy he used for said attack really wasn't worth it. Not when his magic could do something similar enough with less drain to him; with better results to boot.

Next there was hyper beam, which actually was an attack that he had started to learn before he had even left the cave but had only recently managed to get it down to a useable level. And another attack that while powerful Harry didn't use all that often. As one it was often just overkill in the fights he had been in, and two it was a draining attack. But sill when he wanted to end a fight and end it quickly he did use it; often ending in a one hit K.O.

A couple of other attacks he had first started to learn and the cave and only managed to get to a useable level after he left said cave were the attacks thunder wave, outrage, toxic, ice beam, blizzard and protect. The last of which was one of his all-time favorite attack and one of the attacks that was the easiest for him to learn.

Yet at the same time was an attack he wished he had as Harry potter as it seemed to be more powerful, as well as less draining, then the majority of the magical protective spells he knew before. With only the more powerful ones, and draining ones, being more powerful then it. Not to mention it was the next step to another attack he really wanted to learn and wished to have his hands on before; reflect.

Speaking of his magic, some of the magic he had as Harry potter that he had managed to reproduce as a Dratini was the levitation spell. Which he used to prank others as a way to honor his father, as well as a way to get to places easier. As he could very easily levitate himself if he needed to, or if he wanted to the one that tried to attack him; only to drop them at different heights depending on just why they had attacked him to begin with.

Then there were all the spells he knew to unlock places, which Harry used to either get into place or escape from them when things got to Harry. As well as his newer form, and mostly so far had been mainly used to either learn more information or if he had to hid and escape into place others wouldn't be looking for him. On the rare chances someone, more often than not a trainer of some sort seemed to catch a glimpse of him.

After that there was the point me spell which Harry mainly used to find both food and water. Or if not, that shelter for the night that he could also use for his training if he wanted to. Thought he point me spell was used less often once Harry had managed to replicate the spells to call up water, as well as fire, which came to him a lot easier than he thought they would.

On top of those Harry had also managed to relearn several small transfiguration spells. Though these he found a himself reach a ceiling when it came to the spells he could use. As he just didn't seem to have what he needed when it came to being able to reach all the other spells he had; like he first needed to do something more before he could get a handle on the other spell he had known. Making Harry wonder if he needed to increase the skills he had now before he could do more. Something he strongly got the feeling was most likely the truth.

At the same time, it was the transfiguration spells, as well as the easy they came to him, that made Harry remember the fact that he had never managed to master or even really get started on his Animagus transformation.

Which was another thing he wanted to do to honor those he had called family. The ones that had died for him. And was something he still wanted to attempt to do. If only to see if he could get answers and find out if somehow the form he was in now, had become similar to his Animagus form.

However, unlike that may seem to Harry. Considering the fact, the transformation had occurred when he had step into the veil and had ended up in a whole new world all together. Something that only seemed to be supported by the fact that so far, he had only managed to get a good grasp on mediation and entering his mindscape; which was only the very first step in the transformation.

Not only that but when he did get into his mindscape all Harry was able to see was that said mindscape was mostly shadowed and he continued to get the feeling that his mind was going to remain shadowed to him until he got more training in and reach a higher level in the skills that he was in; become more at home in his new body.

Which was another reason why he continued to push himself so hard he had the strong feeling that he really wanted to know what was hidden in the shadow of his mind, and that if he didn't find out soon he could easily lose it. Could easily lose something that Harry got the feeling he really didn't want to lose; not if he had a choice in the matter anyway.

So yes, Harry could very easily say he had done a lot since he had first left that cave. A lot of training and a lot of self-discover that he was using to find out just who he was, and he was finding he really wasn't who he actually thought he was.

All of it adding up to the fact that Harry was finding that he was actually enjoying the new life he had and didn't want to go back to his old world. Though that isn't to say he wouldn't go back to being a human if he had the chance. Or the fact he still wasn't incredibly weary about what the fact being a Pokemon in the world could end up meaning for him either.

This self-discover and training wasn't all that he had done during the six months he had been exploring. He had also been doing his best to avoid being captured by the trainers around him. As Harry felt that if, and that was a very big if, he was going to captured by a trainer and battle alongside them then it would be a trainer of his choice.

One that if he did choose, would be one he wanted to fight along with, not for, and one that he would get along with; not being expected to just obey no matter what. Not to mention one that would respect him and not see him as a sort of prize or anything similar to that considering how rare and outlandish, he may be.

So far, he had managed to avoid all trainer that would think of him like that; for the most part at least. And those that he hadn't managed to remain unseen from, he had managed to battle and escaped from; several of them actually.

Though at the same time Harry noticed that it was getting more and more difficult to do so; in fact, he barely managed to beat and escape the last on who sent three different Pokémon at him at once in an attempt to capture him. Something that had something in Harry snarling in disgust and acting that much harsher in the battle against them once said trainer had done so.

Harry got the feeling that somehow word about him had gotten out and more and more powerful trainers were coming down here in an attempt to capture him. This meant that if Harry wanted to get a trainer that he chose then he needed to find one real soon or else he'd be captured by someone he didn't choice; which was something Harry wasn't willing to accept. But the question was, how did he find a trainer he wanted and how did he do it as quick as possible at the same time.

Harry was knocked out of his thought about how he was going to find a trainer he wanted by the sound of a car roar nearby. Hearing this, Harry made a mad dash to a nearby bush to hide in. Doing so just in time to see a red sports car fill with what looked to be cheerleaders zooming passed where he used to be.

Seeing this and the teen in the car Harry could only snort as best he could in his Pokémon form and mentally tell himself at least that wasn't his trainer. The squealing of the girls alone would drive him insane; let alone dealing with a trainer that from what Harry could see reminded him of Malfoy to a degree.

Harry could see that the forest he was in was starting to clear up and he could see a town, which he knew to be Pallet town just further ahead. Seeing this, Harry got a pulling feeling in his gut and he knew he just knew that he was going to find his trainer there; that Pallet town was his trainer's home.

Now all he had to do was wait for his trainer to come. Hopefully he wouldn't be waiting too long because Harry wasn't sure he would be able to stop himself from going into the town after his trainer if he did; after all he really didn't want to be captured by anyone else. And no Harry didn't think that he was being forced to choose a Trainer now, just that his magic and gut feeling were leading him to where his best choice was located. At least at the moment it was. Something his magic had done several times before and something Harry had long since learned to listen to. Even if it wasn't something he was patiently doing.

Fortunately, it seemed that Harry didn't have to wait too long for his trainer, nor did he have to go into town after him; like he had first feared he would have to. Because after just a little bit of waiting in the woods staring at the town Harry felt the pull in his chest get stronger than ever.

Which caused Harry to look in the direction the pull was coming from just in time to see a small teen made his way through the trees, pulling a Pikachu along with him. He found him, he found his trainer, now all he had to do was see just what made this teen worth being his trainer, and if not follow him until he found a reason not to do so. Or until he found someone else worth being his trainer; whatever came first.