Harry's new life Ash's new Pokémon

Summary-What if Harry was given a new chance. But this chance, this new life, is a lot different from the life he had before; especially since he isn't even human in this one. This time Harry is something called a Pokémon. Or to be more precise a dratini and even then, he isn't a normal one. What happens when Harry, as a dratini, is found by Ash, in the very beginning of Ash's journey? What would happen to the two of them and how much of their story will change because of this fact? Especially considering the fact that Harry still has and knows how to use the magic from his past life?

Disclaimer: I do not own or make any profit off of Pokémon or Harry Potter; no matter how much I wish I did.

Harry gets a human for or not



AN- Also in regards to any pairing for this story I do not even know if there will be a pairing, and if there is it will only be if he has a more human like form. Also taking in mind that he form is now a Pokémon and not a wizard I decided that if he does take a human form it will be a human form with some Pokémon characteristics. A human form of a Pokémon. So please vote if you do or do not want this to happen.

Chapter four

Harry hadn't immediately introduced himself to the teen that his magic had guided him to. He just couldn't bring himself to do so. Not when the idea of doing so brought the betrayals he suffered so clear to the surface of his mind. Not when he felt the fear he would be simply be captured and made to obey someone no matter what he felt. Like it had been with the other trainers that had tired to capture him the moment the saw him.

In fact, it was because of this that Harry had done everything he could to avoid being noticed by said trainer and his Pikachu since he had seen them. Instead, Harry was doing everything in his power to watch them and see just what kind of person said trainer was. To see just why his magic had pulled him to the trainer in question to begin with, and for that matter why his new instincts seemed so calm now; when before they were nearly going wild.

It was doing this that Harry had been able to learn a lot even in such a short amount of time since he had first found said train. Which even if Harry was giving him the benefit of the doubt because he was a very young trainer. One that if Harry had to guess was a most just in the beginning of his teenage years at most Harry couldn't say he exactly was impressed by what he had seen so far.

At least not for the most part, or to be truthful at least not in the very beginning he hadn't been. But then again given the fact he was judging Ash on instincts that were years older than the boy in question and harden by war as well as betrayal to boot perhaps he was being a bit harsh.

That in mind Harry tried to see everything that he was watching in a different few reminding himself of all the trouble he had caused when he had been close to the trainers Ash to help insure that. However, as thing continued to play out, Harry found himself not having to remind himself to be nice with the way he was judging others. Most because there were some things Harry had just seen that had left him slightly more impressed and had gotten rid of a good deal of the more negative thoughts Harry had been having in the beginning.

But then again Harry did figure this was why he was watching the two in the first place to begin with. To find out information about them and to see if he could get a handle on the trainer's personality to see if he was someone that Harry could see himself working with.

That and despite how weary he had been about it at first Harry did want to travel the world, to battle, and see how far he could take this new form. Which having a trainer would make a lot easier for him to do so; and take away a lot of the fear he had.

Which once more led Harry back to the situation he was now in, he needed a trainer to be able to do that, and he was going to be choosy about which one. Including watching the one that his very magic had led him to, to see if he was the trainer Harry wanted.

It was because of this, that Harry had been able to find out that the trainer he was watching was called Ash Ketchum. That he had just started his journey and if Harry was honest, he seemed to be a little impatient, have a noticeably short attention span, easy to angry and very immature at times. But at the same time, he did seem to have a really caring heart, was eager to help others and seemed to be a very positive person most of the time as well; always seeing the glass as half full.

Something Harry knew because he had watching the interaction between Ash and the Pikachu, he had with him. He had watched to fact Pikachu refused to work with Ash at first. How Ash reacted to that, and how Ash tried to use a bit of kindness to get Pikachu to work with him only to be refused. And then Harry watched how Ash's seemed to lose his temper about fact, if only a little bit. Which led to what Harry quickly was calling the Flock disaster.

As Ash, seeing Pikachu refused to battle a spearow he wanted to capture decided to try and do it on his own. And to Harry's disbelieve he did this by throwing a stone at the bird like Pokémon. Only for that to end horrible for the trainer in question as the spearow called the rest of the flock to him to attack Ash.

Something that Harry knew from experience usually happened any time a Spearow was attacked and not knocked out immediately. And something that Harry felt that any trainer should know especially if the main location for Spearows were nearly right in front of the town you were originally leaving from.

Which lead to Harry thinking about just how prepared Ash had been for his Pokémon journey and if he should try to research more so he could help the trainer in question; if he did decide to join him that is. As Harry, having learned the hard way multiple times, just how important knowledge can be.

At the same time, he realized that now wasn't really the time to lose himself in thought as it seemed the rest of the Spearows flock had arrived and were currently trying to attack Ash and his Pikachu.

Making Harry wonder, as he watched Ash run off at top speeds with Pikachu fleeing from the angry flock of Pokémon chasing him. Going so far as to even ending up gong off the edge of a waterfall as he did so, if the trainer in question had luck like him.

Something that only seemed to reaffirmed when both Ash and Pikachu were randomly rescued by a nearby trainer who had been fishing and ended up taking her bike as the flock from before found them and continued on with the attack they had been doing before. Leaving both Ash, and his Pikachu, once more running for their life.

With Harry continuing to silently follow behind them wondering if he should interfere yet. Mostly because as of yet, none of the Pokémon chasing the two have managed to actually hurt either Ash or his Pikachu; as so far, the two had managed to stay ahead the flock attacking them.

In the end though it was because of all of this that despite himself, and despite how he knew he had similar flaws when he had been the same age as Ash, if only more responsible because of how he had been forced to grow up, that Harry hadn't been too impressed with the trainer in question. As he really couldn't see why his magic had drawn him to this particular trainer out of all the trainers it could have pulled him to.

At least he hadn't been until he saw what had happened after, when the thunderstorm had started. Just when the flock of spearows, that had been chance the two, had gotten close enough to attack the now exhausted pair. And just when Harry was about to reveal himself, as he wasn't going to let anyone be brutally attack, possible killed, in front of him, not if he could help it. The reason why Harry's magic, as well as well as the reason why his instincts seemed so calm around Ash showed itself; or at least that is what Harry believed.

As before Harry could do anything, Ash did something that left Harry respect Ash a lot more than he had been before; as well as inwardly curse a bit as well. As even despite knowing his Pikachu for no more than two days max Ash put himself in front of the Pokémon ready to shield it from the attack form the furious bird like Pokémon that were above them. Making Harry know for sure if Ash had been in the wizarding world, he would have definitely been a Gryffindor; or perhaps a Hufflepuff.

Seeing this, Harry had been ready to defend Ash from the attack, if only because he could respect the choice the trainer had made. But Pikachu beat him to it and jumped in front of a lightning bolt to power his own attack. Knocking out all the furious spearows, and a Fearow that had been about to attack Ash. Only it seemed to knock out and badly Pikachu to do this; as he quickly fell unconscious after doing this attack.

Seeing this and seeing that the Pokémon in question was about to slam harshly to the ground Harry quickly threw his magic out and levitated Pikachu to the ground. Get a startled cry from Ash as he saw the aura surrounding his Pokémon.

Or at least he was startled until he saw just how bad his Pokémon was hurt and then he only cried out in Alarm in fear of how severely injured Pikachu was. Then the only thing Ash could think of was getting his Pokémon the help it needed as he rushed said Pokémon toward where Harry knew the nearby town was; most likely heading towards the Poekcenter.

Seeing this, Harry debated revealing himself to help give the trainer a lift to help him get there quicker then he would otherwise. Before decided right now wouldn't be the best time and perhaps it'd be best to keep watching Ash instead to see more of how he reacted to the things around him.

Besides he wouldn't be able to get him there that much faster as Harry wasn't completely sure how he fast he would be able to move with the combined weight of both Ash and Pikachu either way; as so far he really hadn't done much weight training.

Not to mention Harry really wanted to be able to see just what Ash did next, and only than would he reveal himself; how so depended on just what happened next. That in mind, Harry silently followed behind Ash, doing his watching everything that happened while Ash rushed his Pikachu to the neared Pokecenter; not stopping the dead run he had done the entire time.

At least not until one of the people Harry found out was one of the police force in the world, and being slightly creeped out how similar they all looked just as he was creeped out about all the nurse joys of this world were all similar as well. Still he watched as the office Jenny give Ash a lift to the Pokecenter of the town.

Something that Harry had more difficulty in following, at least while remaining unseen as he did so. And he did end up missing something as by the time he had managed to get back to Ash, his Pikachu had been taken by nurse Joy of the Pokecenter and Ash himself was sitting there waiting; depressed. With to Harry surprise the girl whose bike Ash had taken right beside him.

Which from what Harry could hear, her name was Misty and she was staying with Ash until he paid her back for the bike Ash's Pikachu had destroyed. Something Harry could both understand and at the same time felt that then and there wasn't the best time to say something about it giving the circumstance at least.

Something Ash seemed to think as well, but to Harry's surprise bite his tongue instead of snap at her like Harry might have at that age, with that given circumstance and instead agreed to pay her back; while mentioning it may take a while as he didn't have the money at the time. Making Harry take note that while he could be immature at times it seemed that Ash did know when it was time to be serious.

Something that Harry knew would be a particularly good thing and would help Ash a lot in the future. Not to mention, that Harry himself found it a good trait to have; seeing as it was a trait Harry himself had. Well, had eventual learned to have.

But it did leave Harry in a situation as he didn't know if he should try to introduce himself to Ash now, wait until Misty left and then introduce himself. Or wait longer until he could learn more about the teen in question and really see if he wanted to stay. As so far Ash had earned his respect but not enough that Harry wanted to actually be his Pokémon; at least not yet he had.

However, it seemed the choice was taken out of Harry's hands….err tail, when an explosion occurred above them. Alerting everyone in the Pokecenter that something was going on. As this happened Harry heard the few people that were in the Pokecenter coming running in the direction the explosion had come from. Which at the moment appeared to only be Nurse Joy, Ash, Misty and a very newly healed up Pikachu. As they did this, they heard nurse Joy call out.

"The backup generator is out, and all the critical Pokémon depend on that equipment to keep them going. I have to get them transferred to other centers now!" Before the nurse in question rushed off to do just that.

Harry could see that both Ash and Misty looked ready to volunteer to help her that when there was another loud boom and suddenly the room, they were all in filled with smoke. Which Harry could see three different figures walking through while speaking.

"Prepare for trouble"

"And make it Double."

"To protect the world from Devastation!"

"To unite all peoples within our nation!"

"To denounce the evils of truth and love!"

"To extend our reach to the stars above!"



"Team Rocket blasts off at the speed of light!"

"Surrender now or prepare to fight!"

"Meowth! That's right."

Harry hearing this, couldn't help but think two things, one that that song sounded like one that would get very annoying extremely fast, especially if you had to hear it more than once. Two, there was another Pokémon that could speak, and finally those three had to be the ones that were responsible for the explosion and were definitely up to no good. Something that both Ash and Misty seemed to realize as well as it was Ash who stepped forward and demanded.

"Just what are you doing here! "

As Ash said this Harry could see a fire burning in his eyes, one that Harry knew had been burning in his own eyes when he was Harry Potter. A fire that only seemed to burn more when it got out that this Team Rocket there to steal all the Pokémon there. Despite the fact all the Pokémon there seemed to be common Pokémon that were all injured in some way.

Something that really rubbed Harry the wrong way, and the same seemed to be true for Ash as he became determined to stop them, while telling them they wouldn't be getting his Pikachu. This last bit though, seemed to be something that amused the thieving trio, as they laughed at the teenaged trainer. Or at least they did until they realized just how serious Ash was. Seeing this, it was the talking Meowth that finally responded.

"Twerp we want valuable Pokémon, not your electric rat." Harry hearing this had to rise what felt like his eyebrow, as he knew Pikachu's while pretty common in certain areas certainly wasn't weak. Nor was this particular one weak either seeing as Harry remembered the damage his electric attack did; even if it was boosted by natural electricity it wasn't something to laugh at. Nor did he think that the Pikachu's trainer going to take an insult to what Harry had figured was his first Pokémon well either.

A feeling that was proven true, as Ash all but growled at the Team Rocket and began to get ready for battle. Letting them know that they would have to get through him if they wanted to get to the injured Pokémon that both Misty and Nurse Joy where doing their best to rapidly send away to other Pokémon Centers.

The three, who if what they had mentioned earlier was correct, were called Jesse, James and of course Meowth, seemed to be rather anger at this. And called out their own Pokémon to battle Ash; or at least the tow trainers of the trio did.

Something that made Harry wonder if should interfere now or if once more he should continue watching. Something that he would admit he wasn't the best at doing; despite having done so, so far. As it took all he was, to keep from doing it earlier with the Spearow to begin with.

Still seeing the Koffen and Ekans that had been released and seeing the stance they both took as soon as they were out of their Pokballs Harry could tell the two Pokémon weren't the strongest; not at least compared to some of the Pokémon Harry had to fight before.

Yet at the same time, knew this was going to be Ash's first battle so he decided that for now he would watch the battle and only interfere if things got bad. After all, he did want to see just what type of battler Ash was. As he already had an idea what kind of person was like; at least to a degree.

Or at least that was what Harry had been planning on doing as he saw that while Ash was battling the two Pokémon, and actually wining with a bit of creativity using a an bike of all things that the Meowth of the team had gone from behind to attack Ash's back.

Seeing this, Harry couldn't not interfere anymore and just as Pikachu send a large electric bolt at the other four members of Team Rocket he himself send a powerful twister at the Meowth sending him slamming in the other in him team; and while combining with the attack Pikachu had send out sent all of them flying at high force in to the sky. Something Harry got a good deal of satisfaction from.

A satisfaction that disappeared when he noticed both Ash and Pikachu staring directly at him wide eyed. Seeing this, Harry suddenly got nervous about the fact that he had come out of hiding like he did but didn't let that stop him from looking as Ash and telling him.

"Hello." After which Harry stayed silent and watched Ash's reaction to both what just happened as well as just what he had said.