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My Ninja Way

Before the story begins let me introduce you to the plot.

In this story Minato and Kushina are alive they are thirty five years of age.

Naruto is fourteen years of age.

Kakashi is seventeen.

Rin died as in canon.

Itachi is a five year old kid and sasuke is only a month old just as in canon.

Shisui is of Naruto's age.

Kyuubi has not yet attacked the village.

Chapter 1

It was a bright sunny day. In the intense heat of the sun one can see a ninja with sun - kissed blond hair moving through the tree branches of the forests of Konoha in a fast pace. To any untrained man it would appear as an yellow blur. The said blond was wearing the standard Konoha jounin attire with his head band tied on his left shoulder. A standard ninjato was strapped on his back. His outfit was completed by a pair of weapons pouches on his hips and black combat boots.

He was Naruto, Namikaze Naruto - a prodigy in all rights. It was his dream to make his family and village proud of him and he achieved it by becoming a genin at the age group of five. He became a chunin at the exams held in Sunagakure (hidden village of sand)and jounin at ten. He was Konoha's best seal master rivalled only by his father, the Yondaime hokage and a ninjutsu specialist. It had been four years since becoming jounin, he mused. His parents were so proud of him that tears were streaming down their face as he was given jounin promotion at the exams conducted at kumogakure (hidden village of cloud). He chuckled at the memory, the day his dreams became true. He shook away his thoughts and decided to stop for a moment to rest. The mission was quite challenging, it was a high A rank mission and he had used up too much of chakra but he didn't care, all he wanted was to return home before noon. He saw a large Mahagony tree near a brook and sat on one of its branches and ate from his canteen. His mission was to eliminate three B-ranked missing ninjas. after getting the much needed rest, he decided to increase his pace. By the pace he was moving he would reach Konoha before noon, he thought. "I would be there in time ", he spoke to himself.

According to Tsunade his baby sister was going to be born today, probably in the evening if no complication arises. He rushed through the forest without paying any heed to the heat of the sun which tried to slow him down.

After covering miles in a matter of hours he saw the hokage monument in the distance. After a few more minutes the gates of Konoha were visible. He gave the gate guards the necessary papers and decided to give the report to the Hokage, his father before visiting his mother.

He decided to walk through the streets of his beloved village instead of moving quickly through the rooftops of the village. Laughter and happiness resonated all over the village. This sight made him happy and made his mind at ease. He saw children happily running and playing along, this reminded him of his own childhood which he could never savour. He never had a childhood of his own. He was trained to be a ninja since he was four years old to better protect himself due to the imminent threat of war . He wanted the next generation to enjoy the freedom and happiness of childhood.

On his way, he saw many civilian couples waving at him to which he gave a small smile. To the villagers he was an enigma, strong, kind and the protector of the village. For the teenage girls of the village he was their mysterious knight in shining armour, not that he knew he saw a few of them giggling and squealing on seeing him, he shuddered at that. He himself had a fair share of fan girls, who followed him wherever he went. He didn't want to ruin this evening thinking about such depressing thoughts.

At the Hokage's office:

When Naruto entered his father's office, he saw the village elders Homura and Koharu storming out of his father's office, probably annoyed after discussions concerning the pregnancy issues of the village jinchuriki, his mother he guessed. Thinking about his mother made him feel at ease, she was the one who cared for him and helped him in his studies and trained him when his father was not there for him. Being the leader of a village recovering from the effects of a war, his father had little time to spend with his family. His mother was the one who looked after him and helped him in his studies.

Minato saw that Naruto was spacing out and so he coughed to get his attention. Naruto got out of his day dreaming and said,"jounin Naruto Namikaze returning from mission 3628A. He gave his father his report, which he wrote during his short break in his journey back home.

Minato looked proudly at his son who grew into a strong and respectable shinobi (ninja). "Son the elders have decided that its best for your mother to give birth at sealing chambers on the outskirts of the village as they don't want to risk the security of the village should the seal break", said Minato. Minato received a glare for the last part from Naruto. Minato felt the intensity of Naruto's glare and slumped his shoulders in defeat. Minato knew that Naruto disliked the elders as they only considered Kushina as a weapon of war. He himself tried his best to change the attitude of the elders but the old fools wouldn't change.

Naruto knowing that his father was helpless to do anything sighed and nodded at this and asked, "how is ka-chan". "She is fine. She is now being escorted to the sealing chambers by Biwako and Shizune. Naruto, I will be teleporting to the sealing chambers now. I want you to go check on our barrier department to check on our defence mechanisms. Deal with anything that happens during my absence and report to me tonight", said Minato.

Naruto just nodded and turned to walk away when Minato vanished in a yellow flash. Naruto decided to go to the top of the hokage monument before going to the barrier department. On his way to monument he was greeted by many civilians. He also saw many girls pointing at him and giggling cutely at his confused expression. Despite being a prodigy in ninja arts, Naruto was not proficient on dealing when it came to girls, much to the disappointment of Jiraiya. Jiraiya tried his best to make his godson follow his path, but whenever he tried he was subjected to Kushina's wrath.

Naruto looked at the village from top of the mountain. It was his special spot since his younger days. It helped him cope up with the stress of being the clan heir and the son of the Hokage. The village was beautiful, it made him at peace. Naruto was annoyed at his father for making him do a mission when his sister was going to be born. He sighed and shunshined (body flickered) to the barrier department.

With Minato:

When Minato reached the sealing chambers, he greeted the Anbu guards he stationed outside in case of an emergency. When he entered the room he saw Kushina eager to ask him thousands of questions. He silenced her by a kiss.

With Naruto:

Naruto saw Genma, Aoba and Raidou sitting at the barrier-accessing seal using chakra while concentrating on a water sphere. They were accessing the aerial barrier surrounding the village monitoring the chakra signatures entering and leaving the village.

By the side office he saw the first response team under the leadership of Uchiha Shisui, his best friend. When he saw Shisui old memories resurfaced. Shisui was the only Uchiha Naruto respected, others were stuck up bastards according to him. Shisui was a recently promoted jounin. He was quite skilled for his age.

"How are you my friend", Naruto greeted Shisui. Shisui grinned and stuck his tongue at Naruto. Naruto smiled at this, 'same old Shisui' he mused. Shisui was always like this always trying to make him smile. While they were chatting with one another, they were startled by the shout of Genma. When Naruto turned around, he saw a depression formed in the water sphere indicating heavy chakra usage from the northern sector. He had a bad feeling about this as the sealing chambers were in the northern sector. "Shisui inform Sandaime-sama of the situation", ordered Naruto as he was the higher ranking ninja amongst them. Understanding the importance of the situation the care free attitude of Shisui was replaced by a look of seriousness. Naruto heard a 'hai' and Shisui immediately left by a shunshin (body flicker technique).

Naruto ordered Genma and Raidou to tell the Anbu to secure the borders, increase the border patrols and to send an Anbu unit to the northern sector. Moments after Genma and Raidou left, an Anbu team came as they felt a more vicious chakra spike. Naruto went outside with the Anbu following behind him, what they saw made their blood freeze. There the nine tailed fox stood in its all glory swirling its tails. He was worried as hell. He knew that his mother was the jinchuriki of the kyuubi, and being a seal master he knew the effects of a bijuu extraction- death. He hoped that nothing would happen to his family.

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