Just because I think Tony always knows.

It had been a long miserable two weeks of back to back cases. Two weeks of Gibbs barking, yelling, demanding results. It didn't help much that he was exhausted working the undercover op for the director and the SecNav.

He would never say no, because he firmly believed that once you took the oath to protect and to serve you did what you had to do.

But he was tired, so very tired he would love nothing more than to go home, a good meal a shot of good Whiskey then to sleep. But he had a better chance of selling ice in Hell than that happening.

Getting off of the his cell phone he sighs with satisfaction. The local LEO's have found and picked up their suspect and are bring him in.

Maybe just maybe he will be able to have the night for himself. Hearing Ziva snicker he raises his head and looks at her questioningly. That was all he needed another snide remark from her she wasn't even an agent.

"Is there something wrong Ziva?"

"I take it your plans to show your manly ability to the college girl you are trying to bed fell through, once again." She says with a laugh.

"Yeah Tony when are you going to give it up and date in your age bracket or maybe women born in your era."

"Very funny McComment, that was the LEO's reporting that our suspect is on his way in he should be here in twenty minutes."

Exactly two hours, that is how long it took to wrap up the case. His report was written and printed out all he had to do was sign it. His knee was killing him as was his shoulder from tackling a man two days before.

He stood up and took three steps before he stopped and pivoted and blocked the head-slap that Gibbs was in the process of giving him. "Don't. The report is done in fact all my reports are done for the week. I'm going home as we are not on call this weekend. I'll see you on Monday." He tells Gibbs keeping his voice neutral.

Ziva and Tim watch the scene played out before them not really believing what they are seeing. Gibbs says nothing at all he goes to his desk and picks up his glasses then starts to read the first of many reports that Tony had put there.

Tony returns to his desk grabs his gear and his weapon, he looks up and sees that Tim and Ziva have not moved at all. "Is something wrong with the two of you?"

"It is just that you have never noticed Gibbs before, I am just surprised that is all."

"You have anything to add McStatue?"

"That about sums it up." Tim replies with a shrug.

"Then neither one of you are as observant as I thought. I always know when Gibbs is near me. I can smell him first, coffee and sawdust. Then I can hear him he walks softly but his knee has a click in it. Lastly I can see him, they call it peripheral vision for a reason and why I was good at playing ball in college. I always know where he is, so I can always protect his six, like he protects mine."

He puts the backpack on his uninjured shoulder enjoying the expressions of shock mixed with anger as it settles on Tim and Ziva's face. "Any other questions or comments?" Not getting a reply he starts leave the bullpen only to stop when he hears Gibbs bellow.

"DiNozzo, my house one hour, bring beer and your sweats, Ducky will be joining us for cowboy steak. Then he will check your knee and shoulder."

"I guess I'd better buy a salad too." Knowing that it is useless to argue with the man.

"Damn right." Gibbs says watching Tony leave.

"On your six, Boss." Is what Gibbs hears just as the elevator doors close.

"What are you too waiting for, get to work."

"Yes boss." Tim replies, with hesitation.

"Yes Gibbs." Ziva says still not really believing or understanding what just happened.

Tim glances over to Ziva and raises his hands in surrender.

"For your information, Tony was telling the truth, he always knows where I am." Gibbs.