I never imagined it would come to this. A year ago I was a sixteen year old girl jumping from a building because my parents were dead. A year ago is when I was caught in a web before being devoured in a chaotic life. A year ago is when I fell in love, found a best friend and brought my relationship with my sister back to life.

It began with a fall, but that and everything following was just the prologue.

I always knew that if I were to die it would be for the ones I held dear. Those people consisted of just three. I failed them. A year ago they found and rescued me, but the fall wasn't over.

The wind in my hair, the taste of rubbery, dying flesh on my tongue and the smell of my own blood strong in the air, I listened to the cackling voice above me and focussed on the hands gripping my shoulders too tightly. I heard a voice but no words, instead watching the city blur in the night below. Everywhere hurt, but I couldn't feel the pain the way I should have. Everything was over. What was beautiful before, so open and accessible, was now just a dream that was light years away from my grasp.

A year ago, a late sixteen year old girl rebuilt her shattered, tormented life. Now an eighteen year old girl followed something far worse than the death of her family, or even herself.

"You'll like being mad," he said in my ear over the wind. "It doesn't get boring."

The city flipped, the lights blurring together with disorientating beauty, and everything ended the way it began; with a long, deafening, killer fall.

I'm sure you can tell, but should this story go ahead completely as planned, then I warn you that I am going to be very, very mean...