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Jules grunted as they were teleported into her front yard. The other rangers smirked at her. "Shut up." She said, before walking to her front door and opening it, quickly disarming the alarm. The rangers looked around as they entered. "Renovating a bit Kim?" she shrugged. "Keeps the nightmares at bay." The rangers looked at her in alarm. "Sis?" Jason walked up to her and put a hand on her shoulder. She shrugged him off and continued walking through the house calling over her shoulder, "Not now, Rex, we have bigger things to deal with."

The group followed her through the house and down into the basement where they were surprised to find a fully equipped dojo, complete with mats and workout equipment, with photos of both her ranger team and her SRU team.

As the rangers looked around and took in the room, she walked to the back corner and looked at them. "Brace yourselves," she said, before taking a photo of the rangers off of the wall, revealing a safe in the wall. Quickly typing in the code she opened the safe and put her finger on the fingerprint sensor inside the safe. "In 3...2...1... activate Ranger Protocol Alpha."

The rangers gasped as the room began to transform before their eyes. The pictures on the wall turned so that they were facing the wall, the backs of the pictures holding weapons, ranging from guns to grenades to knifes to tasers. The floor flipped so it became a sleek metal with what looked like a pedestal in the center of the room. Around the room, various computer screens and tools popped up around the room, completing the technologically advanced lab.

The rangers stared at Kim as she walked around, smiling. "Zayna, run a diagnostic check." The rangers went into a defensive stance as a voice came out of no where. "Yes, Ms. Kim." Kim turned, and seeing they're stances, laughed lightly. "It's okay. Rangers, that was my AI, Zayna. She controls everything down here. Zayna, say hi to the rangers."

"Greetings, rangers. I am Zayna, Ms. Kim's personal assistant and AI. I control all computer systems, light fixtures, and security protocols in this house."

Billy looked at Kim in shock. "You made an AI?"

Kim smiled softly. "You didn't seriously think I was actually a dumb valley girl, did you?" At the others' sheepish shrugs, she rolled her eyes and sighed.

"Guys, that was all an act! I may be a girl, but I'm not stupid. Oh, by the way, Billy, what's your IQ?" Billy raised an eyebrow, but answered. "164. Why?" Kim smirked. "Zayna, fire up the holoface. Pull up my personal file." "Of course, Ms. Kim."

The rangers jumped back as a file appeared out of mid air, before slowly walking around it. Billy's eyes widened as he took in the information in front of him. "Kim, you're a genius! You're one of the smartest people in the world and you didn't tell me? Why?"

"It's safer for everyone that way. Back on topic. I'm assuming you all have a safe house?" Tommy and Jason exchanged a look before Tommy spoke. "It's more like an island." Kims eyes widened in shock before she cleared her throat and composed herself. "Alrighty then. Do you have any empty rooms big enough for all of this to fit?" Tommy looked over to Blly, who nodded. "Alright, well let's go upstairs for now and get some lunch, while Zayna packs up the lab." Everyone headed upstairs. "Zayna alert me when the packing is completed?"

"Of course, Ms. Kim."