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Monday, 3 March 2014


NCIS Bullpen

Slamming the phone down Gibbs muttered, "Damn it DiNozzo." They had a case and DiNozzo was breaking rule 3, never be unreachable. "McGee find DiNozzo." Gibbs let out a stream of cuss words picked the phone back up dialing again.

"Tracing DiNozzo's cell boss." McGee replied his fingers flying over the keyboard. "Uh Boss Tony's at home."

"Take Bishop and go get him meet me in Anacostia Park, we got a dead marine." Gibbs said holstering his SIG and grabbing his coffee.

"On it Boss." McGee said standing and grabbing his gear across from him Bishop was doing the same.

They all entered the elevator at the same time splitting up at the company cars, Gibbs being faster and peeling out of the parking lot before McGee and Bishop. The ride to Tony's apartment seemed long Bishop was lost in a world of music and her Iphone. Pulling behind Tony's car they both exited at the same time entering the building McGee took the elevator while Bishop took the stairs it was only three stories after all, she found Tony's door at the top of the stairs and knocked she heard something fall over and Tony yelp and the sound of laughter, female laughter causing Bishop to roll her eyes thinking of the stories she had heard. The door opened by a woman she was dressed in one of Tony's dress shirts that hung almost to her knees she was not too short or tall with olive toned skin and curly sun kissed dark brown hair hanging almost to her waist, her chocolate brown eyes still sparkling with laughter.

"Yes, may I help you?" The woman asked. Bishop could hear the Middle Eastern accent in her voice, before she could open her mouth to ask for Tony McGee came up behind her. Bishop heard him stop suddenly and gasp in surprise.