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Monday 3 March 2014


Apartment of Anthony DiNozzo

Ziva untangled herself from Tony 20 minutes before she knew the alarm was due to go off and slipped from his bed, she picked up his shirt from the night before and slipped it on over her panties. She quickly took care of her normal bathroom routine and set off to the kitchen, she was making Tony breakfast before work. She had just plated his eggs and bacon when she heard him stumbling around his bedroom muttering to himself she was sitting his coffee and juice on the table when he stumbled through the door wearing nothing but his boxers.

"Will you please explain why I am up at 0630?" Tony asked rubbing the sleep from his eyes.

"Work in an hour yes?" Ziva asked.

"Damn it I forgot to tell you!" Tony said.

"Tell me what?"

"I took the week off I called Vance Saturday morning." Tony said.

"Then I am sorry I woke you up." Ziva said.

"Don't be we can spent the day together, so breakfast?"

Ziva took her seat and the two of them enjoyed their breakfast as Ziva was clearing the table Tony snuck behind her wrapping his arms around her to pull her closer. "So shower now?" he whispered in her ear.

"Just a shower." Ziva told him.

They took a quick shower together Tony actually keeping his hands to himself. Ziva just putting her panties and Tony's shirt on and Tony slipping into his sweat pants they settled cuddled on the couch talking softly back and forth, Ziva telling Tony she had an apartment to look at later that day, stating they were going to date rather than jump straight into a relationship. Tony tried arguing that they already knew they loved each other so why did they have to date, why couldn't she just live with him. Ziva kissed him to silence him before pulling back to tell him he had to learn to trust her again to trust that she wasn't going to leave him. She asked for six months, she wanted them both to be sure to know they would last. Tony still wanted to argue with her although all her reasons were true he did need to learn to trust her with his heart rather than his life, it was two different forms of trust and he had always kept his heart well hidden. Tony opened his mouth to agree to her terms but she kissed him to silence again. He pulled from her breathless but not releasing his hold on her. "I'll give you six months Ziva after that we decide all or nothing, no more in between."

Ziva kissed him and pulled back abruptly. "Agreed." She said before she pulled him back to her kissing him deeply allowing him to turn them so she was laying on her back Tony above her kissing her fiercely. The knock on the door startled them both causing Tony to pull back abruptly falling off the couch he let out a yelp of pain when his elbow hit the coffee table knocking it over. Ziva couldn't help the laughter that escaped her mouth. She pointed to the bedroom before gesturing to the tent in his sweat pants. "Go take care of that and I will get the door." She waited until she heard his bedroom door shut before walking to the door. She looked in the peep hole and saw the petite blonde. She sighed and opened the door.

"Yes may I help you?" Ziva asked trying not to laugh at the stream of cuss words she could still hear coming from Tony's bedroom. The blonde was about to open her mouth to answer when Ziva heard the sharp intake of breathe, she looked around the blonde into the eyes of her old coworker.

"Ziva?!" McGee asked in shock of seeing her there in Tony's door wearing nothing but one of Tony's dress shirts.

"McGee!" She was just as surprised as he was but what surprised her even more was when he rushed forward and pulled her into a tight hug.

"I've missed you Ziva, we all have." He told her softly as he pulled from their embrace.

Standing off to the side watching the reunion Bishop had already came to the realization that this was their old team mate, Ziva David.

"Ziva this is Bishop our newest Probie. Ellie Bishop Ziva David former teammate." McGee introduced the two and they assessed each other, Bishop could tell this woman was not someone you messed with, she vowed to herself to never find out what happens to those dumb enough to piss her off.

"Come in and I will get Tony." Ziva said stepping into the apartment leaving Tim and Bishop in the living room and going to the bedroom. She found Tony in the process of pulling a t-shirt over his head. "It's McGee and Bishop."

"What why?" Tony asked as Ziva slipped into a pair of yoga pants and one of his OSU shirts.

"I do not know I did not ask." Ziva said as she pulled her hair into a high ponytail before she followed Tony into the living room.

"McGoo, what's up?" Tony asked as he walked in the room Ziva following close behind him.

"We got a case, body in Anacostia Park." McGee said.

"And I'm off this week." Tony said confused. "Hang on I'll call Gibbs."

Tony walked into his bedroom to make his call leaving Ziva with McGee and Bishop, McGee studied Ziva for only a moment but she looked more settled at peace almost she didn't look like she was on constant guard anymore always ready for the next attack.

"What brought you back to DC, Tony said you weren't coming home." McGee asked not that he wasn't glad to see Ziva but there were so many questions.

"It is a long story McGee but it comes down to DC having something I cannot live without and I do not wish to try anymore." Ziva replied knowing McGee would pick up that yes she was home for Tony.

"He was a mess without you Ziva." McGee said softly. "We'll get lunch later this week and you can tell me all about where you were if you want."

"Yes Tim you deserve to know why I left and where I was." Ziva replied.

Tony came back in the room. "Everything's cleared up Vance forgot to call Gibbs, and Gibbs said pick up Dorneget on your way back through."

"Alright what am I supposed to tell Abby?" McGee asked

"Do not tell them I am here McGee please, I do not wanting them finding out from anyone except Tony or myself." Ziva pleaded with McGee she was nervous about their reaction, McGee thought she might have a right to be with Abby.

"We'll be at the bar tonight for Palmer's birthday McGee so just keep quiet for one day, you too Bishop please. This is something that needs to come from Ziva herself and not someone else, tell Abby Senior called and I went to visit him, his new fiancée, and her daughter. Family bonding time, tell her Linda insisted than tonight I'll take the head slap for lying to her." Tony said.

"Alright DiNozzo, Bishop we need to go." McGee said.

Watching as Tony stood and walked them to the door Ziva waited until he was back in the room before she asked. "The bar tonight? Tony what if I am not ready to see anyone yet?"

"Too late for that Zi the second Probie saw you. You know McGossip can't keep a secret from Abby for too long and Gibbs hell he already knows something's up." Tony said.

"You are right Tony I am just nervous. The only way I go is if we spend the afternoon apartment hunting." Ziva replied.

"Fine." Tony said. They stood together and made it back to the bedroom both of them changing into jeans and t-shirts, Ziva added a loose white sweater before slipping into her boots and Tony put on an OSU hoodie and a pair of worn Nikes. They spent the morning combing through Dc and surrounding areas looking for the right apartment they ended up finding it hours later two blocks from Tony's. Two bedrooms and one bathroom on the ground floor with a small yard. The landlady agreed to let Ziva sign a six month lease and on the condition that she could move in as soon as tomorrow.