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Monday 3 March 2014


Rusty Anchor

Washington DC

Ziva pulled Tony to a stop just before they rounded the corner to the bar where the team was sitting celebrating Jimmy's birthday. She tugged on his arm getting him to stop.

"What Ziva we are already late." Tony said stopping and joining her as she was leaning against the wall.

"They know you are bringing me, yes?" Ziva asked.

"Not you personally a date and I told you I texted Palmer Brenna, Delilah, and Ellie's husband are here too he said it's fine the more the merrier." Tony said he stepped from the wall and grabbed her hand again he pulled slightly but Ziva still did not budge. "What Zi what's really wrong?"

"Are they mad at me? Abby, Ducky…..Gibbs?" Ziva said looking down studying the sidewalk, she never once thought of how the team must be feeling she was just happy to be home but she had not once called Abby or Ducky she had never told them goodbye.

"They miss you Zi, I don't know if they are mad the only one I've talked to you about has been Ducky, who understands the others won't mention you in front of me." Tony said he moved closer to Ziva standing face to face with her, he titled her chin up and looked into her eyes. "It will be alright remember you came home to me this time I didn't go half way around the world for you, you came from half way around the world for me."

"But will they see it that way Tony? Ducky I'm sure will understand maybe even Gibbs too, but I do not know what Abby will say to me. I am scared Tony, maybe you should go without me." Ziva looked down ashamed to admit to Tony she was terrified of what her former team would say, she thought they would reject her.

"Wait right here I'll be back." Tony said dropping a kiss on the top of her head before disappearing around the corner. Tony walked into the dimly lit bar looking around for the team and spotted them in the far back corner two chair remained empty he walked to them stopping just short of the table.

"Tony!" Abby squealed and Tony could tell she already had a few drinks in her. "I thought Jimmy said you were bringing a date?"

"Yea about that, Boss can I talk to you outside for a minute?" Tony asked. Gibbs didn't answer Tony just stood and begin to walk towards the door. "Be right back." Tony said to the rest of the team following Gibbs to the door. He stopped his boss just outside the door.

"Look this is gonna shock the hell out of you Boss but remember I didn't go anywhere." Tony said as he walked around the corner Gibbs following him knowing who was waiting from them. Gibbs suspicions were confirmed when he walked around the corner and saw Ziva Tony whispering to her, Gibbs just watched as she nodded her head at Tony, Tony smiled and dropped a quick kiss on her lips. "Go easy on her Boss she's flipping out." Tony told Gibbs as he walked back around the corner to the bar.

Gibbs studied Ziva for a moment looking at her seeing Tony was correct, she was flipping out. "Hey Ziver come here." He said opening his arms to her, she smiled and rushed into his embrace. "We've missed you kid, but I understand why you had to do what you did."

"It was not my idea." Ziva muttered into Gibbs jacket.

"What's that mean?" Gibb asked as Ziva pulled away from him she went back to her spot leaning against the wall.

"Vance, he sent me into hiding..." Ziva started and told Gibbs the story she had told Tony Friday night. "…and Vance called me a little over two weeks ago while I was in Hong Kong and told me it was alright for me to come home, I returned to Tel Aviv and finished closing my fathers' estate and packed up things and took a flight out, I arrived Friday night. Tony and I took all of Friday night and most of Saturday sorting us out where we wanted to be now."

"And what have you decided?" Gibbs asked curiously he had always wondered about the two of them.

"We are going to try. I have found an apartment I signed a six month lease this morning we will decide at the end of the six months what happens next, if I will sign another lease or if we will be moving in together." Ziva replied.

"But you already know don't you?" Gibbs asked gazing intently at her.

"There is no one else out there for me Gibbs, Tony is it. He just needs to realize that I am not leaving him again that I am home."

"He will and I don't think it will take him six months. Are you coming back to work?"

"Vance offered me the lead desk in International Affairs but I do not know if I will take it, I do not want to be a field agent anymore that part of my life is behind me."

Before Gibbs could tell Ziva his opinion of her taking the IA desk his cell rang, caller id reading DiNozzo. "Yea Gibbs."

"Boss everything good out there, about ready to come in?" Tony sounded anxious, worried almost.

"Yea DiNozzo come meet us, we're good." Gibbs said he turned and hugged Ziva tightly again. "Keep him happy David." He whispered and kissed her on the forehead as Tony rounded the corner. Tony nodded at Gibbs and went to Ziva Gibbs walked around the corner when he saw Tony lean and whisper to her. They joined him a few minutes later their hands clasped tightly together, Ziva gave him a nervous smile and he opened the door to the bar. It was silent for a moment before they heard a squeal and Ziva braced herself against Tony hoping to survive the blow that was coming. Abby hit her at full force and would have knocked them both to the ground if Tony hadn't placed his hand on Ziva's back.

"OHMYGOD OHMYGOD! When did you get back? Are you home to stay? Where are you staying? Are you and Tony together now?" Abby fired question after question at Ziva causing her to smile and pull a stunned Abby in a hug.

"I missed you Abby." Ziva said as she pulled from Abby. "Let me go see everyone else and then I will answer your questions."

Ziva walked to where Ducky, Palmer and McGee were all waiting Ducky already standing. He smiled warmly at her. "Welcome home my dear." He embraced her softly before releasing her. Palmer hugged her awkwardly and Breena greeted her with a warm smile and a tight hug. "WE have to catch up Ziva." Breena whispered to her when she pulled away looking pointedly at Tony causing Ziva to laugh and agree to lunch later in the week.

"Ellie and Tim it is good to see you both again too." Ziva said causing the three of them to smile remembering the morning. She was introduced to McGee's girlfriend Delilah and Ellie's husband Jake. She took the seat and the drink that Tony offered her she smiled in thanks causing him to grin, he took his seat next to her and squeezed her hand under the table in support.

"I will answer your questions now Abby just not all at once." Ziva said after they had caught her up on their lives.

"When did you get here and are you staying?" Abby asked.

"I got here Friday night." Ziva began as she told her story of her hiding and Vance and his involvement, she told them all how sorry she was for not saying goodbye.

"And you and Anthony?" Ducky asked nodding at their joined hand laying in Tony's lap.

"We are going to try to be more Ducky, although there is plenty we have to work out." Ziva said causing herself and Tony to blush. Abby squealed bouncing in the booth.

"Ha I told you Timmy!" Abby said as she held her hand to McGee. "It was 100 dollars I believe?"

"Yeah I know." McGee said plucking a 100 dollar bill from his wallet, he noticed Ziva glaring at him. "We made that bet nine years ago Ziva, I didn't think it was gonna happen." McGee told her causing Tony to snicker beside him.

"I told you Timmy its fate." Abby said smugly. "Next rounds on me!" she waved the hundred dollar bill from McGee in the air.

They spent the rest of the night laughing and enjoying each other's company, Ducky and Gibbs left first Breena and Jimmy left soon after Breena having an early morning doctor's appointment the rest of the group closed down the bar.

Only the Epilogue left