Hey Guys, I'm sorry to say that this is not an update. I have most of the next chapter laid out, but I am now stuck on a pretty important piece. As we know, a persons Ki reflects upon their type preferences, much like Misty with water, May with normal, and even Brock with stone. Unfortunately for myself, since the moment of me posting the previous chapter, I have been trying to figure out a Ki typing for Gary. Much like with Ash, Gary never really had a single type the clearly defined his battle style. His starter was a Squirtle, but alas, with Misty being around, I don't feel like making him another water type user would be very plausible.

Therefore,the solution that i have come up with is to have you guys put it in a poll, just to know what you guys think would be a good Ki for our slightly perverted version of Gary. If you have a really good idea why he should be a specific Ki, then you could also message me, and i will take your views into account. Also, just because an option is the highest voted does not necessarily mean i will use it. If i feel like it does not fit with the character, then i will have to use another option.

Once again, sorry for the serious lack of update, but i promise that as soon as I have a good Ki for Gary, i will beat myself if i have to to get the newest chapter out for you guys.