Based loosely upon the Attack of the B Team modpack, more specifically the Necromancy mod, but can be read without previous knowledge of either. Obviously, I own neither.

A sob tore through my throat as I ran, the rain pelting me with small bullets. The wind howled, reminding me of what I had done.

All the crimes I had committed. All those who had died. I had so much blood on my hands.

A clap of thunder boomed through the air. A lightning bolt struck.

I had taken their brains, lungs, muscles, skin. I tore their hearts out eagerly.

I was so foolish. And now I was paying for it.

No one stopped me. I am alone in this world.

I tripped into the mud, landing on my hands and knees. And cried. Sobbed into the relentless gale. Let it find me. Lord knows I deserved it.

I couldn't get back up. My legs felt like lead, my arms uncooperative.

I heard the sound of the demon as it approached me. I turned my head to see.

It was a frightening demon, the devil itself come to reap me, take me to Hell. I didn't care. I had created this monster.

As it loomed over me, a funny thought struck through my mind like the lightning, so desperate, so quick.

Like the rabbits I had killed.

My last thought should have been glorious. It should have been revealing, teaching me all there was to know.

But no. My last thought was this: Now I know what blood tastes like.

The creature reached down for me with its mismatched arms, seeking to tear me limb from limb as vengeance.

I screamed. The pain was too much to bear as my arms and legs were severed from me.

But soon it was over. And I saw my savior's face.

The face that freed me from myself.