Welcome back to Hazzard friend's it's been a rather strange week in Hazzard the boy's ain't been in trouble at all.

The bills was paid on time , and for once Rosco ain't chased the boys for any trumped up charge all week. That don't mean that somethin' ain't in store for our boys who drawn to trouble like a crow to a cornfield. Luke who was going through a rough time at the moment with his girlfriend Suellen was drowning his sorrow's with beer.

While Bo was out on the dance floor dancing with his girlfriend to Alan Jackson's song " don't rock the Jukebox". Every once in awhlie he'd glance over at Luke who was nursin' a broken heart at the moment.

" Hey Luke c'mon why don't you try and get your mind off her and enjoy yourself". said Daisy happily

" Oh I'm sorry Daisy I just can't stop thinking about what a jerk I was the night we broke up ". admitted Luke

" Luke ... , c'mon now don't go bringin' that up again you tried to explain but she wouldn't hear it". explained Daisy

Flashback ...,,...

" Y'see Luke and Suellen was at the Boars Nest enjoying each other's company just like any other night".

" Y'know Luke from the moment I saw you I knew that I had found my one true love for life ". admitted Suellen

" Well you know Darlin' I've been thinkin' what you think of maybe takin' a break for awhile ?". asked Luke


" Suellen then ran out of the Boars Nest in tears fore' Luke could explain or tell her goodbye ".

End Flashblack

"Once the song was over Bo went over to check on Luke who was throwin' himself a pity party ".

" Hey Luke c'mon now cheer up you'll find someone better her their's plenty of other fish in the sea". explained Bo

" Thank's Bo that really makes me feel a whole lot better ". said Luke scarcasticly

" Think I"m gonna go out for a drive y'all enjoy the party have fun see y'all later ". Said Luke saddend

"Meanwhile Luke was headin' for Kissin' Cliff which was known as the most dangerous road in Hazzard.

" Seein' as how Luke ain't in his right mind he was thinkin' some pretty nasty thoughts like jumpin' Kissing cliff".

" Luke tried jumpin' Kissin' Cliff but unfortunetly the O'l General ended up crashin on the bottom of it.

Meanwhile back at the farm Jesse was sitting in his chair by the fire reading the paper , drinkin' coffee.

While Bo , Daisy was just gettin' back from the Boars Nest Bo felt awfully worried when he didn't see the General".

" Um..., well that's funny I coulda sworn Luke would have been back by now ". wondered Bo

" Hey Uncle Jesse we's back home sorry we is late I had to hitch a ride with Daisy ". explained Bo

" Oh Well that's okay Bo um..., were's Luke at Bo ?" asked Jesse worriedly

" Oh uh he went out for a drive to try an get his mind off of Suellen since they recently broke up ". explained Bo

" Oh yeah that's right I forgot they recently broke up that must be hard on him ".

" Funny though I woulda sworn that Luke woulda been home by now it ain't like him to not call in ". worried Bo

" I sure hope nothin' happened to him though I woulda heard from him if something did ". worried Jesse

" Y'know Drinkin' Drivin' Don't mix add a broken heart an you got a recipe for disaster ".