Authors prologue for all stories.


The following chapters contain chapters that I wrote for certain stories which started promisingly… until my muse decided to relocate to an alternate dimension with no way of returning.

Needless to say (but I will say it anyway), this has left me with several dead stories.

I am therefore posting these aforementioned deceased articles of literature in the hope that someone out there (hint hint) can take the barely-connected ramblings which hover on the verge of insanity and through hard work and effort (or lots of alcohol) produce something readable.

To do so, just take the chapters and use them as a basis for your own work. Permission is granted in advance.

If you drop me a note once you've published your first chapter (that is the first chapter you wrote rather than copy-pasted or whatever), I'll place a link to it on my profile so that others can come and marvel at how your skill exceeds mine.

(Or laugh at your inability to spell and use the enter button. Whichever.)

For those who do not choose to pick up the gauntlet (£7.99 at all participating stores), the chapters ahead may yet inspire you to write your own fics.

Or you can simply laugh at them. Whichever.

I do have some stories I am working on, so do not abandon all hope.

Oh, who am I kidding. Despair away. See if I care.

Anyway, enjoy the story fragments.


Afternote - Any marked (Developed) are ones I have managed to expand into a story and can be found either via the Quick Links section or the main story list.