The new challenges

It is the first chapter of this new sequel, I promise you that I will be the longest in the sequel, although I do not reach the same length as the duty of Humphrey, shall be about fifty chapters , I hope you enjoy it

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P.V. normal

Light: "Well, have you ever heard of the guardian of hell " ask them

Humphrey : "I've never heard anything like that," I said

Kate : " I do not either ," I said

Light , " is an ancient legend , which runs parallel with the Curator " explain them

Humphrey : " I know the legend of the guardian , but as is the guardian of hell " ask him

Light: " legend , which appears on a keeper from hell appear against hand, this will be a terrifying force, and as the guardian is strengthened, this will be further strengthened , says its forces not will limit , they could overcome even the Great, who as the guardian role is to maintain balance and eliminate the guard for that because it puts the balance in favor of light, this fearsome being known as the guardian of hell "

Humphrey : Kate and I were both in shock, " the legends are true ," I asked

Light: " I do not know , but I think it best to tell you , as I mention the nightmare demon " to explain

Kate : " maybe just lied to fill us with fear," I suggested

Light: "If I thought so , so I said it was just a possibility, but if you did not lie , would be in serious trouble , because according to the legend maintains balance , but unlike you , he does by controlling , conquer the whole world and do as he pleases " explain them

Humphrey : " I will not take risks, speak with the Great morning , and if it becomes real, you have to be prepared," I said

Kate : " I think it's the best, but hopefully not real, really sounded like a monster ," I said worried

Light: " I hope you're right Kate ," I said

Kate : then we heard approaching the puppies , " not a word to anyone, until we are sure that this threat is real," I said seriously

Humphrey : " I agree , no need to scare anyone unnecessarily," I said

Light: " I will not say anything," I said

Kate : I nodded , and then saw our puppies come along with Daisy and Katie , " and you find out what is going on between Reiz and Daisy, and Nova and Katie " ask him

Humphrey : "If this morning , but I talk to them," I said

Kate : " I hope you have not been too hard on them ," I said

Humphrey : " I know I'm protective sometimes , but I also understand young love , remember that I love the most beautiful wolf at that age ," I said lovingly

Kate : " I fell in love and the most loving and handsome wolf " I said affectionately as she gave him a kiss

Humphrey smiled and we both share a kiss

Tristan: when we saw that my parents were in the middle of a kiss, " if they want to come back later," I said

Kate : split up when we listen to Tristan, "Quiet baby, pass , and we will draw dinner " I said

Puppies nodded and went into the cave

Humphrey : kick caribou and drag it to the middle of everyone, " enjoy it " I said smiling

Puppies smiled and began to eat

Humphrey : When we were satisfied I said, " it's late , it's time to sleep," I said

Kate " Katie , Daisy , the accompany their caves " ask them

Daisy : "Thank you, Kate ," I said smiling

Katie nodded smiling

Kate : " I'll be back " Humphrey said affectionately , as he licked her cheek

Humphrey : "Careful ," I said affectionately

Kate : " I'll have it ," I said smiling , then all three left the cave, as we went down the slope toward the cave Katie told them , " by the way I found out what happened between you and Nova and Reiz "

Katie : "These fine with that lady ," I asked a little nervous because I play the theme

Kate : " completely , I am very happy to see how happy they are next to each other" I said affectionately

Daisy : " Thanks Kate ," he said smiling

Katie : "If thank you very much " I said cheerful

Kate : I smiled and I said , " nothing" then continue walking until we got to the cave and Katie

Katie : " Thanks for joining me , but one living below you ," I said smiling

Kate : " I know so, but it gave me the opportunity to speak with you," I said smiling

Daisy : " Katie tomorrow " I said

Katie : " Daisy tomorrow " I said, smiling , in these few days Daisy had become my best friend

Daisy : Kate kept walking until you reach the cave of my parents

Niky : Daisy was waiting when suddenly note that came with Kate , "Hi honey," I said sweetly

Daisy : "Hi Mom," I said cheerfully as I hugged

Niky : when we broke the hug I said smiling, " enter the cave , have to talk to Kate"

Daisy : "Okay Mom," I said , nodding

Kate : I saw entered the cave and then headed to Niky , " as you state, while we do not talk ," I said

Niky : "Well , all quite normal" I said

Kate : "If I missed that word in my life long ago, but I'm not complaining is more like" I said cheerfully

Niky : " I guess , you really have a very exciting life ," I said

Kate : "It is true," I said, nodding

Niky : " I ask you a question" ask him

Kate : " It is clear that " ask him

Niky : " to what you hear and Reiz Daisy " ask him

Kate : "If I found out later on , but I'm happy for them," he said

Niky : " I'm glad to hear it, too, am glad for Daisy" I said smiling

Kate : look at the sky and noticed that it was getting late, " see you later , Humphrey and puppies are waiting for me " I said

Niky : " take care, talk to you later " I said smiling

Kate : I nodded and started to walk back to the cave of Humphrey and myself, when I get to the cave saw the puppies were playing with Humphrey , which made me smile , "I thought as I went to bed " I said playfully

Humphrey , " and was supposed , but they convinced me to play some more ," I said smiling

Kate : I smiled and said , "It's very easy to convince affection "

Humphrey : " I can not tell you not to you " I said smiling les

Kate : I returned the smile and licked her cheek , and then I went to the puppies and told them , " it's time to go to sleep "

Silver : "Five more minutes please " I asked

Kate : I saw how others looked at us with pleading face , then look Humphrey , "I think five minutes would not hurt us ," I said smiling

Humphrey : I saw puppies smiled and ran towards us to keep playing

Kate : after twenty minutes cubs finally had fallen asleep from exhaustion, " certainly have a lot of energy ," I said as he caught his breath

Humphrey : " I know," I said, nodding , "although we can hardly bring our training step ," I said

Kate : " you expected six puppies are full of energy and was a long day ," I said smiling

Humphrey : "It is true," I said, nodding

Kate : " I think it 's time for a rest ," I said with a yawn

Humphrey nodded and settled the puppies in the bed of leaves , and then settled around, but just note that if we change , " have grown a lot," I said

Kate : " I know, I believe that soon we will have to make their own beds ," I said

Humphrey : " I know, but I will miss this time," I said sadly

Kate : " me too , but this is part of parenting, one day they will leave the cave, and we'll be just us two ," I said with a little sadness

Humphrey : "it is true , but it's not so bad at least we'll both " I said lovingly

Kate : "You 're right," I said giving him a kiss , " also will not have to worry about that in some time "

Humphrey : "It is true , we have to do is enjoy the time with them," he said smiling

Kate : I smiled and said , "Goodnight Love"

Humphrey : " you rest beautiful " I said lovingly , then we were both fast asleep

Kate : I woke up early the next morning , when I look around me note that all were asleep , except for Nova that was not in the cave, " where is " ask me , I lift careful not to wake anyone , and walk out of the cave , when I looked around , I saw him coming down the slope, in silence began to follow until I saw entered the cave Katie , I chuckled and I peek through the entrance and I could see Katie and very loving Nova, smiled and went back to my cave, when you reach the cave saw Humphrey waiting at the entrance, " good morning love," I said affectionately

Humphrey : "good beautiful day," I said gently , " have you seen Nova accident" asks

Kate : "He went to the lake to get some water," I said

Humphrey : 's look for a moment and said calmly , " seriously tell me where it is, you know that when someone is lying to me"

Kate : " I forgot that skill was " I thought, "went to the cave of Katie ," I said

Humphrey , " that for " I asked confused

Kate : " perhaps for the same reason we were going to my cave when we were puppies " he said with a small smile

Humphrey : I laughed a bit of those memories , " anyway I do not like coming off without notifying " I said

Kate : I sighed, and said , " I know it's not right, but do not be so hard on the " I told

Humphrey nodded and said , "Okay "

Kate : I smiled and then look at the sky , I noticed it was too early , " I think it's a little early to wake the puppies " I said

Humphrey , " is true, but party uses to get breakfast , if you can sleep a little longer ," I said smiling

Kate : " Thanks" I said as I let out a small yawn

Humphrey : " lies " I said affectionately told him lick her cheek while

Kate : I nodded and lay down on the bed of leaves falling asleep almost immediately

Humphrey : I saw how she slept , smiled and left the cave, when you get in front of the cave Katie , took a quick look and can see both asleep next to each other in that moment I had a flashback of Kate and I when we were young , smiled and kept walking towards the valley, after a few minutes is now back with a fairly large caribou, when passing in front of the cave Katie , I saw that both were still asleep , I wanted to leave as some more but breakfast would be lost , when I approached them carefully and gently push to awaken

Nova: I let out a yawn and look at me, to see what was next to Katie , which made me smiled , but almost immediately I felt someone watching us when I stay icy turn to see it was my dad

Katie : When I woke up I saw Nova sitting next to me , smiled and licked her cheek

Nova: I motioned for him to look across

Katie : I understood what he meant and look straight ahead , and stayed frozen when I saw them both staring Humphrey , " good b- s - d- day Mr. " I said nervously

Nova: " good b- , d- days, P - Daddy" will equally nervous

Humphrey : I laughed through his teeth and told them , " we are going to miss breakfast "

Nova: both nodded and watched as he left the cave

Katie : When you left the cave both let go a sigh of relief , " I thought it was going to bother us ," I said

Nova: " I know, and because I go out of the cave without telling them ," I said

Katie : " thankfully did not," I said smiling

Nova: " true " I told him , smiling , " is certainly better go ," I said

Katie : " I agree ," I said , nodding

Humphrey : when I get to the cave I saw Kate and the other puppies sleeping peacefully , I wanted to let them sleep a little longer, but wanted to say goodbye before going to see the Great, "Honey it's time to wake up" I said affectionately as she nibbled his ear left

Kate : I laughed at the feeling, when I opened my eyes I saw Humphrey at me with a smile , "Hello love," I said as I gave him a quick kiss

Humphrey : When we broke the kiss I said, " I think we should wake the other puppies "

Kate : I nodded and we both began to wake the others , when everyone was awake , we saw Nova and Katie enter the cave

Humphrey : "We will have breakfast, then I have to say something to everyone," I said

Everyone nodded and started for breakfast , when they finished all the pups looked at Humphrey to know he had to say

Silver: " Dad goes " ask him

Humphrey : " I wanted to tell you that I have to leave today and will not return until the evening " I said

Hope: " where are you going " I asked curious

Humphrey : " I have to talk about a big important issue," he said

Tristan: "Good luck," I said

Humphrey : " Thanks Tristan" I said, smiling , " I'll see tonight," I said

Star: "Careful ," I said as she hugged

Humphrey : " I'll have it " I said

Kate : I approached Humphrey and gave him a kiss, " be careful seriously, and do not do anything stupid," I said lovingly

Humphrey : "hare my best shot ," he said smiling

Kate : I chuckled

Humphrey : "goodbye" I said as I licked her cheek , then I concentrate to heaven

Kate : We watched as disappeared for some reason had a bad feeling , "I hope I do not pass anything," I said to myself

Humphrey : When I get to heaven I saw that everything was as usual , walk to where you live the Great, when I saw him get serious

The Great: " I was waiting for Humphrey, and to come ," I said seriously

Humphrey , " then it is real" ask him

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