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P.V. Normal a week later with Humphrey and Kate

Humphrey: It's been a week since the attack of Black's pack, luckily it seems that the wolves that escaped left Jasper, while the ones we captured took off their armor and were thrown out of the territory, for my part I was already in my cave, luckily Sally let me out after three days.

Kate: "How do you feel?" I asked him affectionately

Humphrey: "Pretty good, I feel that in a little while, I will be able to move normally" I said cheerfully

Kate: "That's good," I said I am smiling

Humphrey: "How are you doing?" I asked curious

Kate: "I woke up well, even though I want my leg to heal as fast as you do" I said jokingly as I showed him my leg that was splinted

Humphrey; I chuckled and said, "but at the least this healing correctly"

Kate: "Yes it is important" I said smiling, "by the way do you know what time it is?" I asked him while raising an eyebrow

Humphrey: "Autumn?" I asked him without knowing what she meant

Kate: "you have no idea right," I said playfully

Humphrey: "not even the most remote" I said shaking my head

Kate: "It is the time for puppies to decide if they will be alphas or omegas" I reminded him

Humphrey: "Aren't they very young?" asked

Kate: "Remember that it is a decision made at an early age, they still have a year to go to alpha school, but the puppies must begin to prepare mentally for their work," I explained

Humphrey: "so that's why your father gathers them and trains them in the fields" I said I understand

Kate: "Didn't you know what I was doing it for?" I asked surprised

Humphrey: "I thought it was a hobby of his, the truth was that I never paid much attention to that, there were more important things to attend to," I explained

Kate: "It seems that you are still quite distracted with some things," I said while holding back the desire to laugh, "we should tell the puppies anyway, so they have a few weeks to think about it," I said

Humphrey: "Okay, we'll tell you after breakfast," I said

Kate: "Okay, I will wake them up, while you are on a caribou, they should have done the breakfast hunt" I asked

Humphrey: "ok" I said nodding before leaving the cave, after several minutes I reached the feeding areas where I could see Dilan and Garth arguing, "now that" I thought with a sigh as I approached

Garth: "I said that they should go to the south zone" I said seriously

Dilan: "But I had ordered them before they went to the eastern valley" I explained

Garth: "That doesn't explain why they didn't obey me," I said seriously

Dilan: "They were being led by a level 2 alpha, as I already explained, they do not recognize you as authority" I explained a little tired of talking about that topic

Garth: "I'm tired of it" I said annoyed

Humphrey: "you two, calm down" I said calmly as I approached them

Dilan: "okay, sorry sir," I said nodding

Garth: "He if you treat him with respect," I said upset

Dilan: "He is my superior, both in rank and ability," I said calmly

Garth: "again with that, I am also superior in rank" I said seriously

Dilan: "But not in ability" I added

Humphrey: "You two, calm down" I said seriously, then I went to Dilan and said, "Garth has a point, the leader of the pack, along with me, Kate and Lilly, it is important to be in tune with what orders their alphas, the last thing we want is for accidents, for the pride of both"

Dilan: "With all respect, but it is not a matter of pride, it is tradition, the leader must be the strongest and most skillful, someone who can carry the weight of leading a pack, that is why there are alpha levels and training, and all the alphas in the Delta pack were educated with that mentality" I explained

Humphrey: "I see the problem," I said thoughtfully, "is not something that changes the asking right?" I asked to Dilan

Dilan: "that's right" I said nodding

Humphrey: "Ok, go and continue with your duties, I have to talk to Garth" I said

Dilan: "Yes sir," I said nodding before retiring

Garth: tan pronto se fue Dilan le pregunte "¿Qué vas a hacer?, esta situación no puede seguir así"

Humphrey: I sighed and said, "I don't know, he has a point, the alphas of the central pack won't change their minds that easily"

Garth: "It is better that you think of something, because if things stay the same the herds will not last as long together" I said seriously

Humphrey: "Is it a threat?" I asked him while raising an eyebrow

Garth: I shook my head and said, "No, it's only a possibility", after that I retired

Humphrey: "This problem is more serious than I thought," I said to myself as I approached the pile of caribou and took one for breakfast, then took it home, when I arrived I saw that everyone was awake, and waiting for me

Nova: "It looks delicious" I said while drooling

Humphrey: I chuckled, I said jokingly, "Good morning to you too", then I left the caribou in the middle and said "breakfast is served"

At that time everyone started eating, after several minutes everyone was satisfied

Star: "Thanks Dad, it was delicious" I said as I lay down

Kate: "Do not get too comfortable, we have to talk to you" I said

Star: I sighed and got up, "what's up mom?" asked

Kate: "It is almost the time when you must decide, whether to become alphas or omegas" I said

Humphrey: "It is a very important decision and you must think carefully, as it will define your future" I said with a certain serious tone

The cubs looked at each other with concern

Kate: "But there is no pressure," I said with a smile, "Any questions?" I asked them

Silver: "How much time do we have to decide?" asked

Kate: "about a month" I said, "any other questions?" I asked them

All the puppies fell silent

Kate: "Well, if there are no questions, that would be it, you can go and play" I said with a smile

The puppies, still a little disoriented by the news, nodded and each one began to walk by their side.

Humphrey: "they took the news well" I said jokingly

Kate: "We had to tell them, they must prepare," I said

Humphrey: "That's right," I said, nodding, "I'm going out for a while," I said to Kate

Kate: "Okay, but you must bring lunch," I said playfully

Humphrey: I chuckled and said, "Okay." while kissing her, then I went for a walk as I wanted to walk the pack to see if there were more problems than I did not realize

Shortly after Humphrey left the cave

Kate: I was playing with my puppies when I see Scoot in the doorway, "Hi Scoot, how are you?" I greeted him

Scoot: "Hi Kate, I'm fine, does Humphrey take too long?" asked

Kate: "Maybe an hour or two," I replied, "Why are you looking for he? Did something happen?" asked

Scoot: I nodded, "that's right, but it's an adult matter," I said while pointing at her puppies

Kate: I nodded and in compression and went to the puppies and said affectionately "Go play outside for a while, Scott and I have talk"

Hope: "Why can't we just stay and listen?" I asked curious

Kate: "Let's talk adult themes" to explain

Hope: "I see" I said nodding

Reiz: "It's always the same" I said something annoying while I went out with my brothers

Kate: "What's going on?" I asked worried and serious after the pups left the cave

Scoot: "It's about Humphrey's father" I said

Kate: "What happened to him? Is he okay?" I asked worried

Scoot: I shook my head, and explained what was happening to him

Several hours after with Humphrey

Humphrey: I had just taken a tour of the territory and luckily there was no serious problem, which helped me think about what to do with the subject of Garth and the level two alphas, "I'll talk to him later" I said to myself while returning to the feeding areas since it was almost lunchtime and the hunting groups must have returned with the food, when I got there I saw how the alphas were already distributing the food, "Hello Hutch" I greeted he

Hutch: "Hi Humphrey, how are you doing" I asked

Humphrey: "pretty good, I'm almost fully recovered," I said smiling

Hutch: "How nice" I said smiling

Humphrey: "They did well in the hunt" I said as I saw all the caribou that they hunted

Hutch: I nodded and said, "It is true, the caribou herds have grown, so there is plenty of food"

Humphrey: "That's good," I said, nodding, "I think I'll take one for my family," I said.

Hutch: "go ahead, you are the leader, you can choose the one you want" I said kindly

Humphrey: I nodded and took a medium one, more than enough for my family, and I started dragging it towards my cave, after several minutes I arrived at my cave, where I saw Kate and Scoot talking, "Hello love, I brought lunch" I said smiling at Kate, then I looked at Scoot and said, "How are you Scoot?"

Scoot: "fine" I replied

Humphrey: "I see, what brings you here?" I asked curious

Scoot: "I came to talk to you" I replied

Humphrey: "About what?" I asked curious

Kate: "You better sit down," I said fondly as I approached him

Humphrey: "Why? What happened?" I asked them confused

Scoot: "It's about your father" I said with a sigh

Humphrey: "What happened to him?" I asked worried

Scoot: "He is not very well; his condition is deteriorating fast" I said sadly

Humphrey: The news shocked me so much that I was speechless for a few seconds, when I was finally able to articulate a few words, I asked him, "How much time do you have left?"

Scoot: "Between a day and a month, with this disease it is difficult to specify how much time is left" I explained sadly

Humphrey: "I see" I said as I got up and walked to the exit of the cave

Kate: "Where are you going?" I asked curious

Humphrey: "To see my father" I replied

Kate: "I'll come with you" I said as I got up

Humphrey: I shook my head, "your leg has not fully recovered, you must rest" I said seriously

Kate: "It is not so bad, I can walk, as long as I do not lean much on that leg" I said

Humphrey: "Remember that they live quite far, it would take you a long time to get there and your leg would not resist the effort" I explained seriously

Kate: "but" I started to say, but Scoot interrupted me

Scoot: "Humphrey is right, your leg will not withstand such an effort, and if you tried it, you may be permanently injured," I said

Kate: I sighed in frustration and said "Okay, I'll stay"

Humphrey: I nodded and left the cave

Kate: "Go with him, and prevent him from doing something stupid" I asked Scoot

Scoot: "Don't worry, I will take care of him" I said nodding as I left the cave

Kate: "I hope so" I said sighing as I watched the two walk away

After an hour with Humphrey

Humphrey: after running for an hour at full speed I finally reached my parents' cave, when I entered, I could see how my mother was next to my father, who looked very weak and worn out, "Hello both" I told them as I entered the cave

Luna: "Hello son" I greeted him with a small smile, which I could not keep for long

Humphrey: "How is this dad?" I asked him a little discouraged from the answer

Luna: I shook my head and said sadly, "Not very well, he barely has the strength to speak in a low tone"

Humphrey: I nodded and approached my dad and said fondly, "Dad, it's me, your son"

Blaze: "Son, how are you" I asked weakly

Humphrey: "I'm fine," I said as I stroked his head lovingly

Blaze: "I'm glad to hear it" I said with a smile, "I wanted you to know that I am very proud of you and that I love you very much" I said with affection

Humphrey: "I love you too, Dad, you must be strong and resist, we will find a way to heal you" I said already with a muffled voice at the end, while several tears escaped from my eyes

Blaze: "Do not be sad, son, I had a good life, my pack prospered, I found the love of my life, with whom I had a wonderful puppy, and I was very happy, I only regret not having had the opportunity to see you grow, but I am very happy to meet you and see the incredible wolf you have become "I said with a smile," now I need to rest a little "I said exhausted before falling asleep

Humphrey: I couldn't hold back my tears anymore, "please, dad, don't leave me again" I said crying

Luna: hug my son, while tears ran down my face

Scoot: I stayed on the sidelines while he calmed down, I knew he couldn't say anything at that moment and the best thing is that he let off steam, when he started to calm down

Humphrey: "There must be something you can do," I said to Scoot

Scoot: I sighed and explained, "I would like to, but his illness is very advanced, his body simply would not endure any procedure"

Humphrey: "If you do nothing, then I will" I said seriously as I walked towards the entrance to the cave

Scoot: At that point I stopped him and asked him, "What are you going to do?"

Humphrey: "I do not know, but I cannot stay without doing anything," I said seriously

Scoot: "I know you want to save him, but the best thing you can do is stay here with him" I said

Humphrey: I shook my head and said annoyed "I cannot stand idly by while my father is dying"

Scoot: "You cannot do anything else, his time is coming" I tried to explain

Humphrey: "there is something I can do" I said seriously

Scoot: I opened my eyes to understand what he was referring to and I said seriously, "You can't be considering that, you know there is no going back if you do it"

Humphrey: "but there is no more time and it is the only option" I said seriously

Scoot: "You will sacrifice everything" I said seriously

¿How will Garth's problem be solved with level 2 alphas? ¿What will Humphrey do? ¿ Blaze will be saved?, Keep reading to find out.

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