Emma had just parked across Granny's when her cellphone announced she had a new message. She stepped out, trying to open her cellphone with one hand and closed the driver's door. She opened it and saw the callers ID, it was Regina. She sighed, she had agreed to meet Regina at Granny's. Her parents and Henry decided to eat breakfast there. Emma asked if Regina wanted to join them and she happily agreed.

'I'll be there in a few, don't mind waiting I already conjured myself my own breakfast an hour ago.' She send Emma.

Emma smiled inwardly. Of course, she still had her daily habits. She closed her cellphone and pushed it in her pocket of her red jacket. Upon walking across the street towards Granny's she considered her options what to tell Henry when Regina would join them. It was still very complicated to talk to Henry when he doesn't have his old memories back. Emma ensured herself now that she would try anything to get his memories back. When Hook told her that she can't run away from her old life, it kind of let her remember her time in the foster homes. No matter how many times she promised herself to forget the bad times, she could never forget the past. It all made sense, she was just too caught up in the events. Still caught up with having a new threat, someone who could hurt Henry. She just wanted what was best for him. But taking him away from the people who are his family is hardly fair.

She walked inside Granny's to be met with a big smile from Ruby and the happy and calm hum from the diner. She gave Ruby her usual questioning wink and she nodded. She walked to the booth where Henry and her parents were enjoying their breakfast. She smiled when they looked up at her with the same demeanor.

'Hey, how is breakfast?' She asked to start a light conversation. It's been a little hectic the last few weeks. They just had defeated Zelena, whose memories have been restored with new ones thanks to Regina. And they're trying to pick up their normal lives. Rumple and Belle began to form a new bond, remembering Neal's sacrifice with gratitude. Rumple found peace with his son's sacrifice and began building the family with Belle together, as a family. Regina has been doing her best to stay formal in Henry's surroundings. But Emma could see it's getting harder for her. It's not easy to stand next to Henry without never touching him for a single time. Also her parents are preparing themselves for the coming of her baby brother. They still haven't told her his name but she had an inkling feeling they would honor Neal in some way. And Henry is getting bored and annoyed at her for not telling him what is going on. She has been considering just telling him everything and returning him his book and then maybe he believes. But it seems to be too easy, but she'll wait it out, maybe considering Regina's opinion on this too. Henry was enjoying his sugarcoating pancakes with delight. She rustled his hair and took the seat next to him.

'It's quite alright, I must admit these pancakes are better than in New York though' Henry told Emma while stuffing his mouth full with another bite of pancakes. She smiled at him and then eyed her parents, who were enjoying the interaction between mother and son.

Then Ruby came by and served her a hot cocoa with cinnamon. She winked at her and smiled at Henry.

'I heard a little bird say that you like our pancakes better than the big city. So, what makes our pancakes more delicious?' Ruby asked him with a smile and eyed Emma with a knowing look. Henry watched the eye-contact but ignored it, then he smirked and licked the sugar off his fingers.

'Well for one' He pointed up his index. 'I really love the sugarcoating and for number two' He stated while pointing up his middle finger next to his index. 'I'm guessing the secret ingredient would be something like Vanilla or so, which makes it more delicious' He finished his sentence with raising his brows in a smart-ass way. Ruby laughed lovingly at his confession and Emma did the same while raising her eyebrows. Her parents smiled lovingly at him.

'Well young man, you are quite sure we even have a secret ingredient. What makes you think that?' Ruby eyed him with a smirk while holding her serving dish against her waist and leaning on the table.

'Well there has to be, or else it wouldn't taste so different from the others. Doesn't mind if you put other flour in it, it would still taste the same. I mean, It tastes like heaven… almost magical!' He said quite enthusiastic. Suddenly Snow and Charming looked almost shocked at each other and made eye contact with Emma who was still processing what he had just said. She looked uncomfortable at first but then eyed Ruby for her response. Ruby was taking a back for a few seconds but rephrased herself quite quick.

'Has anyone ever told you, when you say something is magical it actually is?' Henry and the rest of the table looked puzzled at Ruby. Before she could say anything Regina strolled inside Granny's and searched the booth where she would find Emma. She smiled when she made contact with green eyes who surveyed her calmly. She walked towards the booth and looked puzzled when she saw Ruby standing close near Henry.

'I almost forgot you guys, I invited Regina to come have breakfast with us.' She said in haste and moved a seat to the left to insinuate that Regina could sit beside her. Henry had moved away at first to let Regina go first and then sat where he used to sit before. Emma smiled when Regina awkwardly sat beside her, not trying to disturb whatever conversation had been going on. Regina looked still a little puzzled but formally greeted everyone on the table. Everyone nodded and Emma reassured her. Then they all watched Ruby again. Regina surveyed the scenery and then looked at Ruby too. Then Ruby smiled reassuring at the rest of the table while squatting down to stare in Henry's eyes.

'Well as I was saying, when you make people believe we have a secret ingredient they absentmindedly are going to believe it. Then they're fooling their own conscience. But you experience the same magical explosion of multiple savors every time you decide to take another bite. That's what I call the power of believing. That's what makes you strong. My Granny used to tell me this little phrase when I was a kid, wanna hear it?' She winked him while he listened with delight to the mysterious waitress. Henry nodded while he sat more straight and eyed the waitress with more interest.

'That even believing in the possibility of a happy ending is a powerful thing' she said with a soft smile while eyeing Henry with a knowing look. Henry looked puzzled and began to think it through, he had a twist in his eyebrows and you saw he was thinking. Regina recognized it immediately and eyed Emma with a worried look. Ruby sensed the change in the lightly conversation and then stood up, she took her pen and paper and looked up to the rest of the table.

'You know what, I'll make a deal with you. I'll let Granny take you behind in the kitchen and you'll make one of your own special pancakes. And they'll be the judge of how good they are. Maybe we even take your word of advice. If so, I lend you my old book when I was a kid. I believe Mayor Mills has it in the Library of this town. Maybe you learn something new from it. How do you like the sound of that?' she asked Henry with curiosity and amusement. Henry was smiling like a toddler with his favorite toy and clapped in his hands and extracted his hand, indicating he was waiting for a handshake.

'Deal!' Henry said with an enthusiastic squeak. Ruby sealed the deal and turned around to the table again.

'So Mayor Mills, would you like an apple pie, we just had one made not even half an hour ago? And the usual to drink?'

'That actually sounds very appealing, yes I'd like that!' She said with a pleased smile. Ruby then nodded and began to walk towards the counter when she heard her name being called from the table again. She turned around and looked puzzled at Emma.

'Can I please have one apple pie too, it sounds delicious!' Ruby giggled and nodded again and then turned around. Before anyone could say something Henry was the first to speak.

'I like Ruby, she's really nice! Do you mind me cooking for you guys? Don't worry, I'm not mom. Somehow I possess my own specialty for cooking! I just have fingers for it.' He said enthusiast, while he watched Ruby going into the kitchen. He did miss a knowing smile appear over Regina's face. Emma did notice it and saw how proud Regina had become of Henry. She then held Regina's hand and squeezed her a little, to reassure her. When Ruby came back from the kitchen she motions for Henry to join her. Henry sprinted behind the bar and went straight to the kitchen. Immediately the diner could hear the commotion Granny and Henry were making, it made everyone smile.

Then Emma sighed and looked back at the rest of the table. They were all a little shocked that Ruby pulled something off like that and were also very happy that Henry was distracted.

'That was a close call you guys.' Emma said while smiling nervously. The heads on the table were all nodding and David took the time to enjoy slurping from his orange juice. The slurping annoyed Regina, she eyed David in the corners of her eyes, Snow was trying to cut the slice of sandwich with jam with her knife but her belly was too big. Emma smiled at the scenery and began to giggle a little. It was an oddly awkward silence but comfortable at the same time. When Emma giggled, Regina turned around and questioned her with a look.

'Never mind' Emma murmured and took a nip from her cocoa. She looked up again and Regina chuckled with amusement in her eyes. Emma was too distracted by the sound that came out of Regina, to register Regina taking a napkin and swiping away the whipping-cream and cinnamon from her upper lip. when she did that the whole table was looking astonished at her, including Emma of all.

'I'm surprised that Henry didn't have to baby you when you lived in New York, you can barely take care of yourself when you apply diner manners.' Regina chuckled and smiled with joy, making the scenery look really adorable. When she looked up again she actually acknowledged what she did. She was too caught up in the light and warm conversations, she felt safe and at home. She felt like having a family diner. She coughed and sat more straight and apologized.

'Don't worry about it, I know you must miss doing this. I understand where you're coming from.' Emma encouraged her and nodded.

'I actually wanted to talk to you guys, now that we're back to base we need to find a way to get Henry's memories back. Now just as Ruby I had this thought to give Henry his book back. Maybe it encourages him to believe in us again and if he believes he'll get them back, after all he has the heart of the truest believer. What do you guys think?' Emma questioned the others.

'I think you're right. Miss Lucas already made a reasonable head start for us and we only have to hand him his book. We can always think of a plan B is this plan doesn't succeed' Regina agreed with Emma, which nodded in the progress. Her parents did also agree on the matter and decided to discuss the little details when they were more private and out of hearing from Henry. When they just finished talking about their conversation Henry showed up together with Granny and served his special pancakes. Everyone enjoyed them. And as it did turn out, they were quite tasty and Granny agreed to call it 'Henry's Magical Pancakes'. She would apply the dish on the menu in the beginning of next week. Henry was glowing with joy with his new achievement which made everyone happy. At the end of the diner everyone said their goodbyes. Henry agreed to go with Emma's parents while Emma said she needed to help Regina out in town. They told Henry that his dad was the town's sheriff and Regina asked her to help her out. Henry found it reasonable and even encouraged Emma to help the mayor. Emma watched her parents and Henry drive away in the car until they turned out of the street. Then she turned to Regina and smiled, Regina did the same.

'Thank you for inviting me Emma, I really did enjoy it' Regina said to her with a warm smile. Emma was beginning to feel a little nervous but she didn't know why. She swallowed and then smiled back at Regina.

'Anytime Regina. You are part of the family, you know that right? No matter what will happen. I will always consider you as a mother to Henry. Even if he doesn't remember you, I know you remember him. And I will never try to separate you from him' Emma told Regina with honesty. Regina was holding her emotions because it happens rarely that Emma says something so true to her. Well, she has been honest a lot of times. But this time it's with a different setting, it's not pressured. It makes Regina happy and she actually feels part of something. Not forgotten, but remembered. Regina nods again and says goodbye to Emma while she makes her way to her own home.

Emma watches Regina walking away, she saw that raw emotions that Regina was holding back but didn't pressure her. She let Regina walk away but watched her the whole time while she was still in her eyesight. Emma sighed deeply and made her way towards the sheriff station. There was no paper work to be done anymore. They stopped doing that from the moment the fairytale crisis where more threatening than the real world. But Emma wanted to find some sanctuary in the sheriff office for a while.

She walked down the stone pavement when something caught her eye on the other side of the road. She heard some blatant scoffing and saw someone struggling with fixing a jacket. She first smiled and wanted to continue walking before she realized she never saw that person here before. She made her way across the street and stood behind the person who was still struggling with fixing the jacket.

'God damnit stupid Jacket, come 'on don't make this harder than it is. It's Cold!' The person in question said loudly and very frustrated. Emma wanted to snicker but refrained herself from it and instead coughed so that the person could turn around. Immediately the person turned around and opened eyes and mouth widely.

'Hi, my name's Emma. I'm the town Sheriff. I haven't seen you here before, can I help you?' Emma asked politely at first. She surveyed the girl timidly. The girl would be around 18 years old. She had dark blond hair and curly locks in her hair tips. The girl was fresh-faced and had green eyes. She had a sturdy jawline and her long hair shadowed one side of it. The jacket she wore over her shoulders had neatly polished buttons, and the Guess branded scarf around her neck was tied so that the ruffles perfectly filled the space left open by her jacket. The soft features of the girls face showed she was in a healthy shape and had no lack of self-esteem. She wore a close-fitting light-blue jeans that hugged her legs perfectly. On top of it she wore a grey shirt that consisted open-necked buttons in the area of the cleavage. She wore brown boots which matched her jacket. She looked like a decent young girl, a girl she had never seen before in Storybrooke. She definitely didn't fit in the Storybrooke decennia. At first the girl kept looking astonished at Emma but eventually closed her mouth and started with incoherent sentences.

'I'm… well.. hi…I'm…' The girl tried with modesty to speak a coherent sentence. But she must feel pushed by Emma telling she was the town Sheriff so Emma reassured her by smiling gently at her.

'My name is Grace… Grace… Carter… I was enjoying my travelling …with a vacation company. Yea, but then my bus decided to drive along without me and leave me stranded in the middle of the woods. We had a picnic, I told them I was sighting some… rivers. And when I came back to the meeting point they were gone. So I've basically been walking miles for finding some town. And I did. Halfway the trip my jacket got stuck in some thorns and it's totally destroyed now.' The girl told Emma while tripping over her words and looking at her quite nervously. Emma had a little sympathy for the girl while she stood there with chattering teeth. But something was off, she wanted to believe the girl fully but something was just not right. Either way, this girl had been through a lot.

'Well as I said my name's Emma. If you want I can take you to the nearest Hotel. You can warm up there, but first I need to you to come with me to the station so I can fill down some information. I know this may sound stupid and unnecessary but it's my duty.' Emma tried complying with the girl. She did however, nod. But kept standing still.

' I have a bag with me with some clothes, mind if I take it?' the girl asked smoothly, while eyeing Emma with uncertainty.

'Uhmmm yea sure… I'll wait here.' Emma said and giving the girl some privacy. With that the girl disappeared behind the corner. It did however take a while for Emma to realize it's been over a minute since she hasn't returned. Then she scoffed.

'God damnit, fucking teenagers. Always running from the cops. I should've known.' Emma said while getting frustrated by the minute. She walked with haste behind the corner to stop abruptly and see the girl sitting on her knees while trashing through her bag. When she figured that Emma stood behind her she quickly stood up and zipped her bag closed and turned to Emma.

'Sorry, I needed to check something.' She said unsure if Emma would believe such a haste respond. Emma however had her arms crossed and looked at her suspiciously while raising her right eyebrow. She then looked daringly at the girl whose demeanor spoke volumes to test her judgment. At that point Emma tested her gut-feeling and stood more straight.

'Okay out with it, I know you're lying. Why are you really here?' Emma said with her arms crossed. The girl rose her eyebrow and then crossed her arms too.

'What? I dunno what you're implying here. But I just basically told you what I've endured just a few hours ago and you're going to tell me I've got other reasons to be here! You're out of your mind!' Emma shocked and immediately changed her demeanor, the girl was right. It does look suspicious, she had to behave like they were a normal town. The outsiders don't know that this town in magical.

'Well let's just go, I'm tired too. It's cold and it's affecting our bodies too. Let me just take you to the station where it's warm and comfortable.' Emma said while guiding her towards the station. They walked in silence while they maneuvered their way through the shaded blocks of the streets in town. When they were inside Emma shuddered at the change of temperature and the girl looked at her with a smug grin. Emma ignored the teenager and went straight up towards the office. The teenager followed her and Emma implied to take her coat but the girl pulled it back quite shocked and more violently. Emma pulled her hands in defense and immediately took a step back.

'Hey chill, I was just helping you get rid of your wet jacket. I'm not taking anything from you, other than a statement of course.' Emma said and moved to sit behind her desk.

'let's just make the statement so I can drive you to the Hotel so you can crash there and I can get home, kay?' Emma said with impatience while the girl just scoffed and nodded in agreement.

'just fill in what happened and were done with this, kay?' Emma shoved the girl a paper under her nose with a pen on the other side. The girl just watched Emma with mouth agape and suddenly you could see a vascular on the girls forehead and before Emma could react the girl was standing up from the chair in a challenging position.

'Are you fucking kidding me? It's nearly in the middle of the night, I'm too drained and tired! You mean to tell me I have to fill in this stupid file just so you can date my arrival and departure. I've made my statement on the street to you! You could just write it down for yourself in the morning. I think your lying! This is bullshit. You should've let me get to Granny's by now!' Emma was taken aback by the girls quick judgment. She was clever for sure! It remembered her of herself when she was this age. Wait… did she just say Granny's?

'The reason I'm not bringing you is because I think there's something you're not telling me! Also I'm not believing you because I never told you the Hotel was named Granny's, how do you know that?' Emma said with a smirk on her face, determined that she had the first hand in this. The girl was actually taken aback by this too. Emma saw she was contemplating what to say next.

'… Well just like everyone, there are these signs that make clear for tourists like me that there is a Hotel nearby.' The girl said while waving her hands in the air, expressively making clear she's going insane!

'They are no signs from Granny's on that side of the town..' Emma said with easiness, knowing she now has the girl where she wants her.

'What the hell is wrong with you! I'm cold and very tired, I thought to be happy when I saw an officer! You're making me crazy, let me crash at that stupid Hotel of yours. Or I much rather prefer you drop me off the town line so I can search another stupid town. Damn woman, what the hell is wrong with you!' Emma came to her senses at that moment. The girl was right, she was being crazy. This stupid fairytale shit is becoming more real to her than she would've admit. But something was off, that's for sure. But she'll have to figure that out in the morning.

'Sorry, it's been a long day. Too many criminal things have happened and I think it has taken a toll on my conscience. Let's get you to Granny's' Emma said while standing up and walking to the entrance of the station. She waited for the girl to take her stuff and walked further when the girl followed her along the way. In the car they were silent and the girl was actually shivering now. Emma felt sorry for her obsessed behavior and wanted to apologize. But knowing how she was as a teenager she rather not wanted an apology from someone who accused her of something, certainly not in the middle of the night. Emma halted in front of Granny's and led the way inside. Gladly, Granny was just finishing with clearing the front desk. When the bell chimed she smiled at Emma but immediately caught her companion.

'Hey Granny, we have a visitor. She's been traveling for a while. A vacation company forgot her at a picnic a few miles from here. She hasn't got much with her and she didn't anticipated on being crashed. Could you lend her a room on my behalf?' Emma asked pleadingly. Granny was a little shocked they had an outsider again. But she inspected Emma's behavior and figured both of them were tired.

'Of course, anything for the sa… The town sheriff.' Granny corrected herself nervously. Emma looked at her with anticipation but ignored her slipping accident. Granny turned around and asked the girl to follow her.

'Well enjoy your stay kid. See ya!' Emma said to the girl. The girl ignored Emma and just took her bag, before turning in the corner she eyes Emma's back while she went out of the Hotel. She smiled lightly… She followed Granny upstairs who gave her the keys to her room.

'Here child, this will be your room. You must have had quite the adventure today huh?' Granny asked with sympathy and curiosity. But she smiled at the girl to not make her scared or suspicious.

'Well it hasn't been exactly like I planned it, but I'm not complaining. It's still vacation. Thank you, for lending me this room, Granny…'The girl smiled back at Granny. Granny looked a bit taken aback how the girl named her but implied and nodded. The girl seemed to reconsider her options and then stretched her hand to Granny.

'My names Grace. Grace Carter' Granny took the offered hand and then led the girl inside.

'Well nice to meet you, my name's indeed Granny. And you have a lovely name. Tomorrow morning you can just walk around the corner of this Hotel. On the other side we have my diner. Breakfast will be served there. You can take anything you want, it goes on the sheriff's bill.' Granny said and smiled at the girl.

'Thank you, I appreciate it. Goodnight!' The girl said and Granny walked out of the room and the her own dorm. The girl closed the girl and sighed deeply and halfheartedly. She walked straight to the bathroom and looked in the mirror. she undid herself from her Jacket and watched herself in the mirror. A single tear crossed her cheeks and she swiped it away really quick.

'What have I done?' She told herself and searched for an object in her jacket. She took out the folded paper and opened it. Watching the paper with a tender and unfocused stare, she immediately closed it and folded the paper back in her jacket.

'I'm gonna solve this. I can do this!' She told herself and changed herself in het pj's. she went to bed and put out the lights. And in a few moments the girl was sound asleep. Likewise as the rest of town, including Emma.