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Soul: Hurry up! I want to see if I can win back Maka!

Me: Jaderoni4life! Your slave got out again!

She comes and drags him away. With him screaming.

Me: Shut up! If she had it her way Maka would be dead and you would be with Asura in this thing!

Jaderoni4life: Damn straight!

Anyway this is something me and my friend Jaderoni4life came up with when I spent the night at her dorm. We are working on it together. So this is what happens when you give two college girls with wild imaginations and cruel minds way too much sugar and access to their school computers.

Maka had just come back from the gym, Soul was passed out on the couch with a bag of chips on his chest and drooling all over the couch.

Maka rolled her eyes and went to her room, closing and locking the door behind her. She sighed. Everything had been kind of crazy since the defeat of Asura.

First they found out Asura wasn't dead and now they were trying to rehabilitate him. Lord Death had also informed them that Asrua was Kid's older brother. He was living at Gallows Manor and dating Patty.

Maka had no idea how someone could do that to their own child, it made what was done to Asura all the more fucked up.

To add to everything Liz had a new boyfriend every month or week, and Kid was busy trying to control Asura and Patty. Honestly, she had no idea how he dealt with controlling those two, she was pretty sure she had a freak out every week or day. He couldn't find one weapon and he couldn't control either of them. Considering Asura just liked to fuck with his brother's mind.

Honestly, Maka had no problem with Asura. Or he with her.

Tsubaki was dating Mifune, but hadn't told Black Star yet. From what Tsubaki said the samurai was into some kinky shit.

She shook her head and opened her computer. Since it was rather nice to have extra money she decided to get a job. She hadn't told anyone, but she was writing for Death Times. She did the advice column Dear Death. She got loads of e-mails and letters asking for advice on everything and anything. Most were about love problems though.

She answered all of them and then the editor decided what was published and what wasn't.

She checked out the e-mails she got.

Dear Death,

I have been dating my meister's older brother for a while now. Recently I found out I was pregnant with his child. I haven't told him yet. My meister doesn't approve and he can't use my sister and me if I am pregnant and he can't use just one of us. I also haven't told the father. How do I tell them all?


Prego Giraffe

Maka shook her head. There was only one person in the city who that could be.

"Shinigami Damnit," Maka muttered under her breath.

Dear Prego Giraffe,

You have to tell both your meister and the father. If you don't both the life of your child and your life are at risk. Chances are that your meister with either sense the new soul or will see it.

As for the fact that your meister can't fight if he doesn't use you both, well that is a hard one. He may need to see a professional about that one or look for a substitute weapons for the time being.

When it comes to telling them, you can do it separately or together. You should do it soon though. I can't guarantee he will stay, but if he loves and cares about you he will.

Hope this helps,


On the message to the editor she put. Weapon is Shingami-sama's sons. Don't print.

She opened the next one.

Dear Death,

I have been dating for a long time. I recently noticed that I have started feeling attracted to one of my friends, who is a girl. What do I do? I am still attacked to boys I think.

Possible Lesbian

Possible Lesbian,

You might be sexual attracted to both boys and girls. It is alright if you are. If the friend is into that type of thing go for it, if not then you'll find someone who is. Ask her about it and tell your friends. It is okay to be bisexual.


Dear Death,

I love my little girl very much. But she hates me, especially since my divorce from her mother. How can I get her to love me?

P.S. Are you a woman? If so are you hot?

Redheaded Papa

Maka wasn't sure which she wanted to do, throw up or jump out of her third story window. She sighed and answered it anyway.

Redheaded Papa,

First you should look at what made your ex-wife leave you. Nine out of ten that is why your daughter hates you. Drinking and womanizing is not a good representation of men to set for her. Try to stop chasing them and maybe you can at least earn her respect.

Also don't be overly affectionate, because then she'll just find you annoying and embarrassing. Maybe give her space, especially if she is older. Still be there if she needs you.

Most likely she doesn't hate you, she is angry and hurt. She probably still loves you, but is afraid that she can't trust you.

P.S. Yes I am a woman and no we would never date.


She wrote a note to the editor to not put the PS parts. She honestly she did love her father, he was just annoying as hell and way too clingy.

Dear Death,

My weapon, who I trust completely, and I have been partners for a long time and I have recently started to see this boy. Yet recently I have realized I'm attracted to my weapon sexually. I'm not sure how to deal with that because I don't want to break our bond. I also don't want to hurt my boyfriend. Also I know the school doesn't approve. What do I do?


Meister in Love

Maka chuckled. The school advised against weapons and meisters dating, it used to be punishable by death. Since her parents, however, it had become okay. The school still didn't encourage it thought.

Meister in Love,

The DWMA no longer punishes partners for being together, they also don't encourage it. But if you truly love your weapon and know they feel the same way go for it. Be careful, because being with a weapon physically can either strengthen or destroy the bond.

It is better to be honest with the guy than string him along, if he truly cares about you he wants you to be happy. Same for the weapon, if you love someone you don't force people to choose between what makes them happy.

Good luck,


Dear Death,

Recently I have been noticing my meister acting oddly. I can tell my meister is keeping things from me, this hurts because I really like her. What do I do? I've been worried about her and only want to protect her. I've tried playing it cool but I'm not sure it is working.

S or the Snowman

Dear S or the Snowman,

Sure you aren't asking me for name advice?

Try talking to her about it, but in a way that doesn't seem confrontational. She may just not be ready to talk about whatever it is. It is true that weapons and meisters aren't supposed to keep secrets, but sometimes it is good. You have to respect their right to keep things from you though and understand. If it is big though, she'll tell you just like you would tell her.

My partner and I don't always get along. We both keep secrets from each other, but for the most part know almost everything about each other. We understand the need to keep things private. It annoys me when my partner keeps secrets about the past from me, but I also know that it is painful for my partner to discuss. I respect that and don't probe too much.


Dear Death,

How do I become a bigger star than I already am?

Your God,

Black Star

Of course he would sign his name.

Dear Black Star,

You realize what your initials stand for right? I have no idea, train to become stronger?


Dear Death,

I have been seeing this really sweet guy for a while now. The problem is I haven't told my meister yet because they are kind of rivals. I feel bad about lying to him, but he will be angry.

Also I have recently had the problem that my boyfriend has some rather devious habits, which I don't mind. However, I'm a bit of a dominatrix and he is usually the one taking over. What do I do?


Silent Pervert

Maka wanted to giggle, she and Tsubaki had this conversation earlier. Her advice would be the same, but worded different.

Silent Pervert,

Everyone has their kinks, it is nothing to be embarrassed by. For some it is being spanked or biting for others it is more. Let your boyfriend know, I'm sure you both want to have a good time. Besides, he may like it too. Stand up for what you want, you deserve to be pleased too.

As for keeping it a secret. Tell your meister. He'll be angry but he'll be hurt and even angrier that you kept it from him. If he truly supports you as much as I am sure you support him, he'll see past being upset and just be glad you are happy. Maybe give him some time to cool off after telling him.



Maka was sending off the last part to the editor and he sent her an e-mail about what was being published. She got up and unlocked her door, closing her computer. At that moment her phone began to play "There's a shark in the water".

She sighed going over to it as a message from Soul appeared.

Hey, tiny tits. What's for dinner?

Maka frowned with a glare and yelled. "You're in the next room! Get off your lazy ass and just knock next time! You albino shark toothed hipster!"

There was silence then the door opened. Soul gave her a mock confused look. "Sorry what was that? I couldn't hear you over the wall in the way."

"I said we're having pasta for dinner," she gave him a fake sweet smile. "You know you could have just knocked. I shouldn't have to manage your life and mine."

She walked by him and into the kitchen.

He leaned against the doorway and gave her his typical charming lazy smirk. "Yeah, but you would get bored otherwise. I mean who else do you have to worry about? All you do is read after school, bookworm."

"Albino," Maka teased back.

"Just feed me woman!" He said pointing to his mouth. He chuckled. "And you say I never listen to you."

Maka giggled and rolled her eyes. If only he knew how many lives she managed and how many people she had to help. More than just him listened to her, they just didn't know it was her.