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Asura: Why am I doing this exactly?

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Asura: You wouldn't.

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Maka and Asura: Really?

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Maka ran to meet the girls at Deathbucks the next morning. She and Soul would only be in class for the morning, then in the afternoon they had their mission a few hours away.

She smiled and ordered a smoothie and a breakfast sandwich before joining the others.

"Okay, so what is the emergence?" Tsubaki asked.

"I'm pregnant," Patty told them.

Maka knew this but acted shocked anyway by widening her eyes. Tsubaki's mouth dropped.

"H-how?" Tsubaki stammered.

"I think they had sex Tsubaki," Liz smirked.

"How far along?" Maka asked.

"Only a three or four months," Patty told her. She reached for her cup of tea, Liz hadn't let her have coffee.

"You should go to the doctor," Maka told her gently, she place a hand on Patty's back and rubbed it in a comforting fashion. "Make sure everything is healthy and okay with the baby. How did Asura and Kid react? I'm guessing you told at least one if not both."

"Asura said he would be there for me," Patty smiled happily.

"That's good." Maka smiled.

"He didn't say he would marry her though," Liz said bitterly. "How are you not freaking out about that?"

"My parents got married at age eighteen and had me, getting married won't solve things if they aren't ready." Maka told Liz firmly. "In the end it might just cause more damage to the child than anything, some of it might not be reversible."

"What about Kid?" Tsubaki asked.

"He's freaking out about how he is going to use us." Liz muttered.

"I already have the nursery picked out!" Patty told Maka happily. Maka could see in her eyes that this was hard on her though. "I want it to be an African safari like thing, with giraffe bedding and stuffed animals."

Maka smiled and hugged the younger girl.

"Maka! Doge!"

"Soul I can clearly see the ball of electricity coming at me, I think I know to doge." Maka told him as she back flipped out of the way of another one of the witch's attacks.

"I though this witch had something to do with music and sound waves," Soul told her.

"She's turning the sound waves into electric blasts somehow. No idea how." Maka muttered. She could see where the witch was drawing them. The witch was trying to chase them to the river so that her electric attacks were more deadly and so they had less chance of escape.

The witch clearly thought she had the advantage. The woman had been fighting them for the last two hours and clearly thought she had the upper hand.

Maka smirked, when an opponent was able to predict your every move do something unexpected.

"Maka," Soul said in a warning tone.

Maka rushed at the witch, making her look slightly startled, but instead of swinging at her she instead slid underneath her. Let's hope training with Kid and Black Star was worth it.

"Very clever," the witch chuckled as she turned around. However, she found the space the girl should be in empty.

"Soul resonance!"

The witch looked up to see the girl on top of a building above her.

"Witch hunter!" Maka jumped from the building. Soul's glowing blade slashed through her like Mifune's sword through a blade of grass. Maka landed gracefully on her feet and turned, she beamed as she saw the soul in front of them.

Soul turned back and landed in front of the floating soul. He smirked at Maka. "Finally, the hundredth soul."

"Hurry up and eat it," Maka told him excitedly.

He swallowed the soul then paused expectantly. Maka sat there waiting for him to move.

He looked around with a frown.

"What's wrong?" Maka asked.

"I don't feel anything, I thought there would be a power surge or something." Soul muttered.

Maka giggled and shook her head. "Of course not silly. There shouldn't be a change in your normal look. Come on let's inform Shinigami-sama!"

Maka ran over to a dusty window and wrote the number.

"Maka-chan!" Lord Death greeted cheerfully. "How did the mission go? Just kidding, I can tell Soul is now a death scythe. Congratulations! We should have a party! How about on Saturday? I'm so proud of you both!"

"Thank you Shinigami-sama." Maka told him blushing.

"Soul Eater!" a harsh voice called.

Soul looked as Spirit appeared in the mirror, his hands in his pockets and a frown on his face. They stared at each other with disdain for a moment, then Spirit finally said. "Congratulations."

Soul nodded.

Spirit looked at his little girl his eyes filled with love and joy. "Great job sweetie. I'm so proud of you and I'm sure your mother will be too."

"Thanks papa." Maka smiled.

"Return to Death City quickly kids!" Lord Death told them before disappearing.

Maka turned to Soul and smiled. Suddenly Soul hugged her. Maka was so surprised that she didn't react for a moment before quickly hugging him back.

She wasn't used to Soul letting go of his cool demeanor or showing any sign of his emotions. This sudden hug confused and made her happy. She didn't know how to deal with her emotions or those of others well. Mostly because her mother hadn't been good with them. Her mother had either not dealt with the emotions or would just lash out in anger at Spirit. Still she had been kind to her daughter, though still a bit cold.

So Maka had a habit of holding them in or over expressing her emotions. She would hold them in till she cried out of anger or frustration because she didn't understand. Or she would lash out like at Soul.

She still felt things deeply though. She guessed that was what made her good at her job.

Also what made her and Soul good partners, they understood each other's problems with emotions. Sure they fought a lot, but often not real fights. They called each other names but never said something too hurtful or mean. They never got too nasty, except for that one time after school with Stein.

Soul separated with his trademark smirk.

"What was that for?" Maka smiled.

"Just happy," Soul beamed.

Maka giggled.

"What?" Soul asked.

"I just noticed you have dimples," Maka laughed. She had never noticed before because she was so used to how he looked and because he rarely smiled when they were around others. He was more open when it was just the two of them. When it was just the two of them he let down his cool wall.

Soul rolled his eyes.

"You know you should look different in weapon form. Mind changing so I can see?" Maka asked.

Soul nodded. A flash of blue light and Maka caught him. His prominent eye was now framed with gold metal, going around the eye and then splitting into two strands of gold metal which latched themselves onto the edge of the blade. The slight extension that had once held three holes was no longer there. It was replaced by small winged-shaped objects, on red and one black.

His blade's curve was sharper and the zig-zagged line separating the black and red was gone, with only three zig-zags and the rest was a straight line.

She held him up so he could see his reflection in the window.

"You look a little girly," Maka giggled.

"Shut up," Soul snapped. He came out of weapon form.

They began to walk to the bike.

"Hey this mean I can check out level four books," Maka smiled.

"Of course you would think about that," Soul rolled his eyes. Yet his voice sounded more amused than annoyed. "Now you won't have to steal your father's card."

"I never stole it, he always gave it to me." Maka protested.

"You've gotten faster and stronger," Soul told her. "I think your reflexes have improved."

"I have been sparring with Kid and Black Star." Maka chuckled.

"Still when we got separated at the beginning you managed to land some good punches," he told her. He glanced at her legs and arms, which were full of cuts and bruises.

"Don't worry, I'm fine." Maka laughed. "I have that special lotion that heals these things quickly."

Soul nodded. "Still wished you hadn't rushed at the witch. You scared me."

Maka just laughed.

When they got home they ordered dinner and then Maka took a quick shower and changed into her pjs and settled onto the couch with a book while Soul took one.

When he came out he was in his sleep pants and flopped onto the couch next to her. He studied Maka for a few moments. He still felt like she was keeping secrets.

He smirked and laid his head on her lap. She glanced down from her book with a raised eyebrow. "What are you doing?"

"Cuddling," Soul smirked. Maka was the only one he cuddled with. She was the only one he let his guard around enough to show any affection.

Maka just shook her head and returned to reading. After while she absently stroked his hair. He had never told her how much he liked that. He had asked her why she did that sometimes when he laid like this.

She had just shrugged and told him that she was used to Blair curling up in her lap, in cat form of course, while she was reading. When Blair did that she would pet her and that it must of just become something she did without thinking.

Soul never corrected her because honestly he liked it.

"Are you going to wear anything cute to the party?" Soul asked.

Maka opened her mouth when something cut her off.


There was a sound of a crash and then they looked over the couch to see Black Star tumble out of Soul's room.

"Dude, you just broke my window!" Soul yelled at the ninja as a knock on their front door was heard.

Maka shook her head and got up to answer the door, letting an apologetic Tsuabaki and the others in.

"Dude, you're a death scythe now! Awesome!" Black Star smiled and flipped himself onto the couch.

"Sorry to come so late," Kid told Maka apologetically. "We won't stay long."

"You made Soul into a death scythe!" Patty smiled and she and her sister crushed Maka into a hug.

"Yeah, Lord Death said there was going to be a party for you guys on Saturday." Tsubaki hugged Maka as the Thompsons released her.

"Yeah he is," Maka blushed.

"What are you going to wear?" Liz asked eagerly.

"I was going to wear that new dress that we bought when Blair took us shopping."

"Actually I wanted to have a little party of our own to celebrate, something less formal," Kid told them. "Perhaps tomorrow after school."

They all sat around talking for about two hours before the others left. Maka then said good night to Soul and finished her reading.

When she was done she peeked into his room and was glad to find him asleep.

She pulled out her phone and dialed a number and was a bit upset when it went straight to voice mail. The male voice telling her to leave a message.

"Hey it is Maka, Soul became a death scythe today and Lord Death is having a party on Saturday night to celebrate. I would really like it if you came. Let me know, bye."

Maka hung up then went to her room and pulled out her computer to check her e-mail for her column.

Dear Death,

I recently found out my weapon is pregnant. I have a problem with symmetry and don't want to put her or the baby in danger. I can't use her and her sister because I can't use just one weapon. I also don't want to replace her either, even if it is just for a short time.

Also the baby is my older brothers who I can't stand. He is always messing with me. What do I do?



Maka held back a laugh. Only Kid would sign it 8.

Dear 8,

I can't really help with the symmetry thing that is more of a medical thing. Maybe go to classes or something. Children aren't symmetrical all the time, they make messes, so you should start preparing yourself now.

If you can't get over the symmetry problem than you might have to take a break from gathering souls or take out another pair of weapons there is no way around it. Sorry.

Talk to your brother. Siblings fight and annoy each other that is how things go. I know a pair of brothers who have the same problem.

The older brother really cares about his younger brother but the younger brother has come to resent the older one because he seems to get everything. When it comes down to things the older brother is always there to support and love his younger brother. While the younger brother resents and seems to hate the older brother, deep down he does care.

It may not always seem like it but I am sure your family loves and cares about you.

Good Luck,


She wrote a note when she sent a copy to the editor that this was Shinigami's kid, so don't print.

Dear Death,

I need a boyfriend, what do I do? How do I go about doing so?

Sadly single.

Maka shook her head and sighed.

Sadly Single,

You don't need a boyfriend. You don't have to have some guy to make you feel complete. You can be a strong woman on your own. I don't have a significant other but am quite happy with my life. Have fun, live your life, and work on you. You don't need a man to define you. Sure it is nice to have the emotional support and love, but you can get that from good friends too.

If you really want a guy I would suggest gaining confidence in yourself first. If you feel good about yourself it shows and that is how you become sexy. If there is a certain guy you like try showing an interest in what he likes, but don't pretend to be something that you're not. Talk to him and get to know him, while showing him who you are.


Dear Death,

I really like this guy and yet all he does is seem to hang around with his meister. She isn't even cute, they have nothing in common and she seems to abuse him a lot. All I want is for him to notice me. Maybe if I tried to be more like his meister? But one of my female friends already tried that. Or if he left her?

Jade Ivy

Maka frowned. She had a feeling this was one, if not two of the girl's from Soul's fan club. Jade and Ivy were sister weapons from what Maka knew. They seemed like nice girls but could be real bitchy when they wanted. Mostly when it came to Maka.

Jade Ivy,

You shouldn't change just to please some guy. You also shouldn't try to make a person choose between their friends or you. Especially when it comes to a partnership, bonds between partners are very important and it is hard to find someone you match with.

Be yourself and try to be nice to his partner and friends, who knows maybe you'll come to like them. There is a good chance that he and his partner are just friends. No one likes a stalker, it just make you seem desperate.

Be yourself and I'm sure he will like you just fine.


Dear Death,

I really like this guy, let's just call him S-sama. I'm even a member of his fan club. He is so hot, talented and perfect. Yet I don't know how to get his attention. I've tried looking like his partner, I've tried being shy, and I've tried asking him out. What do I do?

S-Sama lover

Maka wanted to scream, it seemed like the letters from Soul's fan club were taking up most of her in box. She knew who this one was. A girl by the name of Sakura. She was rather girly and a meister. She followed Soul around a lot and Maka was pretty sure she broke into his locker at one point and took his stuff.

It was a shame that she was so obsessive because she was a pretty girl with long pink hair and green eyes.

She did have the habit of being a bit…more than obsessive. She had once threatened Maka for getting too close to Soul. Once she even tried to get Maka to let her in and cook him breakfast.

Of course Maka was used to this because the fan club always seemed like this. Soul had even taken to taking selfies that had Maka in them with his arm around her or something just to try to get them to back off.

S-Sama lover,

Don't be a stalker. No one is attracted to a stalker, it only comes off as creepy and desperate. Don't let those vampire books lie to you.

There is a good chance that he is just not that into you and you are scaring him more than anything. If this is the case then you should accept it and move on.

Try being yourself and I'm sure there is someone out there for you. Chances are there is someone trying to catch your attention as well. That is the thing about trying to get noticed by someone else, chances are there is someone who wants that person to notice them and someone right behind them wanting to be noticed.

Good luck,


Dear Death,

Years ago my best friend was cheating on his mesiter/girlfriend. She was so tired of it that she proposed that we sleep together. We were together for one night while he was out picking up woman at a bar.

She got pregnant and married her weapon, who I too believed was the father and at the time never even thought otherwise. We never told him. I was busy with work and never really paid much attention, soon having no contact with either of them. They ended up getting divorced and she moved away.

When I returned from my absence from the city I met the child, who is exceptional. My friend seems to love the child very much. Recently I have started to suspect that the child may be mine, not just because of the fact that the time frame fits and that the child looks nothing like my friend. The child does look exactly like the mother.

I have thought about doing a blood test, but am worried about how my friend will react. Not to mention the child does care for the father despite the fact that the child doesn't show it often.

I am also dealing with the fact that I've found that I am recently attracted to my friend. This would, however, make things more difficult. I'm not used to love and the only real attachment I have ever felt or people I have cared about are those who I have taught and my wife. Mostly because I had very little love as a child.

To top everything off, my wife has recently found out that she is pregnant. Meaning that the child, that might or might not be mine, may be getting a sibling. I'm not sure how to tell my wife or anyone all this. I'm not used to feeling all these emotions or love.



Maka felt her eyes widened and she wasn't sure how to react to this one. She had no idea who this could be.

Dear Shell,

Cheating is never good, even when it is to get back at someone else. This is a prime example of how cheating only hurts everyone involved. The fact that you kept this a secret for so long only makes it worse.

Let's address the feelings for your friend. You might be bisexual and you need to talk to yourself and your wife about it. Then talk to your friend. You can't just ignore the feelings but you also need to think before reacting. While the feelings of others should be brought into consideration, your feelings are most important. You shouldn't have to hide who you are. Still be there for the child you are about to have however.

Your wife may be hurt by finding out that you aren't straight, but it is better than being in a pretend relationship. And at least you still love her.

As for sleeping with your friend's girlfriend, let's call her MG, you need to tell him that you slept with her. He will probably be hurt, but make sure he knows the full story and also inform MG that you are telling him everything. Tell him that you are sorry that you did it, if you are that is.

As for the child. This will probably be a shock for the child and change everything for all parties involved. What other reasons make you think the child may be yours? Are there any traits that the child gained from you? Do you care about the child? By telling the child will you be ready to take on responsibility that comes with being a father?

You need to also tell your friend that there is a chance that the child he has spent raising might not be his. You also need to tell your wife, but do this separately. You need to work on where to move from there.

Perhaps have a blood test done, depending on who has custody of the child and how old the child is you may need permission from MG.

If you choose to take a test or something you should let the child know the situation, especially if the child is older and let them contribute. They may not want things to change or not want to know. You have to remember this is the man who raised her/him and loved her/him. In more ways than one your friend has been the childs father, even if they aren't related by blood.

You may lose people either way, but that is how things go. You made a mistake and chose to hide it. There is no way to come out of this without someone being hurt. Still you have to let them know.

This is a hard thing for me to answer in the end it is your choice.


Maka finished and ran a hand through her hair. She reached for her cell and frowned when she didn't find it.

She heard a knock on the door and quickly closed the e-mail.

"Come in Soul," Maka forced a smile.

Soul opened the door. "I got thirsty and went to the kitchen for some milk. Your phone buzzed and I noticed the light on."

Maka got up and took her phone from him quickly. She hoped he hadn't noticed who the message was from. He would be upset if he found out.

"Did you read it or anything?" Maka frowned, not able to hide the panic in her voice.

"I don't know who it was from or what it said," Soul chuckled. "Calm down. You know you can tell me anything right?"

Maka nodded. "I know."

"Night shortie," Soul smirked.

"Night Jaws." Maka chuckled.

Maka let out a breath and opened the text message. The description simple said, Him. She checked what his response to her voice mail was.

I'm in. Can't wait.

Maka frowned and texted back.

Just you? Are you near the city?

I talked to the others, we're all in. Yeah.

All 4? Great! Remember it is a secret.


Maka smiled and bounced onto her bed happily as she plugged in her phone. She was so excited. She hoped Soul would like her surprise. She had heard him mention to the guys he wanted to get something for her to thank her for all her hard work.

That wasn't why she was doing this, she would have done it anyway. She knew Soul well and she was sure he would be happy, somewhere deep down.

Soul laid in bed after giving Maka back her phone.

He wasn't happy at the moment. He had woken up earlier when she had been on the phone. He had no idea who she was talking to so late or why she seemed to wait to talk after he went asleep. What was she keeping from him and why?

He bet it was the person who had texted her back, this Him. This only helped reinstate the fact that she had a secret boyfriend. Soul didn't know who it was but the guy was going to pay, especially if the guy had tried anything.

Why was she keeping this from him? She had seemed so startled when he gave her back the phone she had seemed so nervous and jumpy, like a startled rabbit. More like a deer, with her big green doe eyes.

He chuckled to himself at the panic in her voice. Maka wasn't very good at hiding her feelings, especially from him. If he didn't pick it up right away he usually did through their link. She wasn't good at fooling him.

His smile remained when he thought of what she called him. Jaws. She often joked that he was a Great White Shark, because of his hair and teeth. Or called him and albino shark.

She liked sharks though.

They had once gotten a pet fish that Soul had won her at a fair. It lasted a long time too, until it got big and Blair ate it.

The fish would always swim away whenever Soul came near the bowl or smiled around it.

One day when Maka came home she found him on the other side the bowl smiling and could see the fish cowering in fear in the little castle. Maka had laughed and asked what he expected. To the poor thing he was like a shark.

He sighed and shook his head. That was his Maka.

He thought about how cute she looked in her short short sweat pajama bottoms and her white spaghetti strap shirt. Innocent, but sexy. That was Maka for you.

Unknown to Soul he wasn't the only one who was having a problem sleeping that night. In fact many would find themselves facing sleepless nights for the next few days.

Jaderoni4life: The special lotion.

FW: Why do you always have to say that like it is supposed to be sexual?

Jaderoni4life: Because it is fun. Why do you always have to write amusing beginning and ending notes? Why was the one for this chapter so long?

FW: Because it is fun. Anyway next chapter we still have the reactions in what was published in Maka's column. We're trying to write them so that no one figures out it is her or who the people are writing to her. Though they fail really badly.

Jaderoni4life: Also the rest of the boys find out about the baby! And we find out about the Meister Curse!

FW: And we meet more girls who like to stalk Soul!

Soul: Why are you doing this to me?

Jaderoni4life (smiling evil with FW): It amuses us.

FW: Kind of shocked we haven't gotten any guesses to who is writing each letter.

Jaderoni4life: I'm shocked that they haven't tried to guess who the editor is yet or the owner of the paper.

FW: We haven't brought it up much.

Jaderoni4life: Wonder if they'll try guessing who wrote these letters or who Maka is talking to. Could it be the mysterious editor?

Soul: Are you even going to tell us who the editor and owner are? Only one who knows is Maka.

FW: We're keeping it a secret so that both things will shock people, like the surprise with in Star Wars with the whole I am your father thing. Plus she gets to know because she had to have an interview with the editor and owner of the paper to get the job.

Jaderoni4life: I'm shocked if anyone actually reads these parts.