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* * * Chapter 27: Let Her Go * * *

Chase woke up early, his mind already on April. The first thing he looked at was the cot where she should've been sleeping. But his heart skipped a beat when he saw that the makeshift bed was empty. The first thing he thought was that perhaps April had just gotten up and gone upstairs. Maybe she was feeling better already.

The bionic stepped out of his capsule. Adam and Bree were still asleep in theirs beside him. Chase smiled a bit. Things were finally back to normal. Well, maybe. Where was April?

Chase approached the cot, and suddenly he noticed a slip of folded-up notebook paper on it. On the back it read, 'To: The Davenports.' It was unmistakably April's handwriting. Gingerly Chase picked it up and unfolded it.

As Chase read the note inside, his heart sank deeper and deeper in his chest. His hands shook as he lowered them, hardly daring to believe that he had really just read that.


Chase turned as someone called his name. Bree was stretching as she stepped out of her capsule. Adam opened his eyes and also stepped out, letting out a massive yawn.

"What's going on?" Bree continued as she rubbed the sleep from her eyes. "Where's April?"

Chase said nothing, but instead shoved the paper into Bree's hands. He didn't trust himself to talk. Bree quirked an eyebrow as she unfolded the paper and began to silently read.

"What's it say?" Adam asked as he leaned over his sister's shoulder. "I have a strict rule about 'no reading before midnight.'"

"But that would mean . . ." Bree began, but she trailed off and a thoughtful look came over her face. "You know what, that would explain a lot."

The female bionic shook her head and went back to reading. Her face paled a bit. As Bree finished the letter, she looked back at her brother. "Oh, Chase, I'm sorry," she said in a genuine apologetic tone.

"I figured we'd have to say goodbye," Chase muttered. "But I didn't expect it to be like this."

"We should show Mr. Davenport," Bree suggested. "Maybe he can do something."

Chase readily agreed and the three bionics headed upstairs. While in the elevator, Bree finally explained the letter to Adam. When they got out on the first floor, Tasha was making breakfast and Mr. Davenport and Leo were standing at the counter. Adam quickly ran over to the food, all thoughts about the letter forgotten.

"Hey guys, what's going on?" Mr. Davenport greeted them. "How's Ap–"

"Read this," Chase said, shoving the note at his father.

Mr. Davenport frowned a bit, but he put down his coffee mug and accepted the paper. His eyes went back and forth as he scanned it, and his frown deepened.

"That's crazy," he muttered.

"That's what I thought," Chase agreed. "Come on, there has to be something you can do! Track her GPS signal or . . . or something!"

"But Chase, it sounds like–" the tech mogul began.

"I don't care what it sounds like!" Chase shot back. "You need to track her. She's lost her mind! This can't be right. Please, Mr. Davenport!"

"Alright," Mr. Davenport said slowly. "I'll do my best to find her."

Chase sat down at the desk, completely unwilling to do this. This day had been hard enough, but this call was going to be even harder. If Chase was this upset, who knew how sad they would be?

"Hello?" said the boy whose face appeared on the screen.

"Hi Blake," Chase said slowly.

"Hey!" Claire shouted, suddenly jumping into view of the camera.

"What's going on?" Blake asked. "How's April?"

"She . . . she was gone when I woke up," Chase muttered, looking down at his feet. For a few seconds there was silence.

"You didn't protect her!" Claire screamed, lunging at their computer.

"Claire, whoa, let him explain," Blake said, pulling his younger sister back. "But things aren't looking so good for you right now, Chase."

"She left a note," Chase continued, unfazed by the show of sibling protection. Chase proceeded to read the note aloud to them. Blake and Claire sat surprisingly still.

"Mr. Davenport and I already tried searching for her chip," Chase said when he was done. "She must have turned off her GPS. We can't find her anywhere. As upset as I am about this, you guys must feel even worse."

"If it's what she wants to do," Blake sighed, "we can't stop her."

"But this is crazy!" Chase insisted. "She has a broken leg and a concussion. I'm worried sick about her. Why aren't you guys?"

"Because we know her," Claire piped up suddenly. "April is stubborn and headstrong . . . like a long-eared horse."

"Like a donkey?" Blake corrected.

"Isn't that what I said?" Claire asked with a confused expression. "Whatever. The point is that she does what she wants. Even we can't stop her. And sometimes she goes a bit crazy, yeah, but she's being smart about this. I can tell. She won't hurt herself."

"You can't know that," Chase insisted.

"We can," Blake said. "We do. We're scared for her, too. But she wants this, clearly. She mentioned trust. Trust her now, Chase. And us too."

"I . . . will . . . trust you," Chase said slowly as he stared at the letter. "I . . . will . . . I can't do this!" He groaned in frustration and lowered his head.

The cool afternoon breeze blew past Chase as he leaned against the tree in the front yard. A few red leaves fell to the ground beside him. Green grass provided a soft blanket for him to sit on.

Chase was still trying to figure out April's letter. He was trying to wrap his mind around this idea. After all they had been through together, and now this . . .

Maybe Blake was right, though. Chase needed to trust that April knew what she was doing. Chase would have to surrender and forget about April . . . at least for the time being.

With a sigh, Chase stood up. He folded the paper and stuffed it into the pocket of his jeans. As he did that, Adam and Bree walked out of the front door.

"Hey Chase," Bree said with a sweet smile. "About April–"

"Forget it," Chase said, holding up his hand. "I'm good."

"You sure?"


"Good," Adam said. "Then can you help me with my Spanish homework? It's like it was written in another language!"

Chase chuckled. "Sure Adam." Adam pumped his fists in victory and started to head inside.

"If you need someone to talk to, I'm here," Bree reminded her brother. "I always figured I'd have to console you after a break-up someday. I just didn't think the relationship would last so long before it happened."

Chase rolled his eyes. "Um, thanks, I think," he said. As they walked back to the house, Chase felt the paper rub against his leg. "It might take a little time, but I know I have to move on."

Dear Davenport family,

Thank you so much for everything you've done for me. You guys took me in and treated me as one of your own. You trusted me even when I didn't seem trustworthy. I cannot express how grateful I am for that.

My fight isn't over. Steven escaped. I saw him. I have to find him and stop him. He's crazy; absolutely insane! The guy has done things you don't know about . . . things that go far beyond anything he did at Next Generation Technologies. He is more dangerous than you could ever know. This is no longer our fight. It is mine alone. Steven will stop at nothing to destroy you all. I can't let that happen.

Tell Blake and Claire that I'm sorry. Let them know that I'm gone. But please don't keep them at bay. They're very sweet. Especially Claire, with her beautiful golden hair.

Thank you for everything you've done for me. I am really, truly thankful. I appreciate everything you did for me. Really. I love you all.

To Chase:

You know I'm not exactly a romantic person. I'm not the best at expressing my feelings. But I can do it better on paper than I can in person. Chase, I'm watching you sleep as I write this. You're really cute when you sleep, you know that? Okay, okay, maybe that sounded a bit creepy.

I can't tell you how much I want to stay, if only for you. But I can't endanger your safety. I'm sorry you have to find out like this. If I tell you in person, I know you'll just convince me to stay. And I can't do that.

Thank you for everything. For Planet Wars, bowling, my first kiss, all our wonderful training sessions, and for always trusting me. You're a great guy. I'll miss you a lot.

I'm not going to say goodbye. I know in my heart that we'll meet again someday. But Chase, promise me you'll move on. Don't spend every day of your life hung up on me. Live life to the fullest. Defeat some evil fathers, save the world, and look to the future. I love you.

Keep fighting,


* * * THE END * * *

How was that? Told you it wouldn't end like you thought it would. You know, there's actually a reason why Blake and Claire didn't freak out. There may also be a few hints in this chapter as to where April went. I wonder if any of you could figure it out. And yes, there is a right answer.

Now, I've been thinking about possibly doing a sequel to this story. After all, I can't just end it like that, can I? I think the sequel would be called "Just Another Fight." Genres: Adventure/romance. Here's the summary:

'Her life for the past year has been a living nightmare. Sometimes she regrets running away. Sometimes she regrets leaving him. But he couldn't be dragged into this; he would only get hurt. So what happens when he falls right back into her life? She never wanted him involved. But there's no turning back now. "Welcome to the nightmare that is my life."'

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