Me: I'm back, sorry it took so long, I hate school

Kyo: That explains your grades

Me: Hey my grades are average and just for that I'm calling Artemis! *Pulls out phone* Sky do the disclaimer.

Kyo:* Hides behind Sky*

Sky: *Glares at Kyo* Vulpix owns nothing but myself and Kyo

Me: *Make an awesome appearance on a stage in the middle of a big room* Hello bladers, I'm back! *Looks around to see the bladers unconscious on the floor*

Sky & Kyo: *Enter the room*

Me: Why are they unconscious?

Kyo: You said that you wanted them in the room, you never you wanted them awake.

Me: *Throws a shoe at his head* Well now I want them awake, so Sky would you do the honor?

Sky: *Grins evilly* with pleasure * Picks up Ryuga and throws him into a gong*

Blader: *Wake up*

Ryuga: WTH, wait a minute, you're back

Me: The one and only! *Strikes a random pose*

Kyo & Sky: *Face-palm*

Masamune: *Runs around screaming* NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Me: *Throws a shoe at him* Stop it!

Masamune: *Stops*

Madoka: What are we doing here?

Me: You're here for truth, dare and diary!


Me: *Uses a microphone in Ginga's ear* Shut up Now!

Bladers: *Stop*

Me: Better! Oh and…

Ginga: What? What did you say?

Me: *Throws a shoe at him* I have all your beys and Madoka's laptop, so you have to do it! *Laughs evilly*

Sky: *Face-palm* Moving on *Pulls out a card* The first dare is for….

Kyoya: How is there even a dare if the show just began?

Kyo: *Takes the card from Sky* It's from Vulpix for…

Madoka: Can she even do that?

Me: It's my show, so I can do what I want! *I stick out my tongue*

Kyo: *Sighs* Anyways the first dare is for Sky to kiss Ryuga

Sky: Wait a minute! I'm not kissing him! *crosses arms*

Ryuga: And I'm not kissing that *****

Me: *In a Demonic voice* You'll do it and like it!

Sky & Ryuga: FINE! *They kiss then Sky pushes Ryuga out of a window*

Me: *Face-palm* Great no one was suppose to get hurt for the first episode

Sky: You better sleep with both eyes open Vulpix!

Me: *Smiles kindly* Okay but first what flowers do you want at your funeral?

Sky: *Picks up the phone and calls someone get Ryuga*

Me: Better!..Oh and the dairy will come in the the next episode


Me: *On microphone in Masamunes ear* STOP IT!

Everyone: *Freezes*

Me: Just to so you know I will not do dares or truths that are sent through reveiw, also NO YOAI!