Me: I own nothing except Sky and Kyo *Picks up 3DS*

Sky: *Takes away my 3DS* You have to finish the chapter before you can play

Me: *Crying* Meanie

Me: Hello and welcome back to ~

Nova: Who line is it anyway?

Me: I wish, but no. It's~

Mark: Doctor Who?

Me: No, it's~

Sierra: Pokémon?

Me: Why do you guys keep interrupting me?

Kyo: They're playing 20 questions with Rex

Me: *Crosses arms* Let me guess its Sky

Rex: Yep

Me: Can we continue with the dares?

All Co-host: *Nod*

Me: Good. Mark you get the first dare

Mark: Lock Ryuuga in a cage with Jing and Ying *Smile*

Ryuuga: Who are Jing and Ying?

Mark: They're my cats

Ryuuga: *Walks into a cage and smirks* I'm not afraid of some small cats

Sky: *Locks the cage and starts laughing*

Mark: *Smirks* Did I forget to mention that they're tiger cubs and they hate people like you?

Ryuuga: *Gulps then is attacked by Jing and Ying*

Sky: *High fives Mark* Thank you for having tiger cubs who hate Ryuuga

Me: *Snaps finger a teleports Ryuuga outside the cage*

Yu, Tithi & Enzo: *Poking Ryuuga* I think he's dead

Everyone: *Sweat drop*

Me: Moving on to the next dare, Sierra

Sierra: Throw a triple beef burger at Madoka's face

Me: *Gives Sierra a triple beef burger*

Sierra: *Throws burger in Madoka's face*

Madoka: *Runs away, but the burger follows her* How is it following me?

Me: I put a tracking device in it

Madoka: That doesn't even make scene

Me: It doesn't have to

Ginga & Benkei: *Jump in front of Madoka in slow motion trying to catch the burger only to crash into each other*

Madoka: *Trips and the burger explodes into a glittery mess on her face*

Ginga & Benkei: *Crying* It was so young

Everyone: *Face-palm*

Me: Moving on… *Reads card* this one is for Chris and Bao

Chris & Bao: We're going to die

Rex: Man up! You haven't even heard the dare.

Chris & Bao: What's the dare?

Me: Beat up Aguma

Chris & Bao: Yeah.. We're not doing that!

Nova: Then say goodbye to your beys

Chris & Bao: Fine *Try to beat up Aguma only to be thrown out the window*

Sky: Vulpix if I'm going to~

Neptune: KILL YOU!

Me: When did you get here?

Neptune: When you turned Bao into a real vampire *Glares daggers at me*

Me: Oh…Um *Throws a pokeball at Neptune*

Neptune: *Disappears in a red flash of light*

Me: *Hands Pokeball to Mark* Quickly, return her to once she came!

Mark: *Disapears then reappears*

Sky: *Calls the hospital*

Me: Rex read the next dare

Rex: Dynamis and Ryuga act like each other

Ryuga: *In a Dynamis costume* This not the will of the heaven

Dynamis: *In a Ryuga costume* I'm the Dragon Emperor and I do what I want *Grabs Sky's arms and kisses her*

One awkward moment of silence later

Rex: *Throws both of them out the window*

Me: … Let's move on. Nova read the next card

Nova: Make any blader act like a co host

Me: How about Jack..

Jack: Why me?

Me: Because your diary nearly burned my eyes! And you have to act like Kyo

Jack: But he has no artistic flow and I doubt he even knows what true beauty is


Me: Kyo stop talking for a second. * Writes something on a piece of paper then turns it into a paper airplane and throws it out the window* Jack you're doing this dare or I'll destroy all of your paint brushes.

Jack: Fine *Now in a Kyo costume*

Me: *Pushes Kyo into a closet*

Artemis: *Crashes through the ceiling and starts beating up Jack with her bow, then sees Mark and starts talking to him*

Me: Okay, Artemis it's time to go

Artemis: *Throws a Glitter Duck at Jack then disappears*

Mark: I got her phone number

Me: I don't see how that's even possible

Mark: Why? Is it because she normally hates men?

Me: No, that she has a phone *Let's Kyo out of the closet*

Kyo: *Sees the beat up Jack* Artemis

Everyone: Yup

Me: Now, Rex if you will

Rex: Lock Doji in a closet

Doji: *Drinking orange juice* What's the catch?

Me: *Evilly grins* Why do you always think there's a catch?

Doji: The evil smile on your face

Me: Whatever! *Shoves Doji in a closet and locks*

Inside the closet

Doji: This isn't so bad~ *Bumps into something starts screaming*

Outside the closet

Sky: What's in that closet?

Me: You and the other co-host dressed as characters from Five Nights at ~ *Looks at all of the co-host* Freddy's… *Looks at closet* No one open that closet. EVER

Everyone: *Nods in agreement*

Me: There will be no diary tonight *Looks at the closet* do to the fact that I'm that horrified and that I can't wait to play my new Pokémon game.

Me: *Playing 3DS* It's so amazing, I could cry

Kyo: Since Vulpix is busy, how about you take over Rex

Rex: Sure. Vulpix needs more Truths and dares, preferably truths

Sky: And they t be sent through PM

Me: *Crying*

Rex: Is she okay?

Kyo & Sky: She will be in a few hours