So this is the beginning of a new story and the beginning of my other story, Friends Reunited. No prologue this time! I have nothing else to say.

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Chapter 1: The Calling

"Why me?" I groaned to myself as I threw my self on to my bed.

My so called family had just finished there daily torturing and life ruining plans with me and I could finally go to bed.

"Why did I have to be born into this family god?" I asked myself silently. "You must totally hate me by putting me here."

I sighed as I threw off my clothes and put them in my drawers before cuddling up into a blanket on my bed and letting sleep take me away into my only escape...

~Dark Void~

"Do you want to make something of yourself?" A voice that I could not recognize or place as either male or female.

"What do you mean?" I asked, not terrified in anyway.

"Do you want to help others and escape your horrid fate?" It said.

I thought about what it meant by 'horrid fate' for a second before I understood. By 'horrid fate', it meant my so called family that I had been born into. I then steeled my resolve to get away from them forever and help others by saying, "Yes, I want to help others and escape this fate of mine."

"Then continue on Chosen." It said with a finality.

Before I could ask what it meant by 'Chosen' I was enveloped in a bright white light and blacked out...

~Time~ Unknown

I groaned as I got up off the hard ground which I was sleeping on. Wait, hard ground? I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes and took in my surroundings. I was in a dark cave entrance that opened up to a steep drop. In the corner of the cave I cold see What seemed to be a small green body of a giant gecko? I approached it cautiously and got a better look at it. Luckily it was asleep.

It was small and green, alright what else? It had this strange green tail that looked kind of like a... butt on the back? It was over all very green and reptiliany. Something about it seemed familiar that I couldn't quite place my finger on. I then noticed it had tears falling down it's cheeks from its closed eyes, so I thought it must be sentient. Not wanting it to be sad I picked it up in my arms bridal style and rocked it slowly back and forth as its head rested against my clothed chest. I would have been wondering why I still had clothes on but I was to busy soothing the crying and (somehow) sleeping gecko. Its tears stopped and it cuddled deeper into my arms. I smiled as I sat down and leaned against the wall of the cave, drawing the gecko into my warmth.

I sat there for a good long while that I thought a whole day had gone by, but it still remained dark in the cave as it never lit up outside. During that time I thought about how I came to be here, but all I could remember was taking off my clothes and going to bed in my house. I frowned. It felt like I was forgetting something but I couldn't place my finger on it (not literally of course). I then looked down at the gecko's peaceful sleeping face. It looked like it was having pleasant dreams as it slept. I silently wondered how long this gecko could sleep before it began to stir from it's sleep. It opened its eyes slowly and looked up into my eyes blinking. It stared for a few seconds as I stared back at it with a gentle smile as I said, "Good morning sleepy head." Than added as an after thought, "At least I think it's morning."

It suddenly jumped out of my arms and stood in front of me growling, 'Weird' I thought to my self, as it said, "Treecko! Tree cko cko!"

I blinked at what it said then something clicked in my head. My face lit up in a bright smile as I shouted, "So that's what you are!" I jumped and pointed to it saying, "You're the Pokémon Treecko! Awesome!"

The Treecko looked at me quizzically for a second before it got upset all over again as it went into what seemed like a defensive stance. I considered it for a minute as I got on my knees and looked it right in the eyes. We stared at each other for a few seconds before I decided to brake the eerie silence.

"Hey, Treecko?" I asked quietly. "Are you okay? You were crying in your sleep earlier. Were you having a bad dream?"

It looked at me shocked, like it couldn't believe what I said. "Treecko?" It said questionably.

"Um... Sorry. I don't understand you." I said apologetically as I rubbed the back of my head.

It stared at me for few more seconds. Then as if something popped into it's head, it grabbed my hand and proceeded to drag me towards the cave entrance with a surprising amount of power for something so much smaller then me. I mean it only reached up to my waist with its head! I did not resist as it dragged me over. When we got to the entrance it pointed down the drop off and tugged slightly on my hand before it began to make his way down. I got the message and followed it into the unknown darkness.

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