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Chapter 6: Mystifying Evolution

The gray world came back into visual, and with it, bile. I quickly swallowed the bile, leaving my throat with a burning sensation. I tried to ignore it as I took a look at my surroundings.

I was standing in front of a vast forest that, like everything else in this world, was mostly varying shades of gray. The place was as the map had said, mystifying. It had a slight foggy look to it, but did not look nearly as eerie as the other forest. I looked to my side to see Treeko with a baffled look on it's face causing me to wonder if I too, had a similar look upon my face.

I shook it the thoughts, remembering what we came here for. We came to search for the Time Gears' locations and were not going to shy away from anything. "Come on Treeko, let's begin our search." I said as I began to walk into the forest.

I couldn't hear treeko following so I stopped and looked behind me to see him staring at at me with a expressionless look. "Treeko? Is something wrong?" I asked as I walked beck towards him.

I stopped in front of him and crouched down so I was eye level with him. "Treeko?" I asked once more as I reached my hand out towards him. My hand passed right through him and he faded away with me just standing there shocked.

"T-treeko?" I asked tentatively, scared and still not believing that he had just disappeared in front of me. I stood up suddenly, looking around for him, nothing just disappears randomly.

"Treeko!" I called as I dashed into the forest thinking something had taken him even though it was illogical. I continued to dash recklessly through the forest until I saw I figure about my size in the distance. Without thinking I dash towards it with reckless abandon. Only when I was in range of touching it did I stop. What ever it is, it is no where as small as me, it is probably twice my own size or more! But as I looked at it I realized it was making no attempt to move.

It had gray scale like skin and a different shade of gray for it's stomach. Its head was that of a dinosaur, with spikes that were protruding from its skull. There were more spikes on its back and just like its spikes on its head, had a jelly like substance that seemed to coat them. It sort of resembled a raptor dinosaur.

I looked at it's face and saw it had a panicked look. But It didn't move so I started waving my arms around, trying to get it's attention. Why? Because I thought it could not see me. But when I still did not move I decided to stare it in the eyes.

'Nidoking...' The thought just popped up in my head. I stood still for a moment longer before I realized something important. Time. Time was frozen for many Pokémon and this was probably one of the unfortunate Pokémon to get caught in the paralysis.

I stopped my antics and gave it a sad glance before moving on. It is not wise to dwell on things that are already gone. I proceeded through the forest, slowly noticing small frozen figures in various plants and trees, who had no doubt tried to hide, but could not.

'Furret... Turtwig... Pidgy... Farfetched...' The thoughts went on as I made eye contact with one of the frozen Pokémon. 'Bidoof... Iglypuff... Shinx...'

I felt a heavy sadness weighing on me as the thoughts, continued in my head. It was as if I was walking through the after math of a battlefield and witnessing all the dead. A small part of me wondered what being frozen in time was like, but that thought was quickly banished to the darkness of my head.

I had been walking for what felt like a long time before I began to see light. I ran towards the light, knowing that whatever it was, could only be good. I ran right into a clearing that had a large spring of water, frozen water. In the center of the spring was an orb of light, just hanging suspended as if waiting for something.

"Bring... one... of... chosen..." A voice said with a mystical energy. I looked around before my eyes settled on the orb of light. I walked towards it before stopping right before it looking at it curiously whilst also being prepared to run. "Lizard of sacrifice, human of links, feline of friendship and the lost link. Bring one, to start the path."

"Start the path?" I asked, wondering what the voice could be talking about. But I didn't get to think long as the orb in front of me began to take shape.

"You have chosen the role of sacrifice, may you both save this world..." And with that the mystical presence vanished, as did the orb. The orb disappeared to what I believed to be a Grovyle. The Grovyle was a large green Lizard, about as tall as me actually, with a long blade of grass extending from the back of its head. It also ha similar, blades on his elbows, but they were much shorter. I found myself standing right in front of the Grovyle wondering why I felt no need to run away.

I then decided to ask it a question, "So... have you seen a Treeko around here?" I asked innocently as the Grovyle in front of me remained emotionless as it stared at me. But the silence didn't last long as the Grovyle fell backwards as began to laugh, saying it's species name over and over again. I cracked a smile.

"I was worried you know, why'd you have to go a disappear?" I said as my grin widened, as I leaned over my laughing companion. "I guess I'll just have to call you Grovyle the Jerk."

He stopped laughing to look at me incredulously. "Okay, I'm sorry I couldn't come up with something more witty. Now get up and lets go. We still have a bit more forest to search before we continue on to the next area!" I said, grinning as I pulled him to his feet.

When I finished pulling him to his feet, I realized that he had not stooped staring at me. I was about to ask when he hugged me, whispering, "Gro grovyle..." I pulled back to see that he was looking at me with worry. But why was he worried? I was just fine. Or I thought I was as his breath that landed on my face revealed it to be wet. I pulled my hand on my face, fearing the worse. But when I pulled my hand back I came back with no blood, but tears. I had been crying without realizing it.

I then quickly whipped my face off before saying, "It's alright Grovyle, I'm fine."

He continued to stare at me for a good long while before he finally nodded. I mentally sighed with relief as he nodded and pulled out the map and found a peculiar word underneath the name of the forest we were in. It read: Explored. Meaning, we were done here in this forest and it was time to search else where for the Gears. I huddled up with him as we chose our next destination, before being whisked away into the unknown.

~PoV Switch~ 3rd person

Far in the fog that was apart of Fogbound Lake was a dark hulking figure that held a small crumpled form in his hands. He was laughing, happy that he had fulfilled his master's wishes. But he suddenly stopped as he stared at the mangled body in his hand.

"If only you had told me of the whereabouts of those who would meddle with Time, then I wouldn't have to spend so much time looking for them." He said with a sigh. "Now I have to go find those other meddlers."

He threw the body on to the ground as he began his trip to find the meddlers. He spared the body one last glance of distaste before continuing on his way. No live eyes watched him leave but the lifeless eyes of the recently deceased Pokémon of knowledge.