I sat on the rugged couch. It was a faded purple and it was falling apart. The fabric torn and weathered.

I was lucky, my mom, Valencia Martinez, let all my friends come over so we could all watch the Quarter Quell announcement. This year it marked the one thousandth year of the Hunger Games, and everybody knew we were in for something huge, we just didn't know what. So Nick and I were holding hands on the couch. James and Monique sat right next to each other on the ground, Monique's head on James shoulder. The twins, Andrew and Angel were on their bellies. Sadly, they just turned 12, so they were now of reaping age.

Our T.V. flickered on, and the One Who Is The One walked up to the podium, the capitol seal hung largely behind him. Reminding us that we were never really in control of our lives.

"Ladies and Gentlemen! As you know this its the One Thousandth Hunger Games!" He paused, opened a little box and pulled out an envelope. "This year, each district is required to supply 12 young men and 12 yound women to compete in the Games. They will compete in a 'District Hunger Games'. The two winners from each district will go into a final battle, where then they will compete until one is left standing." There was a small gasp from the capitol audience and a loud gasp from the few in this little room.

The One Who Is The One continued. "In addition to all the extra competitors, competitors do not have to meet the twelve to eighteen age restriction."

Instead of gasps from the capitol audience there were loud whoops and cheers emitting from our television.
"Thank you and good night. May the odds be ever in your favor."

But the odds weren't in our favor. This year they wouldn't be in our favor. Not even close. Nick looked at me, his black hair hanging in his dark eyes.

"Max, your name is in there at least 40 times. What are you going to do?"

"I don't know. Fang, your name is in there as many as mine is." And he had already been reaped twice.
What if James was picked? He's blind.

"Iggy,"Monique said, referring to James, almost breathless. It was unusual for her to not be talkative. Her nickname is Nudge. Tears rolled softly down her face, unlike the Gasman and Angel who were crying uncontrollably. At least their names were only in pot once, since it was only their first year.

And the adults had their names in the pot too. Maybe we'd gut lucky and no one I knew would get picked.
Being from District 10, livestock, I was capable of wielding a knife or two. So maybe if I was entered I'd be okay.
We had one week to prepare for the reaping. And then another week to prepare for our 'district games.'
In the 4 years I've been able to participate, I've been fortunate enough to not get reaped. Fang on the other hand, has been called twice, but he was lucky enough to have volunteers both times.

The echo of his name being called haunts my memory. "Nickolas Dark." Permanently etched into my brain.
Now we had the possibility of going in. I had no doubt anymore that I was going to be entered.
I wasn't going to survive. I mean at least I had my wings like Nudge, Iggy, Angel, Gazzy and know how genetic modification can go.

But I don't think I would last long.

I stared at Fang. And he stared back, his grip around my hand hardening. I knew he wouldn't want to let me go. If he was picked and I wasn't I'd volunteer, and know him he was going to do the same.

I broke my gaze and rested my head on Fang's shoulder.

Maybe I could make it out. There could be two winners from each district.

I made a silent vow to not kill anyone. No matter what, I wasn't going to.

A week came and went. I had spent most of those days with Fang. These could've been my last with him and I didn't want to die without him knowing how much I really loved him.

This morning I had taken a bath and put on a dark green wool dress. I put my hair up in a ponytail. For some reason, everyone dressed their nicest. I guess we wanted to look good for the Capitol.

I walked the town to the square, tons of peace keepers lined the entire square. I signed in because you don't miss this kind of thing, unless you were greeting death.

I walked to the area where the 16-year-olds were supposed to stand. I found Fang and held his hand. I heard the Capitol anthem play, but I tuned it out. I didn't want to watch the video like we did every year.

Soon our announcer, Amanda, stated she was now going to pick the twenty-four tributes. I tuned back in.

"The boy tributes are," she paused to take a little folded piece of paper out of a clear glass bowl, "Omega Kille!" I didn't know him so I was a bit relieved. He looked about 19. Next up was a boy named Holden Squibb. I didn't know him either.

After a few more names were called, a son and father were called back to back. Ari and Jeb Batchelder. I knew Jeb as the scientist that gave me my wings. I didn't like him. I didn't hate either of them really. But I didn't hope either would win.

"Andrew Zephyr." I turned and saw Gazzy's blond hair walking to the podium. He was crying. No one volunteered when he got up there either. I was trying my hardest not to cry.
Another name was called and it was a boy who liked me, but I didn't really know him except that his name was Dylan Hagen.

"Nickolas Dark." Fang let go of my hand and I had to tell myself that it was okay. That someone would volunteer like they always did.

But no one did. And the last few names were called. Our twelve boy tributes were Nickolas Dark, James Griffiths, Andrew Zephyr, Jeb Batchelder, Ari Batchelder, Roland Ter Borcht, Omega Kille, Dylan Hagen, Dr. Hans Guther-Hagen, Sam Caring, Ratchet Clank and Holden Squibb. Half of my family was reaped. Fang, Iggy and Gazzy. And no one volunteered. No one at all.

Then the girls were picked.

My name was called and I walked numbly to the podium, standing next to Fang because I didn't want to cry as I was staring at the entire town. Finally the twelve girl tributes were me, Monique Birde, Angel Zephyr, Lissa Frost, Maya Madden, Ella Martinez, Star Speede, Kate Strong, Dr. Bridgid Dwyer, Anne Walker, Tess Doe and Marian Jannssen. All my friends had been reaped. My entire family was going to die. There could only be two winners. And there could only be 1 in the end.

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