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Late in the night I woke up to find Fang sitting off the balcony of our floor, Hermione was there too, she looked tired. And drunk. I sat opposite of Hermione next to Fang. Leaning into him when I sat. He immediately grabbed my face and pulled it towards his, giving me a sloppy kiss. He was drunk too.

"This is not the time to be drunk right now Fang." I hissed when he pulled away.

"Hey, Max, we are going to die, I'm going to have a little fun before I do. Who knows maybe I can drink myself to death before we start!" Hermione was so bubbly, she giggled for a minute before handing me my own bottle of liquor. She shook it in front of me, as I was hesitant to grab it at first.

"Take it girlie." Damon said sharply. I twisted off the cap and took a large swig of harsh whiskey.

They all cheered, whooping loudly, and so I took another swig, then two more.

I felt the burn of it all the way down and soon I felt numb and tired.

Hermione was the first to speak after several finished bottles.

"I'm a witch and I'm going to die." Her voice low and timid.

Next Fang spoke, his words a bit slurred.

"Imma mutant and I will probably kill myself to save anyone of you here."

He had his arm around me and squeezed a bit at the end, he looked to me to go next.

I sighed heavily and stood, I shrugged my shirt off, releasing my brown and white wings.

"I'm a mutant and I refuse to kill myself."

"I'm a vampire, and I hope someone kills me." Damon spoke, loud, but not confident, his voice shaking with every word, like he was afraid we'd kill him then and there.

He shifted about on his feet and I pulled him down when I sat again, it was nice to feel the cool night on my back.

"I hope we all die in the first round so I don't have to kill any if you." Hermione looked straight at me. I looked away.

"Truth or dare, Max?" Asked Damon

"Dare." Oh the liquor was getting to me.

He thought carefully for a moment. "Fly."

I stood back up and gave my self a running start, I ran sprinting a bit and jumped off the balcony.

I let my self fall for several stories and let my wings fall out gently. I soon saw Fang come after me zooming in the air after me. I then swooped up meeting him mid air, my lips crashing against his. I tried to keep flapping and hold us up. I let go of him and we both flew upward and they whooped as soon as they saw us pass and we eventually landed back onto the balcony. We bowed, and they applauded.

"Ok, Hermione, truth or dare?" I asked.


"Oh, you wimp, okay, um…. Do you like to fight?"

"No, I'd rather avoid it…" and so it went, for several hours we played and just talked, talked about the people we loved and our flaws and everything. It was beautiful. I was happy for the first time on this trip. It was good.

At some point we had all fallen asleep. I had been sprawled across Fang, and Hermione who laid in a ball, much like a cat, next to me. Damon, who didn't sleep, was off in a corner, standing.

He didn't care much for sitting.

I pushed myself off of Fang, who shuffled slightly, but continued to snore, and I walked towards Damon.

"Hey." I said.

"Hey." He replied, looking down as well.

I tried to ask if he was okay but the speakers of boomed out.


The rest of the day was slow, tributes were in and out getting evaluated, Hermione left first, then Damon two districts after her, and then me and fang, we held hands on the way to the training room. I saw the children, and I knew I had to do everything to protect them Angel especially.

Each one of us were evaluated separately showing our most special skill.

After half of us had gone I went, Fang wished me good luck.

"Hello Maximum. You will now be evaluated." I didn't catch who said it.

I shrugged off my jacket, which at had covered my wings, and I kept them in, closely packet. I walked right up to the wall, where the game makers could not see me behind their glass.

With a deep breath I jumped, and used my wings to push off the ground jumping right in front of the game makers, and scaring several, a few screamed and two completely fell backwards. Then the laughed. I flew around the room, dire bombing and picking up some items, throwing a few knives half-heartedly at a target, getting close, if not bulls eye with every knife.

I was doing everything I could to get an average score, but still impress.

You see, when evaluated, we are scored, on a scale from 1 to twelve. You're lucky to make a 5, but I've seen as high as 9 before, and I once heard of a girl getting 11.

It didn't matter. I knew what ever score I got, I would die.

And I couldn't stop it.

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