This is an important Author Note !


Hey everyone~! How are you guys doing today? I'm really sorry for the late update and yes I know it's not an update. I just wanted to inform everyone that I put a poll whether Kagura join Fairy Tail. I hope everyone check it on my profile and choose the choice wisely.

After being away for quite a while I enjoy reading some of crossover fanfiction and as you can see that I'm now a bit attached with Rosario + Vampire. Do you guys think I should make a story regarding Naruto x Rosario + Vampire? If so please review and the pairing will of course be Naruto x Moka (since I like Moka that much!)

Lastly, I'm also planning to write a Naruto x To Love-ru crossover. Once again reviews regarding if I should make this one too and give me some suggestion (talk to me through PM). So far I'm thinking to add Yui and Lala in the harem. I'm not sure about other girls but we can work that out!

Anyway once again please choose the choice whether Kagura join Fairy Tail and once you did I can finally update since I'm planning to create another poll regarding Naruto and his magic.


Signed Out!