Eliza retrieves Henry's slippers and places them in front of him and then stands in front of the mirror and pulls the hat pin out of her hat before sitting daintily on the sofa. Mrs Pearce soon brings the tea tray in.

"Eliza, are you sure you'll be happy here after everything that's happened between us?" Henry asks when he finally gets up his courage.

"I couldn't be happy anywhere else." Eliza says as she sips her tea and they wait for Colonel Pickering. What she says is full of insinuations about the relationship she wants with him and the one she hopes he wants too.

Colonel Pickering enters the room and instantly the world is as it should be, almost, but he can feel a tension in the room that has never been there before. He smiles and instantly knows what's going on between Eliza and Higgins. He knows that Henry's feelings have been getting the better of him, especially when he discovered that Eliza left. Colonel Pickering decides to question his friend a little later when Eliza isn't around.

"Pickering do we have plans for tomorrow?" Henry asks furrowing his brow in thought.

"There's just the party at your mother's tomorrow night." Pickering says as he helps himself to a custard tart.

"I forgot about that. You will come with us to the party won't you, Eliza?" Henry asks with anticipation in his eyes. It's only a party with Eliza in attendance.

"Gladly. Your mother asked me independent of you and Colonel Pickering, but I'll be happy to come with you. Your mother is delightful." Eliza says looking directly at Henry and hardly noticing Colonel Pickering.

"Mother will be thrilled. She likes you very much, Eliza. She seems to think you're a good influence on me. I happen to think she's right. I couldn't do without you, Eliza. I was completely muddled today. I didn't know what to do with myself and I couldn't find a thing. At least promise me if you leave again you'll leave me a note telling me where everything is." Henry says sounding lonely already.

"I'm not going to promise that because I'm not going anywhere. Where's the ring you bought me in Brighton?" Eliza asks tears shining in her eyes.

"I found it on the mantelpiece this morning and I slipped it into my pocket." Henry says fingering the tiny ring in his pocket. This feels like a much bigger moment than it should be.

"May I have it back?" Eliza asks as she kneels next to Henry's chair. This is her way of saying she's sorry. She could never really tell him she's sorry. It's not in her nature and Henry would never apologize either.

"Of course. It was made to fit you. No one else can wear this ring but you." Henry says as he slips the ring back on Eliza's finger. Colonel Pickering almost feels as if he is intruding on a special moment. The atmosphere in the house has definitely changed.