It was a normal day I was walking home from school. The normal didn't las t long though. The next thing I knew I was in my little pony. I passed out from shock. When I open my eyes there is A.J, Twilight Sparkle,Rairety,Fluttershy,and Rainbow Dash. What you Rainbow asked. Before I could say anything twi said she's a human. The next thing I know there's Conan from Detective Conan,Percy from Percy Jackson and the Olympians,Harry from Harry Potter,Katniss from the Hunger Games, Karter and Saide Kane from the Kane chronicles,Kagome from Inuyasha,The hole Host Club from Ouran HSHC,Sherlock Holmes,Doctor Who,Johny Test,Johny Quest,Lady Gaga,Phineas and Isabella,and all the people from Frozen,The Lego Movie,amd The Hobit, also Scooby Doo and Velma. This isn't going to end well I thought. After informing everyone they are all fictional charetacers, wich the look on there faces were priceless exept for The Docter who said go figure. Princess Celista appeared and Sid we need your help. End Chapter 1

I decided to transform. After all we had to get to know each other . What the heck are ever one yelled I cringed my name is Natsu no tsuki. Ima Neko Demon Miko. What dose that and your name mean every one but the people from Japan asked. Conan said Her name means summer moon nada Neko Demon Miko is half cat demon and half priestess. That's why her demon form has cat years and a tail. True. Her midnight black hair went down to her. Knees and her greenish blue yes seemed to sparkle. I also have two death strokes, the power to summon dragons,and being able to jump higher than the worlds tallest building. I also have a sense of sight and smell that go beyond belief to the point my vision in the dark is 100/20. Now back to the task at hand to Canterlot. Son we arrive. You will go to war and fight against silver moon. I passed out. When I woke up they asked if I knew silver moon. I said yes. She is my sister. Everyone gasped. Then princess Celista fainted. When she woke up she said the siste of my darkest enemy will be the savior to all and unblock her full powers a Miko Neko Demoness.


We were fighting for our lives me against my sister she stabbed me and I went down. All of a sudden I feel a great power. I transform into a full Neko Miko Demoness. I use my new powers and summon all the dragons. I use my spirt blade and stab my sister. She transformed back into her old self. We soon went back to our own demonions happy and my sister and me lived long lives.

The End

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