Kicking as fast as his legs would allow him, Kirby dealt a few blows to his temporary enemy, who was promptly blasted up, only to begin charging for an attack while he fell. Kirby tried to dodge the oncoming move, but failed and was launched to the edge of the stadium by the strong knife thrusts. He skidded to a stop and quickly ran toward the center, eyes focused on the heart container floating gently down in the middle. His opponent aimed one of his projectiles at him, but Kirby crouched down and watched the arrow fly over his head, Kirby himself skidding into the heart container and recovering instantly.

As Kirby jumped up again, trying to land on his opponent and perform his stone attack, the air suddenly tightened, making it slightly harder to breathe. The audience was still cheering, oblivious to the unusual decrease in the oxygen supply.

In a flash, the small pink puffball stopped his attack on Pit, the angel slightly disconcerted at the sudden end of his attack. Pit stood up, glancing around at the area until a shadowy hole appeared in the sky. Something was wrong. Very, very wrong.

That would be the biggest understatement of the century.

Large, shadowy creatures descended down in a lazy spiral, their cold aura spreading toward all corners of the stadium. Their wispy clothing billowed imposingly in waves around them, dark hoods covering their tall figures. Gliding forward smoothly, the creatures slowly advanced, radiating a despondent, threatening sensation.

Pit dimly made out several familiar voices yelling simultaneously in a variety of pessimistic emotions, if he sugarcoated the situation. Turning along with Kirby, Pit spotted Link, Zelda, Luigi, and Mario hurrying toward them. Several tiny figures were outside of the mansion, Pit vaguely recognizing Mr. Game-and-Watch's flat shape and Peach's pink dress, whose hands were adorned with a suspicious circular metal object. Lucario, eyes shut in concentration and glowing faintly with energy, opened his slanted red eyes and leaped off the point of his spire, readying a large, pulsating aura sphere.

The crowd was screaming in terror, but their cries were soon drowned out by a feeling of dense hopelessness. All happiness disappeared, fear replacing it as people began dropping like flies. A few of the creatures were closing in on them, seemingly effortlessly tearing out the faith in the once-enthusiastic audience.

Pit shook off the terrifying feeling and tried to recall his bow, which had mysteriously vanished as soon as the things appeared. Golden rings encircled his arm before the bow appeared in his hand, Pit immediately nocking an arrow of light energy. His eyes narrowed in focus, hands adjusting their grip to get a better aim at the creatures.

Many of the Smashers were recovering from the shock, blasts of magic and the whistling of blades puncturing the still air. The battle fluctuated wildly in favor of either side for a while before the creatures finally made any move. And suddenly the world was flashing between icy, mute black-and-white, and deafening, colorful scenes of panic.

The angel released his arrows in rapid-fire, taking down five creatures. They were knocked back into the portal, some of the density lifting from the arena as soon as they were gone. Taking a moment to look around, Pit spotted Link and Zelda, who were taking turns attacking, Link slashing at the creatures while Zelda released searing bursts of flame, occasionally shifting to Sheik, who would fire needles. Kirby, Meta Knight, and Yoshi had teamed up, creating a blur of nearly impossible-to-follow movement in a timed sequence of kicks, cuts, and rolling. Ike and Marth had appeared from the crowd and were either slicing at the creatures' ghostly heads or spinning their swords to form a shield. Mario, Luigi, and Peach were nowhere to be seen, although Pit suspected that they were protecting the crowd due to the occasional frying pan and fireballs appearing from the screaming people.

Pit assumed that the rest of the Smashers were in a different place, and hoped that none of them had succumbed to the creatures' attacks, because Pit could feel souls being ripped out of their respective bodies. He cringed as the world flickered black-and-white again, not reverting to color as it once had. But then memories began resurfacing.

They flashed instantly through his mind, the worst being his Goddess's words, even if he knew that she had not been herself when she had spoken. 'I don't need you anymore. We're no longer friends' began replaying over and over in a stream of never-ending agony. He tried to block out the memories, but nothing worked. Each recollection struck his heart until he could no longer bear the deep mental pain.

He dropped to the ground, releasing his bow in favor of clutching his head. His vision seemed disoriented, the scene in front of his eyes dizzyingly spiraling all over the place. The creatures surged around him, a few Smashers running over and trying to hack, kick, or blast the things out of the way. Red was the first to break through, Squirtle spinning rapidly around him.

"Pit!" He called, but the angel couldn't hear anything anymore. The world failed to regain its normally superior vivacity, turning black-completely black. The Smashers that had been trying to get through the wall dropped similarly and the last thing they saw was the rip in the sky.

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