The small room was filled with noise, but with all of Team Crafted there that wasn't hard to predict. Everyone sat around the room, either by themselves or in small groups, the later being the favored choice. Seto and Brice sat at table near a wall, a light shining down so the two could see what they were doing. Brice sat his egg down and rubbed his hands over his face. "You want to take a break?" The blonde ran his hand through his hair and looked at the sorcerer. "Yeah, It's getting hot in here, or is that just you?" The brunette blushed and looked away, "Oh shut up" he snapped, but the smile dancing on his lips let the other know he was joking.

Brice stood and walked to the door, Seto following behind him. "Where you guys going?" Mitch asked from the couch, where he was sitting with Jerome. "Just outside" Brice answered, opening the door. "Ok," Jerome called as they left, "keep it PG!"

The taller shook his head as he sat on the grass next to the other, "Those guys" A soft laugh came from the younger's lips as he looked around the backyard. "It's a nice day" Seto spoke, resting his head on Brice's shoulder. "Yeah" he replied, wrapping one arm around Seto's shoulders and moving the other behind him to help hold him up as he leaned back. The two sat like that for a while, just admiring the day and enjoying the company of the other.

"I love you." Brice snapped out of his daze, glancing over at the sorcerer. He wasn't sure if he imagined him saying those three words, or if Seto had actually said it. Sure, they have been dating for about two years, but they both agreed not to say it until they meant it, and not just say it to say it. Brice had been waiting for the right moment to tell Seto, but he was afraid of how he would react. The brunette looked over into the others eyes, a small smile pulling at his lips. "I really do." So many emotions ran through Brice's mind, but he managed to reply "I love you, too." A smile split across Seto's face as he leaned up, giving Brice a short, sweet kiss.

They both sat their, smiling like idiots, until Brice stood up and dusted off his pants. "I'm gonna head back inside to finish up decorating the eggs. Easter's tomorrow, you know." He reached down a hand, which Seto took and stood up. "Yeah, I know." They walked back inside, hand in hand, with goofy smiles still plastered on their faces.

Did you think this was ok? Kinda sorta? I wanted to write something and this popped into my head. Took me about 35 minuets to write, and yeah. It could be better, but I'm happy with it. Happy Easter, to those who celebrate it. Favorite this if you liked it, and send me some comments. I would write a lot more if I had some more prompts :P Anyway friends, hope you enjoyed this quick one-shot. And as always, Stay Awesome and Ice Cool.