In this chapter the BO comes in ( evil laugh that is scarier than Akoko's)

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Conan's POV

Ugg ware am I? Well it looks like our little kitten moon has waken. Kid! I yell.

Sorry sorry tainte kun but unless you want to be handed over to the BO I suggest you cpoerate. Dam him I think. You will help us from now on and you will only see that girl of yours at heist. That's when I realized I had cat ears and a long silver tail. What the hell! Kid how long have I been asleep. Six hours he said. What's with all the noise lunar moon says as she and her friends walk into the room. Oh I there sweaty are you ok. I drop my kid mask. Leave me the hell alone. I will inform you that I am 17 and that Kaito here is an IDOT. Such harsh words tainte kun. Says kid. Then in a poof I'm a a frilly ball gown,my hair is dyed blond, it's brushed in a way to make me look like a girl whit and black starburst into laughter were as lunar moon and moon prince are trying not to. Why am still tied up I ask in a sweet but SCAREY voice. Kid gulps so you don't kill me. I sure you know dozens of ways to murder without being caught. Then Gin walks in and I disappear in a flash but I can still hear what there saying. You have 6 months to find pandora or else your friends and family get it. Then Gin leaves. Kid sends everyone back to bed. Now we can have some fun he says pulling out a flick knife and in a poof I'm on a bed. This ain't going to end well.


Warning next chapter will contain slash raiting will change now back to,killing kaito with a fish. DIE KAITO DIE! It will be my first attemp so please be nice and for people who don't like it skip the next chapter.