Hey everyone, it seems like everyone is writing their own version of what Season 4 might look like. I just couldn't let Liv leave , she would never leave her Gladiators and she would NEVER leave Fitz. The title "One Pill Makes You Stronger" comes from the Season 2 episode when Verna comes to see Sally after the assassination attempt. These characters are the property of Shondaland Productions and the brilliant mind of Miss Shonda Rhimes.

Chapter One..She Got Off the Plane

Olivia Pope took another swig from the water bottle. It really wasn't what she wanted. At this point , she would have given anything for a glass of her beloved red. She felt like she had been through hell and back. If anyone could pick new parents, she felt like it was her. It wasn't just them but they were a large contributor to the breakdown she almost had. She felt like it was a good thing that she dismantled B613 , after all they were responsible for James' death and numerous crimes. But then everything spiraled out of control, the bomb, handling the Grants, and the final nail in the coffin , the death of Gerry Jr. Yes, he won the election, but at what cost?

It felt so right. Here she was on a private jet escaping. Escaping the world she helped to fix. Fixer? That is a joke. Her fixing is what screwed everyone 's life up. She let her chocolate eyes shut and listen to the hum of the jet engine. She was trying so hard to shut it all out. Everything was going to be fine and she would get back her soul. She looked to her side to see Jake smiling at her. Just by reflex, she returned the smile. She was glad to have some company .

There it was again… that damn cell. The buzzing was driving her to the point of madness. She had a pretty good idea who it was and what it was about. She just couldn't take it anymore.

"Just take it to voice mail." She told Jake. He obeyed and the ringing stopped. There was only the roar of the engines as the plane was getting ready for takeoff. She closed her eyes and sighed.

But there was only one thing that kept nagging at her…it was him…

Her last image of him was with his dead son in his arms. Broken, defeated. But it was going to be alright. He had his wife, his staff , and they would take care of him. He was no longer her problem. She was no longer "the help" or his mistress . They would all be better off without her. Huck would finally be free to reunite with the family that he lost. Abby would probably be standing under a chuppah somewhere marrying David Rosen. Cy would find love again as he raised the child he adopted with his late husband. Yes, they would all be fine.

But there was one thing that kept nagging at her… it was the past…it was hearing voices from her past

"We're in this together"

"Just one minute"

"I choose you"

"Somewhere in another life, another reality we are married and we have four kids and we live in Vermont"

"You own me, you control me, I belong to you."

"He calls you the love of his life. Don't you dare give up on him"

That last voice got her. Cyrus knew what she meant to Fitz. The two of them had been through a lifetime together. He had almost died, he had told her that he was willing to give it all up for her. Everything. He had even had a house built for her in Vermont. Now ,she was the one who was giving up. She was the coward. On the darkest day of his life, she was leaving her man. She felt like everything was her fault. After all, it was her sweet terrorist of a mother who stole the vile that killed his son. Her own father had voiced revenge against Fitzgerald Thomas Grant the third. "He took my child, I am taking his." Her father was definitely someone to be feared. Jake could vouch for that .

The plane was beginning its final approach. The engines just got louder and louder. They were picking up speed so it could ultimately climb into the blue sky. But the noise, and her thoughts made her feel even more claustrophobic. Everything was pushing in on her . She felt like she couldn't breathe. She was trying to catch her breath because it ultimately came to her, she didn't belong on this plane. She wouldn't let her father win. She needed the plane to stop right now. She was needed. People depended on her. She was a gladiator and gladiators don't run, they fight. There was plenty of fight left in Olivia Carolyn Pope.

She picked up the phone that had a direct line to the cockpit, "I need to get off." She said with confidence.

Jake's look of ease was suddenly met with a look of terror. "Olivia! You can't ! He'll kill me. You can't run from command. It was my job to get you away from him. He was never supposed to see a second term. He was supposed to be killed with that bomb. I failed and now I am dead." He grabbed her arm to keep her from leaving the plane. She ripped away from his muscular grip.

She turned to him and said earnestly, "It is not fair to you. I don't love you . I am only trying to replace him by using you. That was the whole pretend boyfriend thing. Just an act. I have been acting and hiding for long enough. I don't know what the future holds for me and him. But I do know this, there are people in Washington that depend on me. I get them out of trouble, I save their careers, I fix them. I took five people and gave them a second chance. I created a President. I am needed. You are perfectly welcome to take my father's jet and go wherever you want. But I have to go back . "

Olivia sat comfortably as the plane turned around and headed back toward the terminal. Jake just kept staring at this woman. His pal was lucky to have her. She was amazing. Beauty, brains, and look at that body. He knew deep in his heart that she still loved Fitz, but he had to give it one more try. After all, Navy doesn't give up. Olivia took the cell from her Prada bag and braced herself for the messages on her phone. She put in the number she had committed to memory.

"Hello, get me Cyrus Beane."