The White Press corps had made a special point to gather on New Year's Eve. Most of them had plans later of fancy balls or gatherings at neighborhood bars. But today was a special day, it was the day that the first President who divorced while he was in the White House was getting remarried. It was a day of firsts, the First interracial couple to occupy the White House, the First African American First Lady , and a President who married a member of his staff.

Cyrus took it among himself to take the couple upon the podium so the press could get the first shots of the new First Lady and her husband, the President. Still wearing a tux, he went on the platform and stood at the mike like he had done so many times.

"Good afternoon ladies and gentleman of the press. We are happy to announce that approximately ten minutes ago President Grant and Miss Pope were joined together in holy matrimony. Later tonight, the traditional New Year's Eve gala will be a wedding celebration for the Grants. Guest performers incluplde Tony Bennett and Beyonce. " he then turned to the couple and smiled . "And now for the first time, President Fitzgerald Grant and his First Lady, Olivia Pope Grant ."

With a wave and a smile, Fitz pulled Olivia up on to the podium and then addressed the crowd. " Hello everyone let's make this quick because I am sure you all have plans and we have a party to go to."

The reporters asked about the morning of the wedding, the dress, and did the couple spend their last night of being single apart. Fitz and Olivia were brilliant in their answers. They asked about a honeymoon and Fitz was evasive about that one. He did have plans but he wanted to surprise her with a trip to the ranch in California. Olivia became an old pro fast as she smiled and turned for the cameras and the wire services couldn't wait to put up photos of the First Couple.

The television networks led the broadcast with the pictures of the President and his new bride. Andrew and Mellie were preparing to go out for a political fund raiser. As she poured herself a drink, she almost choked when she saw her former husband and his new bride on the network news.

"Olivia , he did it! Olivia Pope is First Lady." Screamed Mellie

"But darling, you knew it was going to happen." Said Andrew.

"But it's one thing to talk about it. It's a totally different thing to see him flaunting it on the evening news. He has his nerve." She said with disgust.

Andrew looked carefully at the pictures on the screen. "He does look happy." He sighed.

Mellie hated to admit it. He did look happy. She remembered how many times he had talked about a divorce. How after the shooting he talked about a divorce. She had threatened him with exposing his dirty little secrets on national television. He showed no fear by spending the night with Olivia and being dragged out of her apartment by the Secret Service and Cyrus the next morning. She had seen him like that before, like a hundred years ago. They were young and in love, he had returned from the Navy and they were both in law school. The future was open for the both of them. Now they were both with someone else and happy for the first time in years.

"Congrats Fitz, hope you will be happy." Mellie took a glass of her father's hooch and made a toast and then drank it down in one gulp.

The State room was decorated with burgundy and forest green with gold streamers around the stage and roses festooning every table . The centerpieces were decked with pine for the season around the roses. At each place was a tiny little glass globe with holly and a red rose. The ribbon said Fitzgerald and Olivia and the date.

Following the formal photos, the guests had assembled awaiting the arrival of the newlyweds. The orchestra had been cued to start playing the song when the President came in. With one signal, the drum roll began with a trumpet fanfare. The master of ceremonies walked to the microphone on the bandstand and then made the announcement when "Hail to the Chief" began to play.

"Ladies and gentleman, the newly married President of the United States and his First Lady"

Fitz and Olivia headed to the stage and walked onto it. "Thank you, thank you. We would like to welcome you to our New Years Eve celebration. It's been a very special day and we wanted to share our big day with our closest friends and acquaintances. " looking over to Olivia he handed the mike to her. "And now a word from the lady of the hour, my wife, Olivia."

Everyone clapped and Abby yelled to her best friend. So did Harrison.

"I am not accustomed to making speeches. That is my husband's job. But I would like to say that I am very happy and am so glad that all you people could make it out here tonight. I am sure there is a lot of things that I am going to have to get used to. I would also like to thank all of the staff in the White House for making me feel welcome during this time of transition. I would also like to thank my 'gladiators" , my family for their help . I also would like to thank VP elect Cyrus Bean and his husband, James, for their friendship as well. Thank you Karen and Teddy for allowing me to be your stepmother and " then Olivia looked over at her husband. "I especially want to thank this guy for not giving up. I thank God that he didn't take me at my word and bugged the hell out of me until I gave in and let him love me. You are an extraordinary man, Fitzgerald Thomas Grant , and I intend to spend the next thirty years finding out how extraordinary you really are. " Fitz took his hand and wiped away a tear from his eyes.

The guests filled the room with thunderous applause as they took their silverware and clinked it against the goblets on the table. In unison, they all chanted for the President to kiss his wife. Fitz happily obliged as he carefully put his hands under her back and dipped her into him for a kiss. "Just wait till later, lady." He whispered with his deep baritone voice.

Woops and wolf whistles filled the room when the couple had finished kissing.

Almost every food and pastry that was known to man was served to the guests. Waiters and waitresses catered to every guest for any need they had, from more butter to coffee with the dessert.

Before the dinner was served, toasts had to be made from the best man and maid of honor.

Cyrus took his glass of wine and lifted it before he started his part. "I would like to propose a toast to a couple that didn't know how to take no for an answer. I called Olivia to be part of Fitz's campaign but I never dreamed that this would have happened in a million years. I can't think of a better couple for it to happen to either. The campaign trail was also where I found my husband James as well which makes this wedding more special. Fitzgerald, Olivia, I wish you both a lifetime of happiness and lots of love to you both, my children from another father, to Olivia and Fitz!"

The crowd cheered "To Olivia and Fitz!"

Abby stood up next and then lifted her champagne flute "To Libby and President Grant , it is very seldom that two people in this life know who their soulmates are. You two are one of the lucky ones, and the wait is over. Now you can just concentrate on being happy. I am so happy for my best friend and she deserves a little normal. So raise your glasses and drink a toast to the President and his new First Lady, my bff Olivia Pope Grant."

Once again the crowd started cheering for the couple to kiss. Happily Fitz obliged.

After dinner, was the entertainment. Tony Bennett walked to the bandstand as the crowd cheered. Truly a legend , he looked as handsome as ever in a tuxedo. It turned out that he had been friends with Fitz's dad and the Grant family. When he was approached about the evening, he jumped at the chance to serenade the newlyweds. Taking the microphone , he smiled and turned to the Grants.

The orchestra began and the piano player hit the notes to the romantic classic.

Some day, when I'm awfully low,
When the world is cold,
I will feel a glow just thinking of you
And the way you look tonight.

You're lovely, with your smile so warm
And your cheeks so soft,
There is nothing for me but to love you,
And the way you look tonight.

With each word your tenderness grows,
Tearing my fear apart...
And that laugh that wrinkles your nose,
It touches my foolish heart.

Lovely... Never, ever change.
Keep that breathless charm.
Won't you please arrange it?
'cause I love you... Just the way you look tonight.

As the man began the song , Fitz got up and led Olivia out onto the dance floors. Everyone drug out there phones as the two of them swayed to the Jerome Kern classic.

"I love you , Olivia Pope Grant." Fitz whispered into her ear. "Wait until I get you upstairs."

"Ditto, Fitzgerald Thomas Grant." She giggled.

"Why are you giving a line from some cheesy chick flick?" Fitz said puzzled. "Can't you say it?"

"Of course, I love you too, Mr President." Olivia smiled.

Olivia could feel it coming. She hated to end this moment with all these people watching her . But unfortunately she had ate and with all the activity all day, she knew it was time for her to make her way to the bathroom to throw up. Baby Grant had to let them both know that he/she was aware of the days activities and had to make its presence known. She picked up her dress and ran for the nearest powder room. Pulling open the stall, she bent down and then threw up . She heard a voice behind her as she retched.

"Are you alright? Daddy sent me in here." Karen said .

"Just your brother or sister letting me know they are at the party too. It has to be the worst part of the pregnancy . It can sneak upon on you and you never know when it will come. And no one has told this baby that his mom and dad have important jobs that they can't just run to the bathroom whenever he or she wants. " Olivia tried to explain to the young girl.

"That must suck. " Karen said.

"Yes, but for the little bit of bad, will come a lot of good." Olivia said happily. "I just hope I can be a good mother, I really didn't have a good role model." She then said sadly.

"I think you are gonna be a great mother." Karen assured her."Now let's go over to the mirror and try to fix your hair and face. " She took a comb out of her purse and then washed her face from the mess. Opening the door, Fitz met the two women.

"I just wanted to make sure you were alright. " he said.

"Just your child making waves again." Olivia sighed. "Now don't we have a party to get back to , husband?" she asked innocently.

When they got back, the guests were dancing all those silly dances that wedding guests do and the bride and groom dread. There was one difference , when the dj played the Macarena, Fitz remembered when he was in law school and joined the dance. Olivia couldn't stop laughing until he pulled her onto the dance floor and mimicked his movements. Once again, everyone was pulling out their phones and video taping just how much fun the President could be.

Taking a break, Olivia sat down and Fitz went to socialize. The band had decided to take a break and then the dee jay took over. When Etta James began to sing "At Last." , Jake came over and put out his hand.

"May I have this dance with the Bride?" he asked.

"If you can lift me," she laughed.

Pushing herself from the chair, Olivia took Jake's hand and led her to the dance floor. Putting his hands at the base of her back, they moved to the music. Jake knew he was saying his farewell at this point. He looked handsome in his blue navy uniform.

"I wanted to say good bye ." Jake said. "By the end of the day, I am off to the Gulf to my new commission. "

"You're going back to the Navy?" Olivia asked.

"Olivia, if I stay here in Washington , I am going to becomes someone I don't want to be. I already became that when I was Command. I am not some killer or cloak and dagger spy. I know too much to just go back, be a husband and father in Indiana. This way , I can still serve my country and be far away from here. " Jake stated.

"And it has nothing to do with me.?" She was curious.

"I can't lie. I will always love you. But I can't live with the idea of you loving someone else. I knew you wouldn't choose me. That day, on the plane. I knew your had made your choice. I am going to have to face the fact that everything we had together is a memory. It could have been so beautiful, going off to an island and gone away from this." Jake felt like his heart was breaking.

"I will never forget you, you took down my father and allowed me to finally be happy." Olivia admitted.

The music ended and the two embraced. Olivia looked up at the clock and saw it was ten minutes to midnight. Fitz popped up and possessively put his arm around his wife. Jake pulled away and saluted Fitz .

"Sir, ready to ship out." He called out in a military way.

"At ease, Captain. " Fitz returned the salute. The two embraced as Jake went to leave to catch his flight. "Hey don't be a stranger,okay, Jake."

"You take care too, Fitz. Maybe I'll swing back through for the Inauguration . We'll grab a beer." Jake started to walk away. Fitz took Olivia to the platform where they would begin the countdown. Cameras had begun to set up for the national broadcast . It was Cyrus's idea to bring cameras into the party.

He turned to see her and then said softly. "Good bye Olivia."

Cyrus came over and led the couple up the steps where they would lead the countdown. Kimberly Mitchell had arrived for the midnight broadcast that would take America into 2015. Olivia had changed into a gold Alexander McQueen for the midnight broadcast with Fitz in a black Hugo Boss tuxedo. After that , Cyrus made his way back to his husband . Huck and Quinn put their arms around each other and David gave Abby a kiss on the cheek.

"Fitz wants me to be Chief of Staff." Abby said. "I guess that makes us a power couple."

"As long as we are together, there's nothing that can stop us." David smiled.

They looked to the platform where Kimberly Mitchell stood in front of camera. "Happy New Year, America ! This is Kimberly Mitchell live from the White House in Washington . We are here with the newly married President and his new First Lady , President Grant and Mrs. Grant, the former Olivia Pope.

"I just want to say this has been the best New Year's Eve of my life. " Fitz exclaimed. "Couldn't be happier."

Turning to Olivia , Kimberly asked her. " And how are feeling this night? Madam First Lady?"

Olivia felt like it was all a dream and she was afraid to wake up. She was about to be a mother. She was married to the man of her dreams and now was living in the White House. There was nothing that could stop them now.

"Looking toward tomorrow." Olivia turned to her husband and then the two began to kiss. But then the kiss had to be brief. They had a job to do , ringing in the New Year for the world. The two of them began the countdown 10..9…8….7…

James held Cyrus hand and then the two leaned together waiting for the new year. Huck and Quinn couldn't wait to start kissing and David said to Abby. "Marry me."

3…2…1 "Happy New Year" Olivia and Fitz forgot where they were and passionately let their mouths envelope each other.

Beyonce sang the traditional Auld Lang Syne. To the international audience"

They had beat the fates. It truly was a new world.