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Ruby POV


A Child

To Young



Nothing, but a waste of Beacon's time

"Shut up!" I screamed as I writhed in pain, trying to stop the voices from berating me.

Suddenly, I saw a tall figure in armor, Cardin Winchester. Cardin pulled me up by my hair and I screamed in pain. I flailed around, trying to get out of his grip as he held me by my raven black hair with crimson highlights. I screamed in pain as I tried to hold onto his hand so I wouldn't get my scalp pulled off my head.


I woke up with a gasp and looked at Yang who stared at me with wide and curious eyes.

"You alright sis?"

"Uh, yeah," I answered, hoping to change the subject.

"You sure? You were crying and rolling around in bed," she replied. "We were worried, even Weiss got worried."

"Oh," I said, blushing in embarrassment, "so where are they?"

"Right here Dunce," Weiss said as she walked out of the bathroom, combing her long, snow white hair.

As she finished combing it and braiding it into its signature long ponytail, Blake appeared from the door, holding a tray of pancakes with a glass of milk.

"Oh, you're awake Ruby," she said and laid the tray down on the desk next to Weiss' bed which was right underneath me.

I leaned over the side of the rope suspended mattress and swung my arm around, trying to reach the tray.

"Here you go," Weiss said and held up the tray to me.

I lazily grabbed it and hoisted it on top of me so I could eat.

"Sho wat r weh ding tda?"

"What?" they all asked and I swallowed the pancakes I had been chewing on.

"So what are we doing today?"

"Well today's saturday so we're off of school for now," Blake answered.

"YEAH!" Yang shouted in joy, pumping her fist in the air in exhiliration. "LET'S PARTY!"

"Yang," I groaned as I pulled the pillow onto my head and stuffed my head into it.

"Sorry sis," she laughed as both Weiss and Blake gave disapproving looks.

"We can't do that yet Yang, Ozpin's giving an announcement for the tournament," Blake stated and Yang laughed nervously as she rubbed the back of her head in embarrassment.

"We'll be in the auditorium sis, announcement starts soon, I think," she said and left the room with everyone else.

I sat in bed for a couple for minutes until I decided to get out of bed. It's been a couple months since the whole battle at the docks. Vytal put itself back together and went back to normal. Roman backed off from stealing Dust shipments after what Penny did to his Bullhead ships.

Speaking of the socially awkward, robotic like ginger with emerald eyes, no one's seen her in a while. I got dressed, donning my signature scarlet cloak and putting Crescent Rose on my back. I walked out of the dorm and walked down to the auditorium.

By the time I got there the whole auditorium was packed with the students of Beacon Academy.

"Hey Ruby."

I turned around and came face to face with Jaune. He smiled sheepishly at me and I smiled back, wide and happy.

"Hi Jaune," I chirped and he chuckled sheepishly as we walked over to our teams.

The first thing I saw, as normal was Weiss' white ponytail and Yang's bush of blonde hair.

"Hi guys!" I chirped again and they turned to look at me.

They had their usual expressions on, Weiss' frown of annoyance, Yang's smile of glee, and Blake's straight line of no expression. Jaune walked over to his team, Pyrrah with her long scarlet hair, Nora's fiery orange hair, and Ren with that sliver of pink in his raven black hair.

"Excuse me."

Everyone turned their heads to look at Professor Glynda Goodwitch who stood on the stage, an arm behind her back while the other tapped on the microphone. She moved that arm back and began to speak.

"Students, please quiet down. Headmaster Ozpin has an announcement to make."

The blonde haired huntress stepped down and allowed the familiar headmaster of Beacon, Professor Ozpin walk up to the microphone. Standing with cane and coffee mug full of warm coffee in hand, he began to announce his news.

"As you know, the Vytal Tournament is close. Only three teams from the top academy of each region of Remnant may participate. Therefore, we have the top three teams of Beacon here," he stated and put his cane inbetween his arm and his side as Prof. Goodwitch handed him a holo-scroll.

"As the first team to participate, we have Team FIRE containing the following students, Flare Menopire, Isaac Newmar, Rachel Sevrant, and Ethan Nemro."

A team of upper class students shouted in joy, their leader, a young adult with hair that had an assortment of warm colors ranging from a scarlet red to a fiery orange.

"Next is the second team, Team TREK consisting of Theodore Drefor, Richard Hecklon, Edeline Linoar, and Kristen Melfort."

The second strongest team in Beacon cheered, a man with dark brown hair pumping a hammer/rifle weapon in the air with his team.

"And last, but not least we pick a first year team to participate," Ozpin said with a smile as he looked through the list.

"Team RWBY lead by Ruby Rose and made up of Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladonna, and Yang Xiao Long."

We smiled wide and started cheering, well Yang and I did. Weiss smiled wide, but didn't want to jump up and down in public. Blake was smiling brightly and expressing an expression of pure joy for once.

"I would advise you all leave for training, the tournament is no place for those to weak to fight a fellow hunter in training let alone a creature of Grimm," Ozpin stated and I slightly flinched when he said 'weak', still remembering the nightmare from earlier.

He left with Prof. Goodwitch and the crowd of students slowly dispersed. We were walking with Team JNPR when Cardin stepped in our way. I fearfully stepped back a bit, remembering my nightmare again as he grinned maliciously at me.

"What do you want Cardin?" Yang asked, hands on her hips.

"Just wanted to congratulate the undeserving team," he said with a sly grin.

"Undeserving!" Weiss growled, but Blake held her back.

"Yeah, like a team lead by a kid should participate in the tournament," he laughed and we glared at him.

"Leave them alone Cardin," we heard and saw Team JNPR walk over, Pyrrah glaring at him with fire in her eyes.

"Why should I listen to the second undeserving team?" he asked again and they started glaring with us.

"Just shut up Cardin," Jaune said, but he laughed harder.

"What's the matter Johnny Boy? Finally got some courage?"

"Remember who saved your butt from the Ursa Major," Jaune retorted and Cardin scowled before grabbing him by his jacket collar.

"Got something to say Johnny Boy?" he growled and I took out Crescent Rose, unfolding it so I could scare him.

"Whoa," Cardin shouted in surprise and his team along with him backed up, "no need to get physical over a bit of teasing."

"Just go away Cardin," I growled at him and he kept on laughing.

His laughing kept bouncing around in my head, echoing in my ears, making my vision blur for a bit. I shook my head and closed my eyes before going back to glaring at him. He had that smirk on, the same one from my nightmare. I hesitated a bit, but he saw me do it.

"What's wrong Ruby? Does the kid need to go potty?" he mocked and I gritted my teeth in anger.

"Leave my sister alone Cardin," Yang stated, activating Ember Cecilia, both golden gauntlets transforming from her bracelets into their weapon form.

"What? Afraid your weakling sister can't fight for herself?" he asked in an innocent tone.

"Cardin," Jaune growled and put his hand on the handle of his sword.

"Something wrong Johnny Boy? Trying to defendy your girlfriend?" he teased and we both turned red.

"We're not dating!" we both shouted in unison and blushed heavily when we looked at each other.

"Cardin, I'd suggest you leave," Blake said, her faunas eyes showing that feline ferocity that told you she could rip out your throat within a minute.

"Fine, don't take my advice, but I'm just saying. Your little weak leader's going to take you all down with her during the tournament," he said and turned to leave with his team.

"I'm not weak," I growled at him and he just laughed and turned back around.

"You sure about that? What do you think Johnny Boy?" he asked and Jaune looked at me, then back at Cardin.

"She is the strongest person I know," he stated, narrowing his eyes at the blonde haired hunter in training.

"Really?" he asked. "Either you have low expectations or you're lying. So how about you look her in the eye and say it."

He hesitated and I looked at Jaune, lowering Crescent Rose a bit.


I looked at him, calling his name softly, but he didn't look at me, he just lowered his head.

"Jaune?" I asked, tears starting to form in my eyes. "Yang?"

My blonde haired sister turned to look at me, eyes wide.

"Do you think I'm weak?" I asked, starting to tear up.

"No, Ruby of course not," she said, but I saw it in her eyes.


She was afraid. Afraid I would run away. She was lying to me.

"You're lying," I said and her eyes widened even further.

"Ruby, I'm telling the truth," she said, but her voice cracked.

"No, you're lying," I said and ran.

"RUBY!" she screamed as I ran down the hall, out into the courtyard, and towards the large gates of Beacon Academy.

I passed under the steel and stone arch, passing several Beacon guards. They shouted at me to stop, but I ignored them as I kept running. I don't remember how far or long I ran, just that I ran and ran until I tripped on tree root.

I face-planted on the ground. I groaned and got up, brushing the dirt and grass out of my face and spitting out whatever got in my mouth. I slowly pushed myself to my feet, well more onto my butt. I looked around and saw large tree, but they weren't like the Emerald Forest trees.

The Emerald Forest had trees that just let out a fearful aura like you could sense the Grimm lurking everywhere. These trees felt calm like the creatures of Grimm hadn't set foot in this forest for years. The large oak trees' branches swayed slightly from a cool breeze that swept through the forest.

Where ever I was, nothing was harmful here.

"Where am I?" I groaned as I got up, wiping the tears from my face.

I looked around, trying to see through the shadows of the trees, but all I saw was more trees. Suddenly, there was rustling and I looked around. I saw a flash of light, the sunlight reflecting off of something shiny. I quickly got up, pulling Crescent Rose back out, holding it in its rifle mode.


A large hand grabbed the arm holding Crescent Rose's handle. Another grabbed the hand pulling back the trigger. I cried out in pain as they were forced to be pulled back behind me, past the limit they should be pulled. I was pushed to the ground, arms stilled held behind my back.

A large man stood over me, towering like an Ursa Major standing on its hind legs. He was a buff guy, wearing steel armor with a strange, yet familiar helmet. He grinned as he picked me up with my arms held to my sides. I struggled, flailed in order to get out of his grip.

Some more guys walked into the clearing each of them wearing the same armor. That's when I remembered the armor.

"White Fang," I gasped as they stared at me, then at Crescent Rose.

"Hey, isn't that the girl Roman's looking for?" one asked and the others nodded in agreement.

"Yeah, she's that Little Red chick," another stated.

"I wouldn't call her a chick," another one replied. "She's still young."

"What, you want to have some fun with her?" the big one holding me groaned and my eyes widened in fear.

"No you oaf, we don't deal with humans like that," he growled, telling me he was probably a wolf faunas. "Bear faunas, never smart."

"Hey, take that back or I take your rations for this week," he shouted and the White Fang soldier stuck out his tongue.

"Why you-"

The beefy guy got cut off from some rustling. My eyes widened even further, more White Fang? Then, we got a big surprise.

A middle aged man, holding a fancy cane like one of those kind of canes that rich people took to evening parties or whatever walked into the clearing. He had on a black coat, buttoned along the left side of his chest. The bottom of it hung around his legs like part of a cloak.

He slowly made his way towards us, his eyes, colored a steel grey gleaming with a kind of childish spark. He threw his cane in the air and grabbed it by the top, holding it upside down like somekind of huge wand.

"Alright, finally gotcha!" he laughed as he pointed the cane at us.

"What?" I asked in my usual tone.

"Shut it," the big guy holding me growled and twisted my arm a bit, making me yelp.

"Hey, quiet boy," the newcomer ordered.

"I'm a girl," I stated and the came lowered a bit in his hand.

"Oh, my bad," he nervously chuckled. "Anyways, you White Fang boys best be out of here because I just found you!"

Each of the faunas rebels looked at each other before back at him. They started laughing hysterically, pointing at the man and laughing loudly.

"What could you possibly do to us?" one of them asked as the continued to laugh like a hyena, literally like a hyena so I guess he was a hyena faunas... hyenaus?

"Hey, you paying attention boy! I mean girl!" the newcomer shouted at me.

"Uh, yeah," I answered, my eyebrows raised in confusion. Why was he yelling at me?

"Hey, look at us old man!" one of the White Fang soldiers shouted and the man's mouth dropped.

"OLD!" he roared and everyone jumped back in surprise from his outburst. "I AIN'T OLD!"

"You're using a cane," I murmured, but he heard me say it.

"It's for show!" he shouted and threw it against a tree.

If by luck or if he planned it, the cane landed on its foot and leaned against one of the oak trees.

"Now," he said as cracked his knuckles before grabbing a handle that was sticking out of his neck, "who wants a lesson in butt-kicking?"

He pulled out a large gun looking weapon and immediately everyone jumped in fear. He grinned like a mad man as he held us at gun/cannon point.

"So, who's first?" he asked and the bear faunas dropped me to charge him.

He took a stance, dropping down to bend his knees slightly and part his legs more. His gun dropped a bit and when he was done he was in a sort of squat, balanced pose as he began to fire. His massive gun made a sound like a somekind of large machine powering up, a loud whir of energy before he began to volley of dust shots that fired in a straight line at the bear faunas, whizzing lines colored a luminous blue comprised completely of dust energy.

The bear faunas roared in agony as it stopped and fell over, a flame flickering light blue burned the front of his torso.

"GEORGE!" the remaining White Fange members shouted in shock.

"You're going to pay for that!" one of them shouted and started firing his dust blaster.

The man ran and rolled to behind a tree. The dust shots burned the grass into small piles of ash before starting to create small, burnt spots on the oak tree he hid behind. After the faunas ran out of ammo, he came out of cover and started his barrage of dust shots again.

The White Fang ran to find cover as they reloaded their guns. I ducked on the ground, covering my head as a spray of dust shots went over me. I looked around and saw them finish reloading before returning fire. He twirled, but as he did I saw his hand pull back the handle on top of the gun.

Even through the loud gunfire ringing out, I heard the cocking of the gun. He continued to twirl until he was on the opposite side of the tree, gun still out. He fired, but this time, instead of a stream of dust shots he fired two bolts of dust energy.

Both dust shots exploded when the hit the ground, making the White Fang soldiers fly out of their hiding spots. He cocked the gun again, pulling back the handle. He started firing a stream of dust shots once more, striking down several more White Fang members until they were all down, but two.

"Guess he can change firing type," I murmured as I watched him exchange fire.

"Looks like they forgot about me," I thought in my head as I narrowed my eyes at my 'hero' or possible new enemy.

That's when I saw one of them pull out a rocket launcher as I turned my head to look at the remaining faunas. He held up the massive gun and prepared to fire at the man, but I saw a gleaming metal in the corner of my eye.

Crescent Rose.

I jumped over and grabbed it before changing it into its scythe form. I swung and it cleaved the rocket launcher in half, but it also hit the rocket. I cried out in shock as the weapon exploded, breaking and shattering the blade of my only friend left.

My eyes went wide, but before the fiery explosion got to me like it had to the unfortunate faunas, two arms grabbed me and pulled me back. I shouted in surprise as I was thrown back by the man as he shielded me from the blast. He covered us with his back, the coat taking the brunt of the explosion.

I saw him grit his teeth in pain as the fire singed the leather and burned through his shirt before licking at his skin, turning it black and burning it to a crisp. He went down onto his knees, but before he fell over completely he turned and fired a shot at the last White Fang soldier, blasting out his knee.

The faunas cried out in pain and dropped onto his knee too as the man collapsed onto the ground, face buried in dirt and grass. I looked at them before grabbing Crescent Rose and changing it into its rifle form. I pointed it at the faunas and narrowed my eyes.

"Get out of here and never talk about me being here," I ordered and he nodded before stumbling over.

He got up again and hastily limped away. Suddenly, there was sharp pain in my side and I looked down to see the very edge of Crescent Rose's blade imbedded in my side. I gasped loudly as I fell over in pain as I continued to bleed out.

"Guess the adrenaline ran out," I murmured silently before everything went black.


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