Hey everyone

It's Lord Revan Flame...

So, as you can notice, this isn't a chapter

There is a good, no, not good, a morbid reason to this

Just yesterday, on February 1st of 2015 at 4:34 P.M.

Monty Oum, the creator of our beloved series, RWBY, passed away

Monty Oum, has left this world and gone into the divine beyond


I'm sorry everyone, I'm so sorry

And I know you're sorry too

I'm sorry and you're sorry, we all feel sorry, sorry we could do nothing to help him

On this day and many days more, we shall mourn him

We shall mourn with his family, his wife and father and siblings

I know, we cannot feel the same pain as them, but there are a few of us who truly can

Monty Oum meant much to all of us, he was a hero to look up to, a man whom we all shall immortalize in memory and story

That, is one which I have done

Today, I have published a new project

One I hope you all shall read

Monty Oum, the First Huntsman

I shall immortalize him in memory and I hope you all choose to do something of the same


I have only two simple words to say

Nothing fancy, nothing big

But it is hard

Goodbye, Monty