Hey there everyone! I just got this idea from listening to some songs, mainly 1D. In here, They have they're powers and this is in modern time. So sit back and enjoy.

I can't believe this is happening! I, Elsa Winters Arendelle, am finally going to High School! After days and months of convincing our manager, she finally let us go to HIGH SCHOOL! Okay, clam down elsa. I shouldn't get so over-excited like anna, who is bouncing in her chair the whole ride.

"Hey, don't get so excited, Anna. You know we have to keep going to programs and stuff."-Merida

"But we don't do this so anymore, merida. You know we drop off at school after sixth grade! Why aren't you happy!"-Anna

"Anna's right, merida! It's a whole new start for us! Finally, we can be like other girls in our age!"-Rapunzel

"Because they aren't part of the big time celebrity group like us, Anna. Besides we already know the lessons because of our father's private tutoring."-Elsa

Me and Friends are part of the big time celebrity group called "Four Seasons". We used to be just a band, but our manager made us sing, dance and act. It was hard at first, but then we learned to like it and got used to it. Merida was the gitarist of the band, Anna was in the piano, Rapunzel was in the drums and I was the lead vocalist. We made a name for ourselves in america and now the whole world. We even had to learn how to understand different languages but it was worth it.

"Elsa! Don't be like merida! Please!"-Anna

"Hey! What part of that has anything to do with me!"-Merida

"The part being like you're the bearer of bad news."-Rapunzel

"What part of that was bad news? I am just saying the truth."-Elsa

"OMG! We're here! We're HERE!"-Anna

The School we chose was DreamWorksDisney Academy, DWDA for short. As we park the car, our manager told us some rules and by some I meant alot of rules.

"No running, No screaming, No showing off, blah, blah, blah, blah, and the two most important rules: Don't tell ANYONE who you really are and NO BOYS!"-Manager

"Okay, okay can we go now?"-Anna

"Anna, you sound like you don't even care."-Rapunzel

"Yeah and be quite!"-Merida


"Okay, here are your cards and remember the two most important rules."

"Okay!~"-All of us

"What name did you get? Mine is Annabel Homes."-Anna

"Mary Biatrist."-Merida

"Rilley Fertsbrek."-Rapunzel

"Emily Homes."-Elsa

As we got to the plaza to get our locker and room keys, most of the students stop to look at us but then look away. I can't believe these new look really works, now nobody can know we are the "Four Seasons". But then my happy feelings went out when this guy bumped into me. He had silver hair and deep blue eyes. He was only wearing a pair of pants, a blue hoodie and black shoes. Wow, he looks cute.

"Oh sorry, are you okay? Wow . . ."-Boy

"I am fine. Is something worng?"-Elsa

"No, I'm sorry. I'm Jack, by the way, Jack Frost."-Jack

"Jack? Like the winter spirit?"-Elsa

"Yeah, and you are?"-Jack

"Emily, Emily Homes."

"Homes? Like the famous detective?"-Jack


"Yo Jack!"- another boy

"Yeah, Flyn! Well got to go. See you later, Emily."-Jack


Then Jack left to be with his friends, he's cute.

"Yeah, you're right."-Rapunzel

"OMG! Did I just say that out loud?"-Elsa

"Yep and he's not just cute, he's hot!"-Anna

"Pft, come on let's just go."-Merida

"Okay, come on girls."-Elsa

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