Did you see that? A fast update.


I woke up in the morning with a tongue in my ear.

"Aagh!" I shot up straight on the bed, throwing my arms out like a blonde maniac, and tangling myself in the bed sheets. There goes my wonderful bed in my wonderful room.

After I got over my unsophisticated shuddering, I turned my head slowly to the left. Blonde—who, might I add, is really starting to become an important, disgustingly wet part of my life—yapped at me happily, his tongue lolling out.

I crossed my arms and raised an eyebrow. "I know I told you to wake up early," I said sternly, trying to ignore the dog fur on my cheek. "But I specifically told you not to lick!"

Blonde rolled his eyes at me, like; Geez, woman. Nothing satisfies you.

Not that I had gone to the forgiving-my-bitchy-neighbor's-dog-for-ruining-my-masterpieces stage of my life yet, but last night when Blonde padded up to the back of our house and threw Yukino's bra on the deck as a token of apology, I decided I could cut him some slack.

So as I fed him scraps of mushroom and Allen's cheese—Blonde must have more than enough food at the Agurias, but I think he has a thing for Allen's food—I went all, "Fine. If you really want to make it up to me, you can start by waking me up around four tomorrow. Like last time."

And Blonde, getting the hint that I'd probably be happier with a much needed wakeup call than Yukino's lingerie, agreed with a yap.

At any rate, I'll skip the crap about me being buddies with my neighbors' golden retriever and give you the actual reason why I suddenly needed to wake up early.

Wait for it. It's going to be legen—

My best friend's arriving in Magnolia TODAY.


Legenlevy. Geddit? Geddit?

What can I say, I'm a born humorist. I probably shot out of Layla with a clown hat.

Though my foot is still bound up and perfectly heroic, I felt fit enough to hobble up to the phone last evening and call up Levy, telling her about the summer music fest. She'd be coming to Magnolia soon anyway, but only she could manage to talk her parents into arriving a week early. I know my old school was going to have their summer break earlier than we were, so she wouldn't have to miss school.

It's true I complained my way across Fiore while coming to Magnolia, but in reality it wasn't more than two hour flight from my old town and also, it was only Levy coming. She was arriving at Magnolia's airport at five today, and I was going with Mom to see her. There were still three days till the fest.

I bunked school yesterday and got a day to rest my foot—mostly by watching reruns of Melissa and Joey—and I wasn't going to lie around like a delicate leaf. So I was going to get her anyway.

As I beamed to myself and made my way to the bathroom for a shower, Blonde barked playfully and tripped me.

Thank you, Blonde. Words cannot express my gratitude.

Yeah okay, so maybe I'm not great at rising early or whatever. So don't blame me if I slept off the whole car ride to the airport with half my face mashed against the car window.

We arrived late, because the plane had already landed, and as I waited around anxiously, supporting all my weight on my left foot, I kept watching for a shock of blue hair.

"She'll be here, soon," Mom assured me with a smile.

Layla had her hair in an untidy bun, but she still looked beautiful as always. My mom always looked young and eager, even when she was tired. Sure, she had lines around her eyes and a few silver strands, but when she smiled you'd think she was eighteen. It gave me so much hope that by the time I'm eighteen, I'll probably convert into a total hotness overload and not look like a crazed chicken anymore. (Not exactly, I kind of like how I look, but you know.)

Also, I need bigger boobs. But we'll discuss my hotter future self later.

Suddenly, there was a shriek and a laugh and something small, white and blue collided with me. I fell back to the airport floor, and I was already grinning before I realized this was the second time I was knocked to the ground. I wonder what my bones are made of.

"Luccyyy!" Levy screamed into my ear. "Hey!"

"Broken foot, Levy!" I yelled back at her, laughing. She pulled back from her hug, and I noticed every adult save my mom in this airport staring at us like we murdered their spouses.

Levy has short hair she dyed blue, which actually suited her quite well. She's small and birdlike, but has huge innocent brown eyes which fool people like Annie Fork back home into drinking body lotion. (Long, evil story. Don't ask.)

"Broken foot?" She echoed. Then she saw the stupid smile I couldn't get off of my face and grinned, mouthing, Jumped, didn't you?

As Layla came forward to embrace Levy and she looked over my Mom's shoulder at me, I winked at her.

"Oh, my God," Gray stared in horror at Levy. "She's like a Lucy with blue hair."

The second I had pulled Levy into JHS to meet my friends, Cana had immediately taken a liking to her. "Girl, if you can have hair that colour and look that sexy, you're definitely my type," she had said, and then fist bumped. Me, I stood around rolling my eyes.

I noticed Natsu wasn't in school today. For a moment, I thought he had probably ended with a terrific nosebleed that wouldn't stop because of me, but then I thought it over; the dude was a football player. He's probably been injured worse in parts where it actually hurts.

Though...it was weird, not seeing him. I kind of felt I had left something incomplete and unfinished with him, like not thanking him properly or never really getting around to being actual friends instead of let's-just-smartass-talk-ourselves-out-every-time-we-meet kind of a thing.

Then again, perhaps it was his day at saving mankind by staying at home today. Who knows.

Anyway, Mira who was sweet and Mira-ish to everyone had spoken to her as warmly as she had when she met me for the first time, and Laxus…

Well, he had grunted as usual. He reminds me Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh.

Gray had talked to her for five minutes and concluded, 'she's your blueprint, Lucy! Get it?' Which I admit, though lame, made sense.

Because Levy wasn't enrolled in JHS and I couldn't pass her off as my disturbed, distant cousin anymore (guess I forgot to tell you that story, huh), she couldn't exactly stay on school grounds for long. We all met after school, as I'd asked her to come with us downtown.

Here's the thing: Back in my old town, any other friend would've been stiff and cold about the fact that I had new best friends and oh, I don't a know, a life in Magnolia. Though I missed Levy like brownies miss chocolate sauce, I couldn't help but feel as if everything was so much for fun in Magnolia without me actually trying, unlike back then.

But Levy, she was happy I had new friends and was happy hear. Seemed like the leather jacket, boot-wearing blonde freak was fitting in.

So of course she didn't mind we were all hanging out together, though she barely knew any of my friends. Nevertheless, she managed to impress them.

"What the most insane thing you ever did, Blue?" Cana has asked.

"Became friends with this freak." And I slugged her in the arm. "Though seriously, the most insane thing I ever did has to be when I watched Happy Feet."

"What? Why?"

Levy had a isn't-it-kinda-obvious look on her almond-shaped face. "Are you kidding me? Penguins creep me out."

Lisanna looked horrified and I shed a silent, figurative tear for my soul sister.


Mira, Levy and I went around looking at shops on Piper's Street while Gray made off with Cana and Lisanna to search for a less crowded place to eat. At one point, Levy really fell hard for this scarlet red dress, but then we took one look at the price and went all, how about no.

Mira and I showed her around the bookstores and though I begged a lot, being the new kid and all, to see the chocolate factory no one took me to (maybe they were scared I'd go crazy in there and get myself shipped off to Africa in cargo of dark chocolate), Mira was all no can do. Levy had laughed it off.

Once we reached the Square, my friend was impressed. "This is one heck of a place, Lucy," she remarked. "You're so lucky."

"Not with Adam and Zane I ain't," I muttered, but flushed with pride all the same.

Yeah and maybe we kind of, almost, sort of knocked a street bully into the Square fountain when Mirajane was focused on explain the whole town history to Levy. Heh.

At last, we all met up and decided to go into one of those wicked pavement cafes in the centre of Magnolia after we were done showing Levy around, the one overlooking the forest in the distance. Levy was chattering away to the Strauss sisters about how we had managed to steal a trampoline once, and my #mature friend Gray was chucking bits of cake at me.

It was happy, stupid and perfect.

"We're home!"

Levy and I shut the front door behind us as the familiar smell of Allen and Mom cooking said hello to my nose.

We were exhausted—mostly because we spent a lot of time trying to fight away a drunk Cana who wanted to demo kiss me, because 'we should try it once in our lives, hic'—but you know. Me, food, the relationship's exciting enough for me to feel less tired.

"You go on up and change," I told her. "I'll check in on Zane, I haven't seen him all morning."

Levy looked at me with soft, goo-goo eyes for a moment and I freaked out for a second before she teased, "It's so cute to see you with your brothers."

As she danced out of the way up the stairs I hissed out stepbrothers! under my breath.

Adam was coming down as she climbed up, and well…remember how I told you that with Adam's chiseled male-model face and dark hair and all, Levy would totally want to kiss him? She kind of looked like she wanted for a scary mo there.

I mean. My older stepbrother was only close to hot when he was…well never really.

He said hi to her politely, of course, his auricles and ventricle currently belong to the bitch next door, and then came down to me.

"Lucy," he whispered. "Could you just run out and get the paper cups, please?"

I gawked at him. "Huh?"

He rolled his eyes, pulling me away from the kitchen into the living room section. "Well the beer is still stashed away but we need to get the paper cups too. Also, I bought the last of the chips and stuff today, so—"

"Hold up, hold up Dopey," I said, making a Time Out T with my fingers. "Are we part of a Russian junk food gang? Because if we are, then—"

"Dude, I'm talking about the party!" Adam looked confused. Realization dawned on me,.. "The party this weekend! Mom and Dad are going to that wedding in the coast, remember?"

"Um," I said intelligently.

He crossed his arms and shifted his weight. "You don't a listen to thing we talk about at dinner, do you?"


"You completely forgot about the party, didn't you?"


"You're impossible, Lucy."

Though I realized that this stupid party Adam had been planning was the same day as the fest, I was too tired to care anymore. Maybe I could just get Macho Mouse to get me some paper cups and be over with it—it's not like I'm taking part in this. If the house gets wrecked, Adam's getting busted.

(Well I'm not exactly sure. All I know about senior high school parties is that people get drunk and houses get badaboomed, that too from movies. Maybe it'll be rainbows and ponies, who cares.)

"Hey," I protested mildly, flipping my hair back and jabbing a finger at his chest. "I got you them beers."

"That's only 'cause I talked her into it!" Zane called from the couch. Adam and I stared at him, my finger still on my stepbrother's manly chest.

"How long have you been eavesdropping?" I asked.

Zane sat up and grinned at us. "Longest ten minutes of my life, listening to you to bicker."

"We weren't bickering!" Adam started, but I had already marched up to the couch and proceeded to use my deadliest, most dangerous weapon against him

The Tickle. Just the name sends shivers up your spine, doesn't it?

"You—little—idiot—" Only I didn't say idiot, but hey, I only use the unspeakable words for so long. I punctuated each word with a jab to his ribs as he laughed helplessly.

Adam groaned loudly. "I'm going to go now," he announced, but I caught the grin on his usually bored face as he left.

"There's going to be a party and a fest?" Levy grinned at me from the beanbag in my room that Allen got me—I LOVE BEANBAGS, LONG LIVE BEANBAGS—as I sprawled on the bed.

"Yeah. But it's organized by Adam, so free advice on going to a party done by him: Don't."

"You're so mean to that hot brother of yours," Levy said, looking devilish as she laughed. Cana had said the same exact thing to me a few weeks ago.

"I can be nice," I amended. Then: "I'm so happy you're here Levy. Today was so hectic, I hardly got to talk to you alone."

Levy sprung up and rolled beside me on the bed, smiling. "Now don't you get all mushy on me Heartfilia," she said, but hugged me anyway.

"Who's mushy?" I demanded. But I was ridiculously happy to have Levy here with me.

"Go to sleep, Luce." Levy yawned loudly and pulled her top off, crossing her arms behind her head.

Too sleepy to argue—or gossip—I pulled the covers over me, staring out through the window at the trees by the river. "Hey Levy," I yawned out.


"Do I look good for my dream-date?"

She turned to me, cracking one eye open. I looked at her hopefully, suppressing giggles. "Well?"

Levy smiled into her pillow and mumbled out, "You look like Shrek."

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