I read the letter often. The letter Rumple had wrote to my mother about her first born, Zelena. The letter that tells me I wasn't good enough. I looked up to him for a short while. Rumple, that is. He was almost like a father to me, like the other half of the father I never got. The one that wasn't afraid to be in charge. How could someone ever love me, I won't be enough for them. I don't understand how Robin Hood ever stands me. I'm so brash.

"Hey Regina. What's up?" Its Tink. I should tell her about Robin Hood and I. Not us, because there has yet to be an us, maybe.

"I kissed Robin Hood last night." I stated, taking a sip from my ice tea.

"Oh my god! What! This is great. How was it? Was it everything you hoped for?" She rushed.

"It was great, but I'm worried it won't work out." I said. I didn't like this, talking thing I seem to have been doing lately. People leave and it hurts more when you depend on them to make you feel better.

"Why wouldn't it?"She ask very curiously.

"I won't be enough. I'm not what he needs. I'm not what his son needs." I answered.

"Regina, you're human. You make mistakes. That doesn't make you any less than anyone else. You have to try Regina. You have to give yourself a chance to be happy. Don't screw this up before its even begun. You deserve to have your happy ending." She walked away as if to leave me stewing over the words we had exchanged.

How am I supposed to let others in, when all they do is hurt me. When all they do is tell me I'm not enough. Oh I wish Henry remembered. He would love me again. Right?

I got up and walked out of the diner. I had to find a way to stop Zelena from what ever it is she want to do. She doesn't get to keep my heart for long.