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My life on the line

Chapter 12 – Lingering danger or peaceful ending?

A few days passed by calmly, no more attempts were made on my life but the guys were still watching Sound for movements that might indicate that they were up to something.

I had taken over Konan´s self-appointed chore and was searching the news, hospitals records and police stations for any news about my mother. I really did believe that she was dead but until I saw her body with my own eyes I didn´t dare take my guard down.

As usual I expected to find nothing but today when I entered the local newspapers website I saw something I wasn´t prepared for. A picture of a body, still lying halfway in the river was on their front page and I instantly recognized the body to belong to my mother despite its state of decay.

I read the article and quickly concluded that it really was my mother and that she really was dead. The police had identified her with the help of dental cards and since her car had been found at the bridge, it had been written off as a suicide.

I sat in front of the computer for almost thirty minutes before moving, accepting my mother´s death for what it was and concluding that while I felt a little sadness, I mostly felt relief.

But when those thirty minutes had passed I stood up from my seat and went to find Pein. I found him in his office, working on some papers and when I knocked on the open door he looked up and asked me.

"Can I help you with something Sakura?" I nodded before telling him.

"Yes I need you and Sasori to come with me to the police station, they have found our mothers body."

Pein immediately dropped the paper he was reading and stood from his seat, coming around the desk to wrap his arms around me in a hug. It wasn´t that I didn´t love the hugs all of the guys gave me but right now I wasn´t in the need of one even if Pein seemed to think so.

"Pein? I´m fine, you don´t need to comfort me." I told him and squirmed a little in his slightly too tight hold. He felt me squirm and eased up on the hold a little even if he didn´t let go completely.

"When you first came to stay with us you would have needed it."

"Yeah but I´m not the same person as I was back then, I´m stronger now."

"I know… and that´s partly why I think that you need some comfort now more than ever. The fact that you have had to grow stronger is something I wouldn´t have wished for you, you were strong before all this happened. I´m worried about you…" He admitted and I hugged him back before releasing him and breaking his hold on me.

"That´s so sweet of you Pein but it truly isn´t necessary, I´ll go and tell Sasori and then maybe we can go down to the police station and get this over with." I told him before leaving his room, not noticing the worried eyes that followed my every movement until I was out of sight.

Sasori had much of the same reaction as Pein but after another hour or so, the three of us were finally on our way down to the police station. We had called the police chief and updated him on the situation so he knew we were coming down and everything should go smoothly.

It seemed as if the middle of the backseat was going to be my designated spot forever since I was once again buckled into that specific seat. Pein was behind the wheel and Sasori was sitting next to him, both of them serious and silent.

It didn´t take long for us to reach the police station though, and when we did we were immediately escorted down to the morgue. The room was nothing but stainless steel and the smell of industrial strength detergent but strangely that didn´t affect me as much as I would have thought.

The police chief entered the room with another male and they went directly to one of the slots on the far wall.

"Are you sure that you want to see her? She´s in a bad condition." The chief of police asked us and when all three of us nodded, he gestured for the other man to open the cooling compartment and show us our mother's body.

My hand instinctively flew up to my mouth as the smell of her rotting body reached us. She looked bad, all swelled up and gray in color but dear god the smell… I heard Sasori cough and looked to my sides to see that both Pein and Sasori had had similar reactions to mine.

Thankfully the body was quickly rolled back inside the slot, hiding both sight and smell from us and Pein thanked the chief of police for his cooperation before we turned around and prepared to go back home.

We were interrupted in the lobby though, Pein and Sasori running into someone they knew and I told them that I would wait outside while they talked. They only nodded their confirmation and I stepped outside, leaning against the wall and turning my head up to face the sunlight.

It wasn´t long before I was disturbed though.

"My, my, my, I never thought I would run into you here of all places, Sa-ku-ra." A creepy voice said out loud only inches from my face. I flinched and my eye immediately popped open to see who intruded on my personal space.

It was Orochimaru.

"What are you doing here?" I asked him, trying not to show him any fear while at the same time searching desperately for Pein and Sasori.

"I´m here to bring the body of your mother, of my wife to the crematorium that will take care of her ceremony. I assumed that you hadn´t planned on attend to her funeral, it was after all you who killed her." He told me angrily and I could see the madness barely concealed behind the yellow irises of his eyes.

"Step away from her!" Another voice commanded him and I looked over his shoulder to see that both Pein and Sasori were standing behind him.

He did as they told him, but not before whispering in my ear.

"I will make you regret taking my love away from me, that´s a promise."

And then just like that, he was gone, and Pein and Sasori were pulling me towards the car, suddenly in a rush to go home. The ride home disappeared among my rampant thoughts and after what felt like only seconds, I was back in my bedroom, sitting on my bed with Konan holding my hands and talking non-stop.

Some of the few words I managed to understand told me that she wanted me to stop crying and that Deidara would be back in a couple of hours. I didn´t understand their significance, I wasn´t crying and I certainly wasn´t crying for Deidara to come home.

It turned out I did just that but I didn´t realize it at the time.

When Deidara finally showed in the doorway, Konan almost cried with relief and gave him a quick hug before leaving us and closing the door behind her. He quickly came over to me and sat down next to me, pulling me in for a hug.

He then wiped something off of my cheeks, tears probably and he told me.

"Pein and Sasori filled me in on what happened, there´s no need to worry Sakura, I´ll keep you safe."

It didn´t stop my tears but I don´t think he expected it to. He started kissing my face and my lips before continuing down my neck and then my body as he slowly removed my clothes.

And for a little while I forgot about everything as he used his body to give me pleasure in a way no other man had been able to give me.

Later that night after he had fallen asleep with me safely in his arms, the only question that was left bouncing around in my head was.

Was everything over now? Or had it only just begun?

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