Chapter 2:

(Chapter 1 is the prologue.)

Instead of only Levi X Eren. I also put in a little Jean X Armin for those who like it. But mainly to make Jean look like an ass! XD

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'' Good luck, little lamb. ''

'' Wait! Stay with me, they will come if you're gone! And maybe that other student will come back! '' Eren panicked and ran after Levi. He chuckled, '' Jean? That coward won't come back today. But tonight they will pay you a visit. '' He cocked his hip to a side, resting his hand on it. '' Why tonight? '' Levi nudged his head to something behind Eren. He turned around to see a short guy with bond hair that reaches his shoulder. '' Armin, will tell you. If you need me just call me and I will come to your aid, my princess. '' Levi said obviously sarcastic. Eren pouted, '' I will never call for you, don't worry! '' Levi raised his eyebrows in amusement.

'' Uhm.. Hii, can I help you with something? '' Eren shot out of his staring contest with the dark haired vampire and looked at Armin. '' Yes! Tell me, why will Jean pay me a visit tonight? '' Armin looked nervously at Levi, who nodded. '' Well... Not only Jean will be coming. All the vamps in this school will come. '' Eren's mouth dropped open. '' It's because you're new and human, they all want to claim you or simply kill you. '' '' But But But But! I'm not so good. My blood isn't nice at all! '' The other vamp made a ' Tch ' sound. '' You have no idea. Vampired don't only drink blood because it's their food. We also do it out of pure pleasure. We are easily attracted to someone with a nice smell. Man or woman doesn't matter, it turns us on. And you, my princess, smell like heaven. So be prepared to see a lot of vamps tonight at your door. '' It all needed a minute to land in Eren's head. ''

So... You're attracted to me? Then claim me. I really wanna stay alive please. '' Armin gasped loud, '' Levi... You also swing that way? '' Levi Tch-ed again. '' No way, but I must admit, he's not bad. '' It was still a mistery to Eren what claiming now exactly was. '' You don't know what claiming it? '' Armin asked Eren as if he could read his mind at that moment. '' No, damn it. Just tell me! '' Armin's face got beet red. '' Are you okay? You're fa- ''

'' Claiming is another word for master and slave. If you're claimed then you belong to the vamp that claimed you. Literarily like property. They can do whatever they want with you, but you do have his protection. Only male vampires can claim. Touching a vampires claim is strictly forbidden, do it and it might be your dead. '' Eren listened to Armin very concentrated. '' To be claimed, two things must be done. First. You must be bitten and your blood must have been drunk from that same wound. Secondly, to complete the claim you must be drenched in his scent. In order to do that you must... Well.. Uhm.. You know.. '' Somehow the blond vamp didn't get any further, he was to embarrassed.

'' Well.. Uhm.. No I don't know. '' Armin looked like he was about to cry or die. '' You must sleep withe each other! '' He suddenly screamed out loud. Eren being startled by it, fell ass first on the ground. '' Is that it? '' The vampires eyes widened. '' I don't like sleeping alone, anyway. '' Armin face palmed himself. '' No, it means having sex! You know making love. '' Eren's eyes were empty, hollow.

'' Ah-ha, so that is what Jean meant with, ' Raping you on this spot. ' ha-ha. '' His voice was monotone. Armin shook him awake by his shoulder, '' Jean? He said that? He did THAT? '' His voice sounded very panicked when he pointed at the teeth marks in Eren's neck. Eren slowly nodded, '' Why do you care? Are you two a thing? '' Armin stuttered some no's and more disagreement. '' Holy shit, you're claimed by him? That guy, seriously?! '' Armin's eyes glowed red. '' Oi Armin, Relax. I'm sure he didn't meant it like that! He was only teasing. '' The vampire looked like he was about to explode with anger. '' HE.. HE.. HOW COULD HE DO THAT! '' Armin started crying and later wailing.

A gust of air flew by and a vampire kneeled by Armin's side. '' Jean, why? '' The blond asked sad. Jean had no idea how to handle a situation like this. His hands were trying to find a resting place but each time he would find one, he would pull his hands back. '' I'm sorry, I was just joking. That bite was to scare him, that's all. '' Jean looked with pleading eyes like he was about to lose an important part of himself. '' Really? Do you mean that? '' Jean sighed relieved. '' Yeah, I mean that. '' Armin's eyes lit up and he jumped in Jean's arms. It looked like Armin was straddling him from the ground position.

'' I'm sorry, it's just th- '' Jean shut his lover up with a passionate kiss. The noises Armin made went straight to Eren's groin, who was looking at the scene with huge embarrassment. Jean broke the kiss, leaving a string of saliva between them. '' You still here? Scram bitch. '' Now Eren was sighing in disbelieve. '' My pleasure. Have fun with your claim. '' A dust of pink covered Jean's cheeks.

'' You're Levi's bitch. You must be glad vampires can't enter a room without your permission. '' Wait. He didn't knew that and where is Levi? Eren turned around to not see Levi anymore. He turned back and faced Jean again.

'' But don't think Levi will go easy on you! I heard he's a beast in bed. You have caught his interest. He will throw you aside when he's done with you. '' An electric shock went through Eren's body. '' Shocked huh, aren't we? He never had a claim longer than a week. '' Eren was trying to find to right words to answer with. '' It's the rumor. It's his rumor. Some say he mistreated his claim so bad that he killed herself. Others say he himself is claimed by the principal. No body knows what is true. '' Eren was at a loss. Why? There was no real reason to defend the vampire, he didn't have any feeling for him, right?

'' Wanna know why you caught his interest? '' Eren nodded timid. '' Because you're a hunter which smells delicious. A human vampire hunter in an all-boys vampire academy, well well that's interesting, isn't it? '' Eren didn't think about that. Once you hear it like that, it indeed sounds pretty interesting. '' Can you already see it? You're just a relief for his boredom. And you're here to kill him, right? '' He avoided Jean's gaze.

'' How do you know? '' Jean laughed out loud, '' How could I not? It's the scent that you're carrying. You're carrying the scent of other vampires. Some are old and some are pretty fresh, did you a little fun on your way here? You're strong too, I can feel that by your aura. '' Eren nodded confused, smelling his own shirt. Jean ignored the stupid act and went on with his story.

'' The thing that is true, is that he is or was a gangster. Involved with the mafia. He is a pureblood. He is stronger and even faster than us ordinary vampires. His senses are better than our, some find it troublesome he is a pure blood and acts like this. They find it a disgrace. Many want to become a pureblood. If you're claimed by a pureblood, you'll get a lot stronger. But just know that, even if you want to kill him, you stand no chance against him. '' Eren smirked, '' We'll see about that. ''

'' Man, what a tiring day. Seriously so many things happened. I'm gonna sleep for ten years. '' He fell back on his bed, spreading his arms. He relaxed his muscles, closing his eyes. He didn't even hear the door open and close. '' Shitty Princess, get up Erwin wants to see you. '' Eren let out a feminine squeak before falling of the bed. '' That was very manly, just what I expected. '' Eren shot a glare at the vampire that has been insulting him for the past few minutes. '' Is insulting me the only thing you like to do? And what is with the Erwin? Good friend maybe? '' Eren used a teasing tone in his voice but immediately thought of the rumor that Jean told him. He was trying to get the vampire pissed off, just because he was tired and didn't wanna get disturbed and being called a shitty princess.

'' That's non of your business. Do you want me to suck your neck? '' Eren gulped loudly. '' That's a no, I guess. But maybe you secretly want it... My fangs slowly penetrating your skin, feeling your own blood slide down your collarbone. My hands holding you tight, never letting go. My hot breath on you ear, whispering dirty things. Skillful hands unbuckle your belt, hands softly cupping you. Rolling your bal- '' '' STOP IT! THERE IS NO WAY I WOULD WANT THAT! PERVERT! '' He pushed Levi away, who had walked closer until they were nose to nose. '' You're blushing, you know you would like that. There was only one way to describe Levi's voice, seductive. It was rough, seductive, possessive, sexy, everything that could make you fall in love with in with your eyes closed.

Eren chuckled, sighing and walking towards the vampire. '' You like that, don't you? Making people flustered, knowing that you can control them just by using words. It turns you on doesn't it? '' Eren's eyes were half lidded and his attitude had changed completely in a mere second. '' So you finally decided to show your true self, Legendary Vampire Hunter, Eren Jäeger.

Oh gosh, Who is Eren exactly? It seems our Vampire is taking a liking towards our sweet Eren! I can tell you, Eren's gonna be a badass! Those two are just perfect.