Chapter 6

Hee guys… sorry for not updating. Soo….. here is chapter 6. I still hope you will enjoy it, i hope i got the story right again.

''Garlic, holy water, cross… To get rid of a monster which one is the most effective?!'' Eren desperately asked. Jean sighed, ''Eren.. I told you it was just a legend.'' ''Levi makes me so angry, I can't stand it!'' Jean knocked me on my head, ''It's all thanks to Levi you're still alive. You know that as well.'' Eren slumped his head on the table. ''Hmp..'' He pouted his lips.

''Everybody quiet, It's time. today's lesson is about…'' 'I know that Levi keeps me save. Stupid Jean shouldn't have mentioned the Making-the-other-vampires-retreat issue.' Eren glanced over to his right, where Levi was sleeping on his desk. Memories flowed through Eren's head. 'That's right. This guy has been protecting me.' Then I realized what I was thinking. Screaming I stood up, ''WAHHHH'' I woke Levi up with my scream. 'Wait a minute.. protecting me.. hell no what am I thinking?!' ''TOO NOISY!'' The teacher yelled as he threw his chalk at me which really hurt. ''Listen up. Next week we're going to the san germa mansion. Eren, Remember to bring 5 euros by tomorrow.'' The teacher explained. ''huh?'' Eren said confused. ''San germa, where is that? 5 euros, is that the entrance fee? And why only me?'' Levi chuckled. ''You don't know about the san germa mansion? That 5 euros is your life insurance.'' He smirked as he looked at my confused face. 'Why do I need a life insurance?'

~~~~ time skip to gym class

Jean and I sat on the ground taking a break. ''I heard that san germa mansion had a huge number of bodies found on the floor in the past. '' I gasped, '' Bodies?!'' I grabbed Jean's shoulders and began to shake them. ''Don't worry, it is only a legend!'' ''Only a legend?! Then why do I need a life insurance?!'' Eren fell to his knees. ''Probably… Just in case. '' Jean said takin deep breaths.

''Are you alright? '' Eren looked up to see Armin looking quite worried at him. '' Armin, what are you doing here? '' Armin smiled sad. '' I heard what they did last night. Coming to your room like that, it must have been scary. '' Armin gently pushed some hair out of Eren's face when suddenly a sword was stuck between them. ''Well well well, what do we have here? Hands off Arlert. '' Armin jumped as he heard the voice of the person. ''I'm sorry Levi! '' I saw Levi still frowning. ''Don't touch him again, do you understand. '' I saw Armin shake a little. ''Yes sit, sorry sir. '' I heard Jean sigh and glare at Levi. ''He didn't do anything wrong. '' That was probably a bad idea. It was dead silent at Levi turned his head towards Jean. ''You wanna die, dog? '' Jean gulped, ''No rather not but this is Armin we're talking about. Cinnamonrol Armin. '' I looked at Levi but his expression didn't change. With incredible speed Levi had Jean by his neck in the air. Jean struggle for air. ''LEVI STOP! '' Armin screamed. Levi only smirked. His grip on Jean's neck tightened. I didn't know what to do, scream for help? I heard Jean gasping harder. He wasn't going to hold on any longer. Is he really going to kill him? You've got to be kidding me!


Something snapped in Eren.

''STOPT IT, LEVI! '' I screamed as I ran towards him. I hugged him from behind, my chest tightly against his back. I felt Levi stiffen up, but still had his grip on Jean's neck. My mind was hazy and I smirked, my eyes half lidded. I began whispering in his ear, ''You might wanna let go of him. I like him, but… I like you more. Levi. '' I put my arms around his chest, squeezing it. I could hear Levi's breath hitch. ''Let go. You're tempting me to kill ya.'' I snickered softly. From the view of other people it looked like Eren was just hugging him, trying to stop him. Nobody noticed wat was really going on. I tightened my grip and I felt Levi lose his grip. ''Hunter…'' I could hear Levi whisper. ''Tch.. ''

He threw Jean into a wall turning to Eren. Levi's eyes were blood red. Sexy as fuck. I licked my lips as I gripped his jacket, pulling his mouth on mine. Levi responded immediately groping my ass. I moaned in his mouth, ''Levi.. ahh'' Our tongues collided quick and fast. I put my arms around his neck, pulling on his hair. Levi left my mouth and moved on to my neck. I felt his fangs grazing softly. ''Ahh.. Le-ahh. Come on, bite me! '' Levi suddenly pushed me away, making me fall flat on my ass.

''Huh what happened? '' I looked around confused. Everyone was dead silent, mouths agape. Levi's eyes were back to his normal colour and he was panting. He looked me in the eye for a moment, then he walking away leaving me behind confused. ''What the heck is going on? ''

Levi left the building, walking outside in the garden. His head throbbing painfully. He sat down on a bench, leaning his hands on his head. Sunlight streaming bright on his face. ''Ugh, fuck the sun'' He said glaring at the sky. ''To be exposed to such intense sunlight, you must be feeling pretty bad. '' Levi didn't look up, ''Who's there?'' Levi heard stammering, ''Uhm hii, it's me. '' Levi looked up to see Eren. ''What do you want from me? '' Levi sighed. ''Well uhm..I don't really understand what happened but.. '' '' We're you worried about me? '' Levi smirked. I pointed my finger at Levi, ''No I wasn't, I.. I.. well.. '' Levi didn't listen. He grabbed my hand, lick my finger. A shock coursed through my body. '' L-levi..! '' Levi laughed, ''What the heck is with that expression? '' Eren growled annoyed. '' You bastard, how could you make fun of my kindness! '' I said hitting him on his chest. Well, it's good Levi is back to his normal self. Levi grabbed my hands, making me stop hitting him.

I sighed relieved, ''It's good, that you didn't kill him. '' Levi's eyes widened slightly. ''You really are an idiot. '' I looked up irritated. ''What?! No! I was really worri-'' Levi grabbed my waist pulling me against him. His face coming closer and my eyes widened. ''Le-'' His warm lips touched mine. I was shocked but slowly sank into it, closing my eyes and opening my mouth. I still can't get used to it. ''mmh ahh'' His mouth was warm and welcoming. All my worries left for a moment as I put my arms around his neck. Slowly Levi ended the kiss, a string of saliva connecting us. ''An idiot to worry about me like that, you are the first…'' I smiled fondly at him until I realized what happened. ''You're doing it again! Attacking me like that! '' I pouted my lips at him. Levi walked away snickering. ''Levi wait for me! ''

A twig broke in the garden, ''I definitely won't hand my Levi over to you, Eren Yeager. Definitely not. ''

Jean was leaning on his balcony, enjoying a glass of wine and looking at the stars in the sky. He recovered from the attack but it was still bothering him. Armin was inside, already asleep on his bed. He swiftly turned around when he noticed a presence. ''Olou.. What are you doing here?'' Jean asked surprised. Olou smiled, ''Good evening, Jean…'' Jean sighed, he heard the tone Olou spoke in and he wasn't in the mood for it. ''Today was such a disaster. To be treated like that in front of everybody by Levi. '' He was circling around Jean, watching him like a prey. ''Let's give him a taste of his own medicine.. I have a great idea. ''

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