[ Made this to go with the stop motion short movie I'm doing with my bff. Aurora is my trollsona and Lyra is my friend Owl's trollsona.

Disclaimer: I do not own Homestuck ]

The sun set along the horizon, calling forth another night on Alternia. The oceans waves lapped gently at the shore, silently glistening in the star light. Upon a ridge above the beach, two lussi sat, a sea krait and an owl. They dozed, but all the while kept a close watch on their charges.
Lyra, a candy-red blood, followed begrudgingly after her excited morial Aurora, a violet blood.

Aurora led Lyra down a path that took them both to the beach below, a lone tree casting a large shadow over the small clearing.

"Aur, what's gotten you so happy?" Lyra huffed, arms crossed.

"We are on a hunt, my dear Lyr," Aurora churred, spinning on her heel to face the landdweller."We are searching for something, and I know what it is."

"Well," deadpanned Lyra."What are we looking for?"

"I can't tell you," chimed Aurora.

Lyra looked at her friend, blankly staring at the seadweller before sighing in exasperation.

"Alright, lets get this over with."

"Yay!" Aurora exclaimed."Oh, but I can give you little hints!"

"What are the hints, Aur?" Lyra asked.

"The object we are looking for is red and shiny!" Aurora answered, skipping over to some rocks."Lets start looking!"

Lyra laughed whilst walking over to another rock pile, turning over a log. Lyra and Aurora continued searching in their spots for about an hour. Aurora was chuckling to herself, already knowing how her morail was going to react to the object they were searching for.

Suddenly, a flash of red caught Aurora's attention, drawing her gaze to a cluster of rocks to her right. The seadweller trilled happily as she picked her quarry, giggling. She turned around quickly, hiding the object behind her.

"Lyra! Come over here!" Aurora shouted, waving her friend over."I found it!"

Lyra climbed to her feet, dusting off her pants as she walked over to the bubbly violet blood.

"Well? What is it that you found?" Lyra questioned, curious as to what her morail found.

Aurora giggled once more before thrusting her hands out into Lyra's face. "It's a crab!"

Lyra froze immediately, all her focus was trained on the small crustacean her morail was holding in her face. It's small black eyes shined up at her, unblinking. Lyra swallowed thickly, trying to processes exactly WHY Aurora had brought her out here to look for a CRAB, an animal she wasn't completely comfortable with AT ALL.

"A-Aur, pl-please get th-the cr-crab out of m-my face," Lyra stuttered, trembling slightly.

Aurora giggled before pulling back a little.

"I'm going to help you get over this silly fear of crabs, Lyr!" she exclaimed.

"How do you plan to do that?"

"Like this!"

Quick as a whip, Aurora spun back around, launching the crab at Lyra's face. Lyra yelped in fright falling back as the crab hit her face. Groaning in pain, the red blood cautiously opened her eyes, then widened them in shock. The small crustacean had a grip on her nose, whilst dangling precautiously from her face. A few seconds passed before all hell broke loose. "AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Lyra screamed.

She swiftly leapt to her feet and proceeded to run up and down the beach clearing, all the while screaming, vainly trying to get the crab off of her face. Aurora fell over, clutching her side as she watched her morail flail about wildly. Aurora soon ceased her laughter and proceeded to chase after and shoosh pap Lyra.

The seadweller gently coaxed the crab to release it's hold on Lyra's nose, setting it on her own head before putting a band aid on the red bloods nose.

"Mhhheeeee….*hic*" Lyra cryed, eyes watering as Aurora papped her. "There there, Lyr," Aurora giggled."Alls well."


"Chuuurrrrrrriiiiiiii!" the crab chirped.