Meanwhile, back at Alfea, the Winx, Ms Faragonda and Ms Griffin were waiting in the courtyard anxiously. The rest of the Winx had just got back from Red Fountain, where they had successfully helped the boys beat back the Trix's army.

All were worried about bloom, Flora most of all. "She should have transported back here by now! Oh I knew I shouldn't have left her there!". "You had no choice Flora" Ms F told her quietly. "But I am afraid that something terrible may have happened. If she doesn't arrive soon we need to come up with a plan to rescue her, but lets give her a few more minutes, OK? She is strong". The white faced Winx girls nodded, afraid for their friend. Where are you bloom?! Stella called silently.

Suddenly a blinding flash of light appeared high above Alfea. "What-?" Tecna started to say before emerged a red headed fairy, falling fast. "Bloom!" They all cried out, leaping forward. The Winx, still in Believix form, caught her just in time. Bruised and battered, the girl's eyes were closed.

"Bloom! Bloom! Wake up!" They called desperately. Stella was clutching Bloom and sobbing. "Bloom please! You are my best friend!" "Look at her wings!" cried Layla, and they all saw what she meant. "How on earth did she manage to get here with injured wings?" Ms Griffin wondered aloud.

Just then the faintly flashing orb rolled out of blooms hand, and from it, the surrounding fairies heard the Trix's voices.

"She must have used all the strength she had left to bring this warning back to us". said Ms Faragonda worriedly. She began to speak orders briskly.

"Miss Griffin, take Griselda and some of the students and go shield the lake entrance. Thanks to Bloom's warning, we have a chance at keeping the Trix out."

She turned back to the Winx who were hovering over their unconscious friend. "Now girls, Bloom is badly hurt. You must combine your Believix powers and fairy dust in your most powerful convergence yet if we are to save her. Quickly now, focus!"

Layla, Tecna, Musa, Stella and Flora formed a semi circle around Bloom, and activated their fairy dust before grabbing each other's hands. "Believix convergence!" Their voices shouted as one. "Heal Bloom!"

A strong white light encompassed the unconscious girl, obscuring her from sight as the combined fairy dust weaved around her.

Eventually the light faded and the Winx drifted back to earth. Bloom's wings looked brand new and her scratches were gone, but she had yet to open her eyes.

"Will she be ok?" Musa asked Mrs F. "I hope so Musa, it is up to bloom now, we have to wait and see. I only hope we were in time" replied the headmistress. Long seconds ticked by, feeling like hours to the anxious girls.

Bloom's eyelids flickered open, greeted by sighs of relief by everyone. The Winx helped her up then squashed her in an enormous group hug. Bloom laughed and hugged them all back. "Bloom! We are so glad you're ok! Don't scare us like that again!"

She just smiled and said "I'll try not to."

"Well done Bloom" Ms Faragonda told her quietly. You were amazing, many of these students wouldn't be here without you."

"No" Bloom replied seriously. "WE did this together". The girls leapt to the air and did an aerial high five. "We are the Winx!"

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