Nancy and George searched the small bedroom for clues to the identity of the occupant. There was a cot and along one wall stood a highboy. On another was a series of cupboards that reached from the floor to the ceiling. One had a grill metal front but the others were of solid wood. All the doors were locked. The girls opened the highboy drawers but found nothing inside.

George stared at the cupboards. "I sure wish we could get a look inside."

"I wonder," said Nancy, "if by any chance that pudgy man lives in this room and the key he dropped might open these cupboards. I'll get it."

She went upstairs and took the key from her purse. Nancy was back in a few minutes and inserted the key in the lock.

"It fits!" she exclaimed.

One by one the cupboards were opened. There were several books in one; the others held boxes of letters and other papers.

"These are all addressed to William Woonton at this address," Nancy said after examining several.

"And here's a diary," George spoke up, lifting a book from underneath a pile of papers. "It says Diary of Gus Woonton." When Nancy didn't respond, George looked up from the book in her hands, "Nancy?"

"Hm?" Nancy replied, staring intently at an envelope that she held.

"Nancy, what is it?" asked George.

"This envelope is addressed to me," explained Nancy, flipping the envelope so that George could read the neat script reading "Nancy Drew" across the front.

"That's… creepy," George said after a moment of thought.

Nancy broke open the envelope and pulled out a letter. "Congratulations Miss. Drew," she read, "you have been selected to participate in our inner-universal protection program. Compliance is compulsory and begins immediately. Thank you for your time, sincerely, your new instructors."

"I don't understand what the letter means," said George.

"Surely it doesn't mean anythi—" a wave of dizziness passed over Nancy. "George," her vision blured and Nancy reached out, grabbing George's arm to steady herself, "help me," she rasped, sinking to the floor and watching as the world began to fade to darkness…


Yane stood quietly behind Queen Amidala's throne, watching the proceedings before her with interest. It was a hologram from the Supreme Chancellor himself, who was explaining the current status of a legal inquest into the Trade Federation's invasion of Naboo a year ago. Having been one of two handmaidens left behind on the planet when the Queen escaped with a pair of jedi knights, Yane had never met the man, but was greatly in favor of any government leader who fought to make the Neimoidians pay for what they had done. Once she would not have ever imagined thinking such thoughts, but her relatively short stay in a confinement camp had been enough to change her protective mindset to a more aggressive one.

Later that day she sat alone in the room she shared with Sache, quietly reading through a number of private messages from her family. Noticing a message with no listed sender, Yane curiously opened it, wondering how such a message could be sent. As her eyes scanned over the curious notification, Yane instinctively gripped her datapad tightly, even as she passed into the mind's night.


Walking amongst the jungle vegetation, Dr. McCoy hoped that they were almost to the destroyed Federation outpost. As much as he disliked the transporter, he disliked just as much having to walk several miles because it was broken and there was no closer place to land a shuttlecraft. When he and Jim finally arrived, the survivors of the mysterious attack appeared glad to see them and he forgot his frustration, beginning to treat the wounded. A little girl approached him with wide eyes, "Are you the ship's doctor?" she asked in wonder.

"One of them," he replied, scanning the unconscious man in front of him.

"I think I have a letter for you," she blinked her wide blue eyes.

"Do you?"

"Yes, I found it on the ground outside my family's shelter," she extended a slightly burned piece of paper neatly folded and bearing the name Leonard McCoy.

Seeing this, McCoy put away his tricorder, "May I see that?"

"Of course." Handing over the letter she changed the subject, "I want to be a doctor when I grow up."

"I bet you'd be a good one," he smiled at her before opening the folded paper. Almost before he had finished reading the neat handwritten note, Dr. McCoy began to rapidly lose consciousness. The last sound he heard was the little girl's cry of surprise as he toppled to the ground.


Quietly walking into the Diogenes Club, Mycroft was accosted by a member of the staff who silently extended an ornate envelope to him. Taking the letter, Mycroft became puzzled. Everything about it was wrong, the paper too thick, the wax seal too rough, his name spelled out in golden letters across the front was misspelt. At once he imagined six different scenarios that would account for the letter, each equally ridiculous. Retreating to a place of privacy, he opened the envelope and read the message contained within in three seconds. Immediately he began to theorize with the new information, if this was one of Sherlock's pranks then there would be— His mind shut off abruptly, as if someone had flipped a light switch.


"Mail time, mail time, mail time, mail time, mail time," sang unseen voices in five part harmony.

Steve took up the song, "Here's the mail. It never fails. It makes me want to wag my tail. When it comes I want to wail, 'MAAAIIIL!'"

As Mailbox entered through the window, Steve excitedly sat down in his Thinking Chair.

"Hi, Steve!" greeted Mailbox.

"Hi, Mailbox," he returned the greeting.

"Here's your letter," Mailbox swung his flag around in a complete circle and opened his door.

Reaching in, Steve pulled out a large white and black envelope, "Thanks, Mailbox."

"Yourrr welcome," replied Mailbox before pulling back out the window.

"We just got a letter. We just got a letter. We just got a letter. I wonder who it's from?" sang Steve before opening the flaps to reveal a picture of a young man and woman with purple eyes. "Look, Blue, it's a letter from, uh, who are you guys?"

The picture became a video, and the blond boy spoke, waving in a friendly manner as he did, "Hi, Steve! My sister and I are sending you this message to let you know that we need you to come over and help us."

Grinning, the girl added, "You'll get to meet a lot of new people, and learn new things, and see new places too."

"That sounds fun," said Steve, "do I need to skidoo into this letter?"

The girl laughed, "Oh, that won't be necessary," she pointed to the boy at her right, "he's got you covered."

The boy made a sound with the side of his mouth that sounded rather like "cht" before shutting his eyes, stretching out his hands, bowing his head, and slightly leaning forward. Steve felt a sensation not dissimilar to that of skidooing as the world blurred and he suddenly felt himself sprawl out on his back atop a strange floor.


Gwaine and Elyan cracked one-liners at each other as they engaged in a short mock-fight while they were supposed to be getting ready for a practice session with Arthur. However, they were never to discover which of them would win, (Gwaine was very sure it would be him,) because just then Merlin walked up. He held something behind his back, "So, you two have found lady friends, have you?" he said, grinning.

"I'm sorry?" inquired Elyan, who hadn't been seeing anyone.

Gwaine wondered which of his "lady friends" Merlin might be referring to, "What have you got for us, Merlin?" he asked playfully.

"Oh, nothing important, and I see that you two are about to head out to practice with Arthur, and I need to be heading that way myself, so perhaps we should discuss this later—"

With a fluid and practiced motion Gwaine raised his sword to point at Merlin's throat, casually smirking, "I think we'll have a look now, thank you." Playfully the servant raised his hands in surrender, revealing a pair of folded letters with the two knights' names written out across the front, one name per paper, in two different but clearly feminine handwriting styles. Lowering his sword, Gwaine took the letter addressed to him. Eagerly he opened it, only to discover a highly confusing message written in a different hand inside. "Merlin, what is this?"

"I found them lying on a bench beside the practice ground, and since Arthur was sending me to come and get you anyway, I thought I would bring them along." Now Merlin looked just as confused as the two knights.

"Ahh!" yelled Elyan, doubling over in pain.

"Elyan?" Merlin reached out to the man while Gwaine looked on, wondering if this was an act. Unexpectedly, he felt a sharp stab of pain in his own abdomen. He gasped. Clutching his sword he lowered himself to the ground as another, stronger pain swept through his body and a loud buzzing filled his ears. The last thing Gwaine saw was Merlin concernedly kneeling beside him, an image that quickly faded to black.