Jess stayed up late reading that night. Finishing her book, she flicked out her reading light, stretched out on her back, and realized that she was quite thirsty. With a sigh, the girl quietly crept out down from her top bunk. She grabbed a glass from behind the mirror and filled it at the sink. Once all thirst had been sated, she turned to climb back into bed. A faint scuffing noise in the hallway caught her attention. Silently, she walked across the room and eased open the hall door. Curious, the lights were out. The Twin took a few steps out of her bedroom, every sense alert for an ambush. A smooth feeling underfoot alerted the girl to a small piece of paper on the floor. Picking it up, she returned to her room, where she shone her reading light on it. An encoded message stared back at her. Too tired to work on it now, she thought that perhaps she could have the students solve it for her by giving it to them instead of tomorrow's planned puzzle. Yes, that was a good plan, she thought as she once again stretched out atop her bed.

Lann was quite pleased to officially announce after roll-call next morning that no one had disappeared. He also handed watched with interest as his Twin passed out the papers containing the new puzzle. The conversation between them this morning had been most interesting. He curiously examined the message copied on his own page, before passing on the usual instructions to solve the puzzle and decide to expel this evening. (See the code below.)

45-23-24-44 15-54-13-15-41-45-24-35-34-11-32 35-41-41-35-43-45-51-34-24-45-55 21-35-43 51-44 24-44 42-51-24-13-31-32-55 44-32-24-41-41-24-34-22 11-53-11-55. N ayqe tlze vaym N iyz, jebjlcjyuunzc yz yttnmnzyp kosgeim yvanpe syih, som loj rljiek ayqe zlm yimet vnkepw.