I heard an acute sob. The sound appears to become stronger...As if it is daring me to come closer. I did what I was indirectly told to do. I went near it.

While walking, I passed my childhood memories... Every one of them, some I couldn't recognize and that 'some' always has to have a baby girl with violet eyes.

While walking, a memory passed me. That memory was me and the girl with violet eyes playing hopscotch.

At the time I finally got to my destination, I looked through the window... I saw myself, the baby with violet eyes, Mother and Father. Mother was holding the baby in a cloth while smiling. The baby was crying. Father was smiling. I was there, grinning and asking my parents to let me hold that baby. Mother nodded and handed me her. She told me to be careful and not to drop her. I agreed as I held her in my arms.

Surprisingly, the baby stopped her crying and started to smile. The movement caused by the baby surprised us all. I began rocking her back and forth. Mother laughed, Father chuckled. The baby began laughing.

I grinned.

"Daphne Heartfillia! Welcome to the family!" I shouted

Daphne... Heartfillia...


I have a sister...

The image moved to another scene...

There was me... crying at my Mother's grave while hugging Daphne. She was crying too, hugging me. Then, all of a sudden, it was already nighttime. We all slept peacefully, at the same time, depressed. When I woke up I noticed Daphne isn't there anymore... I panicked.

Since that day, I became lonely, I locked myself up and I only ate once a day.

Until one day...

I finally snuck out of the mansion. There, while walking, I saw a beautiful dragon... She asked me some questions. I answered all of them correctly.

Then, she smiled at me and said, "What a beautiful girl you are! I'm Ceres the Dragon Goddess. I know everything when it comes to Celestial Magic. I see you have three Zodiac Keys. Do you want to learn Celestial God slayer Magic and Celestial Dragon Slayer Magic?" she asked me, I nodded.

The image came to see my final sight of Ceres, my second mother.

"Child, come here, I have something to tell you." she said, I obeyed

"I am afraid to say this to you yet I have to. You made a big progress of yourself but this is my last day in the human world. I have to erase your memories for I have Royal blood running through veins. Do not need to worry child, I'll only erase myself and your sister for it seems that she had caused you a lot of pain when she left. Do not fear, for your memories of I will come back at the right time. You just have to patiently wait." she said as we hugged and cuddled all day until the morning I woke up she's gone...

Broken-hearted for no reason why, I left the forest.

A young maiden jolted up from sleep breathing heavily.

"What was that for?" she muttered as she looked at the time... 7:59...

She went on her feet. Memories, images and flashbacks came into her mind.

"That wasn't a dream... It was a memory..." she said to herself as she went to get ready to go to the guild.

Has anyone guessed who this girl is? Correct, it's none other than, Lucy Heartfillia...

While walking, she sighed and remembered that Celestial Magic wasn't wasn't the only thing that Ceres taught her.

"Fire" she muttered as a fire appeared out of her finger, a centimeter away from her finger.

"Air" she muttered once again as winds surrounded her, blowing the flame out.

"Metal" she murmured. Her knuckles and nails turn into metal.

"Shadow." she mutter as she became a shadow

"Poison." her arms, cheeks and neck had scales, poisonous scales...

"Lightning" her whole body was surrounded by lightning

"Light" Nothing happened... Or so she thought...

"Normal" she said as she went back to her normal self.

She was taught a lot of magic, yes? But that doesn't mean she's the strongest. It was just the simple tricks Ceres taught her. While walking, she bumped into a violet haired girl. Only thing Lucy saw was a Sabertooth mark

"I'm sorry!" both of the said, bowing. They looked at each other and giggled.

"Hi! I'm-"

"No, you first!"

"No! I insist!"


"You first!"


"Double Jinx!"

"Triple Jinx!"

"Jinx Again!"

"You owe me a soda!" You'd be shocked to know but...All of those...They said it the same time.

"Okay...The time! I'm sorry but I have to go!" Lucy said, running off.

The girl looked at Lucy, smiling.

"She looks familiar... Oh...That's right..." she said looking at where Lucy went and the purple haired girl left.

Lucy went to her guild. Everyone is glaring at her. Team Natsu and Lisanna was making them stop as if they knew what really happened.

"Hey! Why did you, of all people, came back Fairy Tail, with Team Natsu, unscratched?!" Mira demanded

A tick mark appeared on Lucy forehead. What the heck does she mean by 'you, of all people'?!

"How the hell should I know?!" Lucy shouted back

"So, shouting back, eh Bitch?" Laki said, smirking

"Stop this nonsense! This instant!" ordered by Erza

"How many times do we have to tell you?! Lucy saved our lives!" Natsu roared

"She save our freakin' butts there!" Gray rampaged

"Yes! Now don't harm Lucy-chan!" Lisanna cried

"Really? Her? Save you?" Levy asked, amused.

"Yes! Just because Lucy-san isn't the girl you expected to save us, doesn't mean you should judge her!" Wendy bravely said.

Everyone stared at Wendy in disbelief. Well, who wouldn't? Their shy, little sky dragon slayer is talking back at Levy.

"My my... Little girls like Wendy-chan shouldn't be lying to Juvia and the others..." Juvia says, having her fake disappointed voice on.

"Wendy isn't lying!" Carla backed them up.

"Aye! Lushie did save us all! She even said that she will give me fish when we came back, safely!" Happy shouted

"Then tell me what she did!" Demon Mira demanded

"She had this yellow-"

"Stop guys! Let them do as they please. If this is the 'real' Fairy Tail I joined and wished to go to, they would never blame somebody. I even thought the past is in the past. I guess, they were just fake to me. To those who believed, thank you for being there for me all the time. I guess, this wasn't the same Fairy Tail that I used to know, huh? If all you wanted was to kick me out...Fine. I don't care anymore." Lucy said, cutting Natsu's exclamation.

"Finally, the weakest has quit the guild!" Levy shouted

"If I'm the weakest, what does that make you?" Lucy asked, raising an eyebrow

"Pf-" Lisanna actually found that funny. So to refrain herself from laughing, she dug her nails in her skin.

"Wahaha!" Natsu laughed, his tongue was like a flame. Speaking of flame, those were the ones that were coming out of his mouth right now.

Lisanna stomped Natsu's foot, hard.

"Ouch! Li-"

Lisanna glared at Natsu, cutting him off.

Natsu gulped.

"Haha!" Happy laughed, rolling on the ground.

Levy glared at Lucy. Levy felt so humiliated. She really wants to dig a grave and lay down on it.

"I wanna show you some tricks I learned when I was a kid." Lucy shouted

"Oh yeah? If so, fight Juvia and Levy-san! Juvia will show how strong Juvia is to Gray-sama!"

Lisanna shook her heads dramatically. Gray did what Lisanna did but at the same time, grossed out. Erza gave the 'Make-me-proud' aura. Natsu did the 'Tsk tsk tsk' while shaking his head from side to side. Happy and Wendy grinned. Carla smirked while drinking her tea.

"Alright then. Don't blame me for violence, I warned you." Lucy says, cracking her knuckles.

"Settle it outside" Erza ordered

After the moments of getting ready, they finally started the fight.

"Water Slicer!"

"Solid Script: Metal!"

Lucy dodged.

"Is that all Love Rival can do?! Do-"

"Celestial Dragon's Poisonous Roar!"

"Noting can hurt Ju- Kyah!" Juvia screamed in pain as the attack hit her.

Lucy combined two of her attacks together.

"Solid script: Fire!" Levy chanted

"Wind" Lucy muttered, as the wind won against the fire.

"Shadow" she muttered the second time. Her body turned black.

Before Levy knew it, Lucy's body was collided with the ground. She was a shadow...The shadow itself.

Without seeing before everyone's eyes, Lucy punched Levy. Levy's body is on the wall, looking...A little bit...broken.

"Any threats? No. Good. Fair well, Fairy Tail. Until we meet again." Lucy said as she turned into a shadow once more and as a fast as a lightning, she went to the Master's office

It's been an hour and still, Team Natsu's beloved Celestial Mage has not yet go out of the Masters office.

"Let's go" Natsu says

"Where, Natsu-san?" Wendy asked

"To Lucy's apartment. Hopefully, she'll still be there." Erza answered for Natsu

"Why?" Lisanna asked

"Isn't it obvious?" Gray asked

"For our final goodbye, this might be a farewell." Natsu says, seriously.

Team Natsu with Lisanna and Wendy, not forgetting their exceeds, go Lucy's apartment.

They saw Lucy getting packed while the was pink dust on her hand whenever it moves.

"Luce... What happened to your mark?" Natsu asked. He wouldn't really believed it...He wished this was all a nightmare and later on, he'll wake up. Who wouldn't blame him? She was his best friend after all. It was him, who save her always. It was him, who was almost there for her. It was him...Right. It was him.

Lisanna, Wendy, Carla and the rest of Team Natsu looked at him in pity. They were hurting as much but wasn't like Natsu.

"O-Oh... I quit the guild... It's slowly removing for I am one with the real and 'royal' Fairies." Lucy says, letting them see her hand.

Her hand was the same...except her guild mark. Her guild mark was half with pink dust as remains. Lucy groaned while smiling. Tears were running down her cheeks freely.

"Y-You see, I don't really care if it physically hurts...I only care how it hurts inside to leave my nakamas" she said

"Oh, Lucy" Erza says as she hugged her one last time as guildmates.

They had their final hug as an all Fairy Tail members. Tears were shed. Goodbyes were heard as it soon comes that Lucy has to leave. With all their might, they watched as one of their nakamas leave.

While walking, Lucy finally got over with the tears. The main problem now was her.

Yes...She is thinking, at the same time, walking... What more could happen? Oh...How incorrect can she get?

"Oof-!" Lucy and a girl says

"Oh! It's you!" the girl says... She's the girl with violet eyes.

"Oh...Hi!" Lucy says. "Let's start this over again, can we?"

The girl nodded...

"Hi. I'm Daphne. Daphne Heartfillia"

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