"C-come again?" Lucy asked, shocked

Daphne pouts and repeats, "I said, my name is Daphne Heartfillia."

"W-Well..." Lucy trails off. Lucy! Hold it together! She faked cough and holds out a hand.

"I'm Lucy. Lucy Heartfill— Oof!" Lucy didn't continue her sentence for Daphne tackled her into a hug.

"Lucy-nee!" Daphne exclaims, crying in joy

Lucy smiled and hugged her back.

"Hi, Daphne-chan. Pleasure to meet you again." Lucy declares

"Pleasure's all ours." Daphne countered

"Come on, we're making a big commotion here." Lucy told her, giggling.

Daphne nodded, eagerly and dragged her to the train station, buying their tickets.

"Where are we going, Daphne-chan?"

"To Sabertooth"

Lucy froze in her spot making it hard for Daphne to pull her.

"Urgh— A little.. More!" Daphne says huffing, puffing and panting.

Lucy suddenly moved making Daphne fall.

"Ouch! Lucy-nee~!" Daphne whined

"We...We can't...You don't know what they did to me in the Grand Magic Games..." the older mage says

The younger mage smiled softly and said, "I know but they changed...They all did. Jeimma the stupid is arrested. Minerva the bitch is nowhere to be found"

"Daphne! Words!" Lucy lectured

"Hey! I'm big enough!" Daphne whines, pouting as they went inside the train.

"Whatever." Lucy says rolling her eyes while smiling, following her inside the train.

"I really am! It's not my fault you were stuck for seven years at Tenroujima Island!" the purple mage argued

Lucy giggled and corrected her, "The 'Tenrou' is simply the name of the island while '-jima' is referred as 'island'. So it's either 'Tenroujima' or 'Tenrou Island'."

Daphne scowled in a playful way while pouting as she crossed her arms.

"I knew that!"

Lucy rolled her eyes and sarcastically claimed, "Ya right"

"Wait... Let's sit there" she said, pointing at a sit as they went there. "I do have a question. Do you treat or consider yourself as a you 'actual' age or your 'current' age?"

They were at the seat. Lucy sat across Daphne.

"I consider and treat myself as my current age. It's not that I want to be young— it's just that... I'm not ready to be twenty-four. I don't think I act mature enough to be considered as twenty-four. Yes, that means I'm seventeen. How old are you?" Lucy asked

"I'm eighteen" Daphne says smirking as she watched Lucy's jaw drop. Daphne closed her sister's mouth by her index finger, pushing her chin up.

"So...You're a saber?" Lucy asked

Daphne nodded. "My magic is Celestial Magic and Celestial God Slaying Magic."

"What keys do you have?!" Lucy interrogates, eagerly.

"Um... Aquila, Camelopardalis, Canes Venatici, Puppis, Sculptor, Ursa Minor, Ursa Major and Leo Minor. Wait... What's with the look, imouto?" Daphne teased.

"Hey! Watch it! I'm older here... by past..." Lucy says, pouting

"Well...Past is past." Daphne says, grinning.

Lucy looked at the window, saying 'Hmph!'.

She looked back at her 'younger' sister and said, "Did you just say, Leo Minor?"

Daphne nodded.

"I have Leo, the Lion!" Lucy says.

Daphne looked at her sister. She sighed. Her sister looks like she cares so much about her spirits...

"Gate of the Lion, I open thee! L-"

"Hello Princess. How may I serve you today?" Loke asked, kissing Lucy's hand.

Daphne chuckled. If only Sting could see this...

Lucy sighed and said, "I want you to meet-"

"Oh. Who's this lovely girl with you Lucy?" Loke asked, suddenly on Daphne's side. He kissed her hand, winking at her.

"Oh. I want you to meet, Daphne Heartfillia, my-"

"What?! Your married to this girl?! I can't believe my Princess is a lesbian!" Loke says, fake hurt.

The siblings sighed, rolling their eyes at the spirit.

"Let me finish. Daphne is my sister." Lucy says, annoyed

Loke checked Daphne's facial features.

"Is that so? You don't look like sisters," he proclaimed making Daphne flinch.

Even though Lucy is 'officially' younger than Daphne, it's very obvious that our main Celestial Mage, Lucy, is younger. Although Lucy gives off this mature aura, Daphne gives a childish aura. It's probably because Lucy has more experience than Daphne. Well, what do you expect? Fairy Tail is the center of trouble.

Lucy studied Daphne. She just noticed that Daphne has her hair tied up in a messy ponytail.

"No." Lucy disagreed. "We have a few similarities, like the shape of our face, our skin tone too."

Loke went to his master's side, nodding.

"M-Mistress?" a fragile voice manages to say loudly.

Lucy and Loke froze.

"H-Hi... I'm Minor Leo..." Little Leo exclaimed nervously.

Lucy and Loke looked at Minor Leo, shocked but for others opinion, it was rather...creepy...

Little Leo looks like at the age of eleven. He has the same hair as Loke's but is shorter. His eyes were blue. He is wearing a suit, like Loke.

Little Leo yelped and hid behind his Mistress, whimpering and whispering cute words like, 'I'm scared' words.

Daphne giggled and pats Little Leo's head. Little Leo was sitten in Daphne's lap, purring while Daphne was combing his hair with her fingers.

Lucy and Loke blinked twice...

Looking at Loke, Lucy asked, "Do you...?"

"No, Princess. I do not purr." Loke says, staring at the another Celestial pair.

Loke looks at her Master and smirks, saying, "Unless you want me to. I can make some arrangements"

"Pervert." Lucy muttered under her breath

"Hello, dear. My name is Lucy. Lucy Heartfillia" Lucy introduced, offering a hand to shake.

Little Leo confusingly stared at the hand and bit it, gently.

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"Hey. It's me, aniki." Loke says, grinning.

"Aniki!" Little Leo says, jumping to his brother

Abruptly, you can see Loke and Little Leo cuddling and Lucy, with no idea why, is on Daphne's side. The sisters smiled at the scene. It's exactly like theirs.

The Lions were emitting some kind of pinkish orange aura with flowers and hearts which is visible to the sisters. The sisters giggle.

Little Leo stopped, looking at Lucy.

"D-Did you say you're L-Lucy... Lucy-h-hime?" Little Leo asked

"Why yes, I did." Lucy answers kindly while smiling.

Little Leo was now blushing and twirling his fingers.

"Gate of the Lion Cub, Close Contract." Daphne says smiling.


The cute cub was gone and so was Loke.

"Here...I want you to have this." Daphne says, handing Leo Minor's key to her sister.

"A-Are you sure?" Lucy asked, shocked

"Yeah... Since Leo Minor always want to be with 'Lucy-hime'. I give him to your hands" Daphne says, smiling painfully.

Lucy took it while shaking.

"Arigatou gozaimasu" Lucy hugged her sister, smiling.

Daphne hugged back.

"Gate of the Lion Cub, I open thee!" Lucy summons.

Instead of Little Leo appearing in front of Lucy, Little Leo appeared to Daphne, tackling her into a hug.

Daphne hushes him while running her fingers through his scalp. She says, "Sh... Sh, It'll be alright, honey. I'm always here"

Little Leo purred.

"Now... I want you to meet your new master. Lucy Heartfillia." Daphne says, grinning as she saw Little Leo's eyes light up.

"Lushy-hime!" Little Leo called, attacking her in a huge skin contact.

Lucy giggled at his antics and hugged him back.

"I'm Leo Minor, the Lion Cub. You can summon me anytime you want if you want to play!" Little Leo says, grinning.

Lucy giggled.

"Well...I have the perfect partner for you..." Lucy says, getting her ring and starts finding the right key.

"Is it Aniki?!" Little Leo asked, his eyes were sparkling.

Daphne giggles and says, "Be patient"

"Hai!" Little Leo says, obediently

"I'm sorry but no. Loke's more like..." Lucy trailed off, thinking of the best answer.

"Playboy" Daphne continues for her sister.

"Yea." Lucy agreed while finding the right key, still. The Leo key ferociously glowed. The sisters giggle.

"Here ya go." Lucy says. "Gate of the Dragon, I open thee! Draco! Θα μπορείτε να βγει από την πύλη!"

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Daphne's eyes widened as she shut her eyes, fearing on what the dragon's appearance might be. Rumor has it, Draco killed all its masters and took away their heart.

A loud purr was heard instead of a ferocious growl. Even so, Daphne was still terrified.

Little Leo purred together with the dragon.

Daphne badly wants to see it, but still kept her eyes closed.

"Open your eyes" Lucy says, obviously smiling.

Slowly, Daphne opened her eyes.



She never saw any ferocious-looking, scary or even big dragon. All she saw was acute chubby dragon. Its scales were light pink, making it even cuter. Its eyes were round and big instead of slit and strict.

Well...One word to describe the dragon...It was cute. Actually, the word 'cute' doesn't even describe it.

Little Leo and Draco, the cute dragon, were purring in Lucy's touch.

Daphne reached out a hand to touch Draco. Little Leo noticed this and he pouted a little, only to be caressed harder by Lucy. Little Leo purred louder and leaned in to her touch, smiling widely.

Draco noticed Daphne's hand and grinned. He abruptly growled making Lucy stop running her fingers through their scalp.

"Mou! Tinue~! Tinue! Continue~!" Little Leo demanded, rolling on the ground, half crying and half pouting. He actually is pouting with small tears were on his eyes, small enough for it not to go down in his cheeks. He continues rolling on the ground and pouting while none of the three gave him even a glance.

Lucy looked at Daphne's hand and the cute, growling dragon and pats its head as it purrs.

"No fair! I want too!" whined by Little Leo as he tried to get their attention.

Lucy smiles at Daphne and says, "Your fears."

Silence invited the group while Daphne decided not to come.

"Huh?" Daphne asked

"Your fears...Stop them. Don't believe in such rumors. They're just rumors. One doesn't the power to summon Draco. Right, Draco?" Lucy asked while gently scratching its head causing it to purr.

"Hey~! Unfair~! I want it- purr" Little Leo says as Daphne stopped him from his whining by grabbing him, in the middle of his whining, and started running her fingers through his hair.

"As I was saying, that rumor never exist for as you can see Draco was underwater for quite some decades that doesn't reach a century. A follow friend of our family found his key and gave it to our family. It has been an inheritance between the daughters of the Heartfillias...I guess Mother didn't just made it. He was given to me by Father when I was in 'Tenroujima Island', 'asleep'." Lucy explained and mocked Daphne

"Hmph. How should I know!?" Daphne says as Lucy giggles.

Daphne inhaled and exhaled, flowing her fears outside within the inhale and exhale.

She pulled out her hand, the one that was massaging Little Leo's head.

Draco suspiciously looked at Daphne before grinning at her. Daphne smiled at its grin.

"Mou! Massage! Massage!" Little Leo says, rolling on the ground, again.

Daphne stopped, two inch away from Draco's chubby snout. Draco licked her finger tips as a 'kiss'.

"Continue! Continue!" Little Leo says. He suddenly got an idea. Little Leo climbed the table and started being...dramatic.

"The sun is out! I should be asleep for I am one with the stars! So... tinue~!" Little Leo whined

Little Leo heard a dragon purr. Curious, he looked at it. It was Lucy-hime and Mistress! Tickling and rubbing Draco!

"Wah!" Little Leo sobbed. "I want that to!"

Little Leo was carried into a soft lap by Lucy. Lucy handed Draco to Daphne for it seems that Draco is fascinated to Daphne.

Lucy hummed a lullaby while running her fingers through Little Leo's hair.

Draco and Little Leo purred and hummed. It seems that even the lullaby Lucy was humming effected them. Daphne giggled at the sight.

They were able to bored out of the train without any new fuss.

"Onee-chan! We're here!" Daphne shouted, happily.

Lucy looked around with shock. She's never really expected this but here she was.

She was in Sabertooth, her former guild's rival.