Clashing of swords and magic could be heard.

Three girls moved swiftly to claim victory.

"They are too many!" a blond girl exclaimed.

Tightening her hold on her sword, a pink-haired girl panted. "There's only a few left, how many minutes have we been doing this?" She says, slashing a goblin with her sword as she watches it turn into dust.

"Thirty minutes." the third one said, a purple-haired girl.

"That long?!" Exclaimed the blonde girl.

"Mind if we help?" a familiar blond says.

The girls gasp, "Sting, Rogue, Rufus!"

"Happy to see us, Lucy?" Sting asked.

Lucy nodded eagerly. "You idiot," she murmured.

"Sorry for the wait, Daphne." Rogue claimed.

Daphne smiled.

"Pleasure to see you, Xin," Rufus greeted.

Xin flinched, "Daphne, duck!" she called.

Daphne ducks from a goblin as Xin swings her sword towards the goblin as if the sword was a baseball bat.

"Focus." Xin warned, ignoring Rufus.

Daphne nodded, throwing a roar at the east, losing seven-ten goblins.

"Spiral Stars!" Lucy chants, losing more goblins then she gasped.

Sting smirks, his arms encircling her waist.

"Sting!" Lucy scolds, "We're on a battle here!"

"I know," he says, "that's why I'm proposing—"


"What? Let me finish, I'm proposing for a unison raid."

Lucy nods.

"On the count of three," Sting said.

"One." Sting started.

"Two." Lucy continued.


"White Dragon's—"

"Celestial Dragon's—"

"Unison Raid!" They said, attacking a unison raid.

"Alright!" Cheered by Sting and Lucy.


"Xin, are you mad?" Rufus asked.

Xin ignored him and ferociously killed more goblins as if taking out her anger on them.

"What time is it?" Xin asked, out loud.

"Does that even matter?!" Lucy asked.

Knowing exactly what would happen, Sting and Rogue smirk.

"It does." Xin answered back.

"Midnight." Rogue answered, smirking.

Xin smirked, "Perfect."

Xin closes her eyes along with Sting and Rogue, both did not want to see what would happen.

"I suggest you close your eyes too." Xin warns.

Confused, Lucy, Daphne and Rufus still closed their eyes.

Xin opened her eyes to show bloody red orbs.

"Purify." She murmured then wails of the goblins could be heard everywhere.

Until then, all eyes are on her. Then, she fainted With Rufus catching her.

"There are still five left." Rufus informed.

Sting nodded, "Alright. Rogue, go get them and make sure there's nothing left, Daphne, you come too."

"Yes, Master!" Daphne agreed, running off with Rogue.

Lucy glared at Sting at the same time, watching them leave.

"You know if something happens, I will personally kill you." Lucy informed him.

Sting smirked, "One scratch, one kiss."

Lucy sighed, shaking her head. This was useless, talking to him was. He's such a pervert.


Daphne ran through the forest carelessly, not caring about the new wounds and scratches she will have in the future.

The branches of the trees ran through her soft skin, harming her in process.

Ah! She found some! One... Two... Three... Four... Daphne did not hesitate on killing them.

"Wait... Five? Where's the other one?" She wondered.

"Daphne, duck." Rogue told her and she obeyed, following his simple instruction.

Rogue got his katana out and slashed the final goblin as it turned into dust.

Rogue sighed, putting his katana back at the right place. "You really should be careful, it's not always that I am here for you."

Daphne blushed, looking away from him. "Y—Yes."

"Wait. What are you trying to imply here?" She asked, curious and looking at him.

Trying to hide his red face, Rogue looked away from her gaze.

"I'm implying here that you're fragile... Needs to be handled with care." Whispered by Rogue, forgetting about Daphne's ability to hear faint whispers.

Daphne blushes, looking away.

Both walked back to where the others, awkwardly.

When they did get back, the two saw Sting and Lucy talking seriously on a tree and Xin and Rufus on a branch of a tree. Sleeping peacefully, Xin was laying on Rufus's lap who was playing with Xin's hair, smiling.

"Come on, let's go home." Sting announced.

Daphne nodded, smiling with Rogue.

Sting carried Lucy in a piggyback manner.

Xin immediately woke up, much to Rufus's disappointment.

"Xin, when we get back, I want you to my office, immediately." Sting ordered.

Gulping hard, Xin nodded.

Lucy and Daphne just stared at Sting, surprisingly. Both knew that Sting and their teammate were close but didn't know he had the heart to punish Xin.

Xin sighed. "Let's hurry up so we could get this over with."

Sting grinned, saying, "That's the spirit."


The six mages have come back to their guild at one thirty a.m. Of course, they went back to their respective homes... Or so they thought...

With Lucy, she was walking home, unsteadily.

"Who's there?" She asked suddenly.

She surely felt a magical presence behind her for a moment.

She got no answer.

"Sting..." She says, as if calling out for him.

Let her regrets be for tomorrow, for now, she was tired and that's all that matters.

Lucy fainted with her stalker catching her on time.

"I usually don't do this but I could make an exception for you," Sting, smiling softly, whispered.

He kissed Lucy's forehead, "For you," he repeated.

He walked back to his home with Rogue and Daphne.

Speaking of Rogue and Daphne...


Daphne was fine with their house, which was suitable for four people, but she couldn't help but feel lonely.

For one, she's the only girl.

Second, her one-sided feelings for certain Shadow Dragon Slayer makes it more awkward than it already has.

Third, lately, she's been having weird dreams that always ends to make her cry. Come to think of it, nothing of the dream really was scary nor sad.

The dream was about her, of course. She was walking to her favorite places. What's so sad or scary about that?

Anyway, with the help of Rogue's ability to transport using the shadows, they got ho,e earlier than Sting.

"Arigatou, Rogue Oyasuminasai..." Daphne bids, going back to her room.

Rogue only watched her walk towards her room.

Soon, he went back to his too.


Sleeping peacefully, Daphne, scowling, thrashed around her bed.

It seems that peaceful, does not describe it.

"No... No..."


"No! No!"

"Daphne." The person calling her was shaking her.

"Stop!" She shouted in her sleep.


Daphne jolted up from her sleep. She was horrible. Her eyes were giving off tears. Her hair was a mess. Her clothes were crumpled.

But the person who woke her up does not think so.

"Rogue..." Daphne calls, her lips were trembling.

Rogue stared at her, waiting for the next thing she would do.

Daphne gazed at him, asking for permission.

Seeing him smiling at her, she tackled Rogue.

She sobbed in his arms, hugging him tighter.

He hugged her awkwardly. Yes, he was never this type but for her... He could do anything. Once he noticed her leaning to his touch, he smiled, hugging her.

"I'm here for you..." he murmured, rubbing her back.

Something, then, hits Daphne.

She wasn't afraid of the places, no. In fact, she loved them. The main problem was that she was afraid. Of being alone. She felt the same pain when she left her first home, when she left her sister alone.

She breathes in and lets it all out.

Rogue smiled, glad that he was here for her.

Soon, he noticed that her wails were getting lower until it was replaced by soft snores.

He smiled, gently placing her on her bed.

Rogue was about to leave when he felt a grip on his wrist.

"Don't go, please," Daphne pleaded in the dark. "Sleep beside me..."

Though it was dark, Rogue knew she still was tearing up.

"Alright," he agrees, blushing.

He laid down on the bed with her.

Both slept in peace, free from nightmares.


Soft breeze caressed a familiar pink-haired girl's face.

She sighed, locking her eyes with the moon.

"Soon, I'll be like you, my first friend. I'll shine my way out of every night."

She shows her gloved hands to the moon.

"With these same innocent hands from when I was a kid."

"Wouldn't it be better if you remove those filthy gloves, Xin?" a voice asked which startled Xin.

"Rufus!" she called

"Your reaction shall be on my memory." He says.

"Anyway, remove these gloves, you say? I would if I could. My hands would be filthy." explained Xin.

Rufus smiled. "Then, Princess, let me do as I wish."

Rufus came nearer to Xin, grabbing her gloved hands in the act.

Xin just watched while Rufus kissed both of her gloved hands.

Rufus smirked, seeing Xin was in a daze. He gently removed her gloves revealing a pair of soft delicate hands.

He kissed both of them.

Almost instantly, the moon glowed brighter.

That made Xin snap out of her daze.

Blushing hard, she tried to grab her gloves from Rufus.

Not allowing her to have her own gloves, Rufus smirked.

"Now you hands shall not be filthy for I have cleaned them." He says.

"N—Nani?!" Xin exclaimed, "Rufus!"

"For my loving Princess, every single detail shall be saved from my memory." Rufus claimed, disappearing in the night.

"Rufus!" Xin called one last time, before looking to the moon once again.

She sighed. "Should I be happy or not?"

She smiled at the moon, slipping her gloves back to her hands.

"For me, huh?"

"I call bullshit." she says, sighing.

Done! Hope you liked it! Love has just got interesting, and so is my life! I was able to smile and talk at 'HIM(Glen)' WITHOUT blushing nor running away! Considered that as one of my successes. But what saddened me is that my onii-chan is THE heartthrob of the school! Should I be proud? Anyway, enjoy the wait! 😋😋😋💛💙💜💚❤️💗💓💕💖💞